LEA11 10

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In the room directly above the one one with the colored map of the brain revisited the night before comes this tableau of objects very similar to another room described in the LEA11 07 post. We have the return of the Visionary child, here presented as a type of giant bean bag that you can lie upon, and named “Lucid” in this situation. Three ghost like doubles emit from her body, extending about a third of the way up to the high ceiling. Beside her is the beige teddy bear named George again, but, perhaps curiously, *not* a Curious George doll, which instead looks like this. Is it a replica of a teddy bear once owned or perhaps still owned by The Artist? The bed they lie on is suspended from the ceiling by silver cables.

On the walls are many framed pictures… 10 by my counting, of which two are also self contained animations. These also hark back to the images in the book previously found in Visionary’s Room — we’ll call the present one Lucid’s Room for contrast. They may even be exact doubles of images from that book. Giant sea fans also extend up the walls behind the pictures, five white and one purple to be exact. And it’s at the top right corner of the purple sea fan that The Musician saw an opening to the next room, accessible through a ladder once more (as he accessed this particular room through same from the sea floor).

No time to lose… up he goes!


“Well, this is certainly peculiar,” he says to himself. He can’t quite figure out what is going on here with this animation. He checks the name: something about a “prim portrait”. Is this somehow a representation of The Artist? The square particles making up the object keep jumping on and off the wall, attempting to reassemble, it seems, into a coherent whole. But the idea is too fleeting to understand. An eye maybe?

The Musician looks down the long room. More particles, seeming to head out the far opening.

He has no choice but to follow. In turning around upon reaching them, he’s amazed that the image on the opposite wall has stabilized. An eye indeed, it looks like. Stylized but recognizable. And the particles that once swarmed around him at this end are gone (!).

He walks toward the “eye” again. About 3 meters away the composite squares begin to fly off the wall once more, attempting to reassemble as he first saw them. So what to make of *this*? It’s different from any other experience he’s had so far in LEA11. And the conjoined rooms are unique as well; all other rooms he’s visited in the sim have been singular, as he’s reviewing them in his mind. In ways, this seems the most important so far, a statement room of sorts maybe. Things only come into focus when you move a certain distance from them? If you are too close, all appears chaos or only half meaningful at best?

And then outside the window on the far end of the room The Musician encountered one of those curvilinear, vegetative-like roads again, curling around that layered, central structure of the sim already examined and ending at its north “corner”. This is the object that extends from the sea floor all the way up to just beneath or at the surface of the sim’s water, a height of about 35 meters. The one with the circular bottom and the square-ish top that seems to reference the ancient concept of a squared circle.

Looking down.

Yes, he’s getting to the center of things for sure. He accidentally falls off the end of this road…

… and lands in the middle of another, similar road. Looking ahead, he spies the opening to his Ear Canyon, visited so long ago it seems. He had planned to make it a camping base, but that hadn’t quite worked out so far. It’s this confounded central building, luring him out of its safety. Like a Max Ernst painting, there’s no real logic to it. The Musician realizes he must use emotions in combination with intellect to figure out what’s going on in this sim.

Which is impossible, as stated.

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