Underground 01

She stands up and gets her directions straight. Yes, to the right should be the safe plaza, or underneath it. She’ll head that way first. Taking a deep breath, Wheeler begins her exploration of VHC Town’s vast underworld.

Just past the doors to the basement of [delete name], she found this: what appeared to be a water filled opening with an actual stream flowing behind it. Boldly, she strides inside…

… to find herself not underwater atall, but instead on dry land beside the seen water flow. She looks upstream. “Is that a coffin?”

Yes. A coffin. And room for two on top, it seemed.

Why not.

Oh, this isn’t good. She stands up and tries the other poseball.

Yes, not as bad. What *is* this place? Is it the River Styx? Certainly seems like it. Heels in water — she remembers something from grade school about a hero being dipped in that river for protection, but he was, yes, he was held by the heel and that remained unprotected. Hercules? No, Wheeler didn’t think it was Hercules. Paris sprung to mind. Then the correct one: Achilles. She decides, just because it can’t hurt, to immerse herself in the waters. But underneath was dry. Uh oh. A red door. She scrambles upwards over rocks to reach it.

Are these the *same* red doors? The ones accessible from the safe plaza that are locked?

She tries the doors: indeed locked. A passageway just beyond draws her attention. First she checks out the pipes that this River Styx emerges from. All closed off in this direction.

To the passage…

… a twisty-turny affair, and pretty long.

Another reddish door at the end.

Wheeler can open this one, but can’t pass through. She even tries to remove her tiny hat to see if that will help. Still no luck. Seeing no other means of egress, she’ll have to turn around and retrace her steps back to the river.


She then realizes there’s another opening the river flows through on the lower side. She jumps into the water again and walks foward.

Looking back.

She’s out again! And right behind the building where she started, sitting almost directly west of the Graphic Artist portal, she reckoned.

Wheeler walks to the north side of the building and makes a phone call to Baker Bloch. Wait till he hears about *this*!

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