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Sister Diagonal

“68/68/93”, The Musician as Sikul Hamitk began. “Almost knee deep.” So that was the Diagonal Pool written off. The first, the cuing point, as it were. The rest, the dreaming Musician found out, didn’t really count in the matter (Big, Deep, Oblong, 2 unnamed). Except for the fact that there were 6 pools instead of the indicated 7. The sim of Sister is born.

He decides to follow The Diagonal above ground. It crossed these stairs between 38/38 and 40/40.

It passes through this colorful, abstract painting of Montego Bay, Jamacia at 65/65, perhaps 66/66. “Hmm, almost directly over the Diagonal Pool here,” ruminates the dreaming Musician. “Should it instead be named Montego Pool?”

The Musician as Sikul Hamitk moves upwards. 88/88. FTI Gallery confronted.

100/100: FTI Gallery exited. He spies the spinning logo of News and Views just visited by Hucka Doobie, Tronesisia and Baker straight ahead.

And then The Diagonal passes through the right edge of the far picture of roses at 140/140 (he sits on the bench here at 136/136).

151/151: More flowers. I believe that might be even another rose to the right (excuse me miss!).

And at 150/150 on the other side of the wall: definitely more roses (!). All of these are from different Sister galleries.

And then The Diagonal ends its upward passage through the Sister sim in the center of this *diagonally* placed marker, complete with a microcosmic map of the area. Quite synchy I think you’ll agree.

The Musician awakes satisfied that The Diagonal still has power in this sim, despite the loss of 97/97/97. But there’s always Rubi for that. 🙂

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“Soo… are you really Baker Bloch playing the role of Pitch Darkly or Pitch Darkly playing Baker Bloch? Enquiring readers want to know.”

“It’s to be determined, Hucka Doobie,” answers the man in question. Baker liked staring out at the lively action in front of the giant, virtual hotel, but he had another role to play tonight and Hucka needed to be seated in the forward facing chair to effect the setting. Because they were not alone tonight. Tronesisia sat on a stool at the coffee bar, pondering what she had just done.

Her new vehicle was parked in the middle of the aleyway behind the shop. Aley-way.


“Should we go up and talk to her?” asked Hucka Doobie, waiting for Baker Bloch to make the next move.

“Pawn to King 4,” he said, and walked straight to the bar, sitting beside Tronesisia. Hucka Doobie then joined them. No one Everyone ordered drinks. It was a sober affair.


“There’s something about this place,” exclaims a flailing Pitch Darkly. Gravity all nonsense now, I suppose. Are we about done?”

“Yeah, 10 bottles for you and 10 for me.”

“That wasn’t the agreement. If you haven’t noticed I’m considerably larger than you. I’m 200 lbs. and you’re 50 soaking wet. So we’ll graciously say it’s a 4 to 1 ratio. That’s, let’s see, 4 for you and 16 for me.”

“12 and 8,” Buster Damm bartered in turn.

“14/6. And that’s my final offer.”

“Done.” Buster Damm spits in his hand and extends it to the flying Pitch, but the larger vampire’s dead ball era days were long gone. He’d take Buster’s word for it.


“That’s disgusting Buster.”

“Thank you. Better go get rid of the car.”

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