message home

It was an especially foggy day in the woods. Jacob I. wandered and studied trees.

“Unch at 168/168,” he says softly while continuing to roam. “Must remember.”

On the far side from Collagesity the fog cleared and Jacob I. came across a tiny writer’s colony. He sat down at a handy laptop and began typing out his thoughts. Good thing he’d brought the thumb drive with him.

Dearest Sugar,

I’ve been in Collagesity for over 3 weeks now. The locals are still treating me well despite knowing about the eye. I now have a small loft apartment above what’s called the Noru Gallery. Interesting collages within. They’re called Rose Hill and Oblong after two villages in Illinois. In fact, about all the collage series of Collagesity are named for small population centers in and around the Jasper County of that state with its Newton county seat. I haven’t quite figured out the reason why. The user of this land is from North Carolina, and has never even been to Illinois. Maybe I should take my hat off more here so I can see better, ha. But I don’t wish to freak out the locals any more than they already are. Carrcassonnee won’t be coming back.

I hope you are also doing well. As always, give my warmest regards to Lemon and the Berries.

Yours in love,

He inserts his thumb drive, downloads the file, and then ejects and sticks it back into his apron pocket. He hopes one day Sugar will receive the messages he scribes while here. Jacob stares toward the small cabin on the property. No one around.

He asks the owner of the land if he can join their writing group. We’ll see what happens, if anything, on that front.

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