Twelve at night; Biker Mann couldn’t sleep for a particular reason. Perhaps also the salmon they had for dinner wasn’t quite agreeing with him. While pacing back and forth upstairs he notices the Sunklands blog post on the media player of their apartment has changed. New title: “5×5 02”.

He puffs more rapidly on his Winston cigarette. “Well,” he huffs, “no need to wake Cyberpaperdoll for this one. Get her paper airplanes in a whirl again.”

He then recognizes a name on the map. Then, north of it, another. Then another and another. It was a county cornucopia.

Biker Mann suddenly has a different form. And a different name. Roger Pine Ridge, with an avatar complexity of 11111.

“This map is old,” are the first words he mutters in Our Second Lyfe.

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