“We begin.”


Thanks Hucka D. The chronicles, whatever they will be called, will consist of another blog within a blog, like we did last year about this same time. We are going to determine why Peter came to Our Second Lyfe and what his Big Sink project was when he came.

Hucka D.:

In short he was impressed with Tronesis… saw that he actually did it in a probable way. Better than an actual movie, because heavily coded. Ram equals Lamb[ and so on]. He understands that the Lamb album should have been mixed up that way. 2nd is 1st, 4th is 2nd, 3rd is 3rd, and 4th is 1st. TILE.


So he applies, is accepted above Ian Anderson, Robert Fripp, and whomever…

Hucka D.:

No. Those were the other candidates.


How about Barrett himself? Syd… or SID?

Hucka D.:

It was destined to be Peter because of the Cross of the Lamb. He had to exit the cross. And so he did[ at 1974].


Another idea I had is that he built the structure that I call Gallery 7/10 to create the “time standing still” point at its center. This would equate with “Lost Cane“. In other words, Richard Alpert. Timelessness.

Hucka D.:



From this point of stillness he effected the Sunklands sinking. Sink sank sunk.

Hucka D.:

He created the Big Sink.


And all other sinks.

Hucka D.:


Gallery 7/10

“Did you get all that Head?”

Faint affirmation from the bald, newspaper reading man behind him.

“Do — you think it still exists?”

“No,” Cyber-Catwoman opines in front of him, Identity Disk spinning a different way. They stare at each other, Yin to Yang. Head keeps reading the news (oh boy).

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