letters and numbers

Former stripper and teen tennis star Steff Graffiti needed a place to stay. Her yarn shop (Ye11ow) down the street had gone bottom up. Baker Bloch graciously allowed her to move some stuff upstairs at the Rosehaven Yarn Shop and crash on her couch up there; “yarnies” stick or at least clump together that way. “Several weeks,” she insisted about the stay. “I’ll be on my feet by then.” If it came down to stripping and backhanding again like back in the days then so be it. It would not come down to that, because…

… Steff had plans.


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3 responses to “letters and numbers

  1. veyot

    Your hobby is building in strange places. My hobby is trying to find you. Today, I found your white castle on the mountain by accident. Looks like you have been there quite awhile! I started seaching your blog for pictures, and so far, I found two.

  2. Took me a minute. Yeah, you must mean Fearzum. Or is it Fearzom… always get those confused.:)

  3. Couple of pics here. The smaller Ant Castle was nearby but now: gone. I have little houses and such tucked away in a bunch of places, yeah, some I probably have forgotten about. https://bakerbloch.com/category/virtual/corsica/northwest/

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