armed and dangerous

He said he felt awful and he was going to go lie down but no one believed him, this liar of a man formerly known as Jer Ronamy, the last of the old style Bottle Crunchers. Star guard he was back in the day, and the only one of his teammates not to lose an arm — I guess the shortness could have factored in here, for Jer was barely 5’5″, real real small for a ball player, even in those days. 8 foot tall Ruby Alien was here to turn the team’s recent misfortunes around, but they had to allow girls on it first. The non-crying and crying sisters had tried for years but had been rejected again and again, despite their athletic prowess. Jer Ronamy and the other old stars with him who still had big pull said they didn’t lie enough to be on Crunchers and that you had to get under the, say, Can Crushers’ skin by yapping about how their momas did this and that and all kinds of made up crap. Crunchers vs. Crushers was a big big thing back in the times before the line changed everything, screwed up time itself and probably space along with it, since the two seem to go hand in hand most spots. So the sisters started trying real real hard, saying they weren’t sisters but no one believed them, since they knew their mother Allison real well, or at least their own mothers did. To be a good liar you had to be believable. Take, for example, the crying sister’s obviously crocodile tears beside the open casket here, since everyone knew she despised Jer Ronamy and everything he had done to her and Ginger. Finally got a name. I guess this is Mary Anne present. The debate about who is the hottest will go on in time; outlive the old Bottle Crunchers themselves.

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