not-so-charming host

“Is this the one with my father in it?”

“Just keep watching,” Hucka Doobie requested to her sometimes lover, all times friend Barry DeBoy, secretly, way down deep, our own blog core leader Baker Bloch again. Thus the question… and the confusion. Only Hucka Doobie can see this through.


“Is that the Vampire Planet?”

“Close,” answered Hucka Doobie. “Very close.” And it was upon them.


“What’s all those Shakespeare quotes at the bottom of the screen about?” continued DeBoy with the questions after they arrived at the studio.

Hucka Doobie sighs. “That’s what we have to get to the bottom of.”

Pause. “Oh.”

“Shakespear Club.”

“Yes. Of course.” He continues to study as this line fades and the next one appears. “Antony and Cleopatra,” he believes. Although it’s been a long time. Something about indecision…

Spaced Ghost receives his first guest.

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