“Oh it’s a God awful outfit, this Crazy Blue.”


“*No* I’m not going to keep wearing it. I just tried it on just for laughs and giggles. If anyone was here looking at me what they’d be doing.”


“Well, that’s very kind I suppose. But it comes off in a moment.”


“Just stop it, *you*.”


“Is she gone yet?” asked the bigger boss about the singer Edward Daigle was suppose to fire today. They were out on the docks to afford more privacy. Plus it was a starless and bible black sky, nothing to distract from fully enjoying a blood red moon.

“Not quite. I’m letting her work out her shift before telling her.”

“But it has to be today,” the bigger boss reinforced. “Someone else is coming in. She doesn’t know it yet but she is.”

Edward had a pause. The bigger boss was flirting with Shelley just yesterday as she still clung to his arm. What’s that girl up to? Could it be?


“Oh you know her. You know her well.”


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