She looks around the sauna, thinking: Jake’s a good guy, so’s John. Jim for that matter, although he does a bit too much coke for me. Will rot out his teeth one day soon down the line. But none of them are Edward. Where is my sweet, dear Edward now? Still with Shelley? Maybe even, dare I think it, *Penny*? How ironic that would be. He was toying with both of us.

Maybe I should go with John, Sandy thinks, leaning over and blowing on his hair, a possible sign of things to come (she hopes). She looks around again after retreating. Did anyone notice what I just did there, what it potentially means? Jake seems disinterested. Jim is busy with his coke. Sarah in the water is just bending down again and again trying to get the attention of the others in the room. Besides me of course. Or maybe me as well, who knows? I’ve heard rumors, but maybe that’s just more Penny foolery and trickery.

Yes, Jake definitely seems more interested in Sarah than me. I’ll mark him off. Down to Jim and John. But as she’s thinking this, Jim takes another deep draw off his coke, says “ahhh”, and smiles widely in her direction, teeth already showing a tiny bit of wear and tear. Looks like it’s down to John. She leans over once more, blows once more. His hair smells nice, like lemons. He’s also orange tinted like me, Sandy thinks. Good that the orange people stay together. She blows.

They hooked up, this Sandy Hook and John Helms fellow, but she found herself thinking of Edward all the time. Sweet cute adorable Edward. Where *is* he?

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