“You have to understand that Mike’s Creek was manufactured, and not just at the road toward the bottom (above picture). All the way to the top in fact. Study: Middle Cascade.

“The (big piece of) mica (you found on Mike Island) is just an indicator to pay attention. See here! And so (then) you find Mike and Pat together in Missouri (the two greatest coaches, men’s and women’s respectively, in college basketball history).”

“I knew that Mica Island would devolve or atrophy to Mike Island in the future so I just sped up the process,” I defended my naming action, the start of it all. “Mike Island at the bottom of that cascade (you mentioned) is obvious match to 3 Tree Island at the top, which, in turn, is the center of the overarching circular area… which we still don’t have a name for, by the way.”

“Mike’s Creek,” he offered, perhaps the Red Devil himself. Ur Father. “The 2 islands, left and right up and down, are one.”


“You’ve known about me for a long time,” he furthered.


“He showed up because you kept talking about and acting upon his Two Hills. He’s a protective father!”


“(In holding the Devil’s head) He’s just saying he’s inherited the mantel of fatherhood.”


“He was sold by ‘Billfork’. In the present Point of Power.”

“That it?”

“Yeah. Head to bed.”

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