explosive offer

Anja had been trying to figure out the presence of the squirrel in the house she was looking to purchase…

… and the plants…

… and The Hills it appears to be flying over from this angle.

From other angles… well, one angle (see above), the squirrel seemed to have some kind of fuse attached to its tail, even, like the sculpted one made out of plastic explosive Bill Murray tried to use to kill gophers in “Caddyshack”.

Strange he later went on to star in the groundbreaking “Groundhog Day”, named for a similar, large burrowing animal that often gets confused with gophers.

Back to Anja. Why is she here? Why is she trying to purchase this house perched on a small Nautilus island hill with 2 interior Hills? *Who* is she?

Wilder sister to Gloria, I believe. Tamer sister to totally out there Mona. We might meet her next.

(to be continued)

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