house manners

Yes. There she is. “Hi, I came as quickly as I could.”

“Well shut the f-cking door behind you,” her somewhat estranged sister exuded.

“We *did* grow up in a barn,” Mona defended.

“Oh. Yeah.”

“You, Gloria and I–”

“I *know* who my sisters are.” Silence for a while between them. Mona didn’t move closer. The squirrel spooked her. She’d seen “Caddyshack” not 3 years ago. And “Groundhog Day” even closer to the moment. The 2 fused in her mind. Something was going to happ—”


“Well shut the f-cking door behind you.”

She did. Lesson 01 learned.

The squirrel and plants and Hills soon went away. She and her sister were getting along pretty well for a change.

“So tell me about Ossemotor,” she asked around 2 hours and fifteen minutes into their conversation.

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