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So he exited her office, upright this time, with a rescheduled meeting at 2:01 PM. Time to bum around the ruined city some more, maybe grab a bite to eat at that reopened bar down in John and Ted’s territory he’d heard about.

But fate intervened once more. John and Ted, having some choice words to tell him about their magical plank laying Sleeping Beauty who had reappeared in the meantime.


“I’m the only person in this whole sim who gives a flying f-ck about what you have to say about the matter,” she said at 2:01 prompt, not waiting to fire the bazookas at him. He had to spill the beans. At 2 minutes and 1 second in he was done, Two Hills saga completed.


“Gave at the office,” he said while passing by, forgetting his origins. I may have been wrong in flipping him around and bringing him back under my control.

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