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Return of Pietmond — Kinda

Baker Bloch sits under the lower wall of Mysten Parva, one of the twin cities of Mysten in Lower Austra owned and created by psimagus Hax. “Is this really my virtual home?” he might ask himself while sitting here. Turns out it’s probably not.

Soon Baker began work on illegals builds again in the old Teepot area, just like he did in the Mysten/Siliconicus/Goremoor area earlier this year. A forest with a considerable number of plant species suddenly springs up next to the version of the House of Truth already there, also containing a shed, several monuments, and some other, assorted objects Baker found in his inventory and thought worthy of inclusion. So is Baker destined to return to Teepot? Turns out that’s probably not going to happen either.

A perceived center within this new forest… really an extension of the forest I already set up there around the House of Truth 2 years ago now.

Although severely depopulated from when I first came upon it, Sunklands still retains some classic spots, such as Q’s Gas n’ Glass in the Pudding Hill sim making up part of Big Sink (largest of 6 identified sinks of Sunklands). I’d also like to write soon about Kidd Road now connecting Big Sink with the Blackmount Sink in essence, which is not Linden built but privately made. That’s actually something of an improvement over the old Sunklands, acting as a unifying artery of transportation cutting across its heartland. Although tenuous, Sunklands still shows promise.

Which brings us to *Pietmond*. Yes, Pietmond has been reborn and now represents the true virtual home of Baker Bloch, not Lower Austra, not Teepot, not Big Sink even. But since Pietmond is in Sunklands as well, Baker Bloch is a Sunklander once more. Ich bin ein Sunklander (etc.). And probably not by coincidence, I’ve basically decided to create a new domain name called Probably should go ahead and register it — I was kind of surprised the name was still available to be honest.

For the rebirth, we start on the western edge, where I revamped a small park containing a central pond and waterfall surrounded by small hillocks. Since creating this park about 2 years ago, someone — perhaps about a year ago I suppose — decided to insert a plain prim (“plywood”) block on basically the top of the waterfall, of about 10mx10mx20m dimensions. Ugly, obviously — ruined the effect. So although I couldn’t move or delete the thing, I decided to disguise it as a building, or the structure I’ve elsewhere called Home Orange, and used as my main office space in given locations. Unfortunately since the hidden prim is solid and not phantom, I can’t actually use the building. But it certainly looks better than before. Because the building looks kind of odd sitting on top of the waterfall, I also decided to add an obelisk to the tableau, and in the center of the fronting pool itself. This helps hide the rather incongruent juxtaposition of building and waterfall, I hope.

Baker Bloch here sits in the Orange House (not to be confused with Home Orange!), which is another new edition to Pietmond and perched on the ridge above the aforementioned park — I guess I’ll call it Obelisk Pond Park. Nice view of the park from the lower floor here. Again, Orange House has been in a considerable number of virtual towns of my making now, including the oldest and most long term version of Pietmond, where it acted as Baker’s office for several months.

Another obelisk/monument has been inserted to the south of the pool as well (pictured above the edge of Baker Bloch’s couch here), making the appellation Obelisk Pond all the more appropriate.

Newly positioned Orange House seen over top of Peter SoSo’s grave and between House Greenup (right) and House of Truth (left). The House of Truth, in new version Pietmond, has replaced the circular gazebo formerly situated at the same spot. However, the House of Truth sat on this spot during most of the classic Pietmond phase, making the switch a natural. This gazebo would shortly return to Pietmond, as we’ll soon see.

Now to the eastern side of Pietmond, where more significant changes have taken place. So first I worked on the westernmost parts of Pietmond and then then easternmost parts, seeming to need to reinforce the frame for the whole. First off, I rebuilt the old Pietmond Heights Town Hall (left) which had fallen into disrepair in the meantime and was, for example, missing the whole front wall. Now it’s in better shape, although the interior is still unfinished, and likely will remain so. It’s more a historic landmark for certain now, which is fine for me. Next, we have an Arcadia Asylum built shop in the left background, where formerly no building sat. It doesn’t have a history yet. In the center of the picture we find the return of the “Brash” statue to eastern Pietmond, but further east than when it found a home in the center of Pietmond Heights, as seen here in this 2011 Baker Blinker Blog post. I do not own the land at the center of Pietmond Heights now, although it is for sale and perhaps I can procure it later on (1024 parcel). Anyway, around Brash are pieces of the old Newton-Jasper memorial park also present in older versions of Pietmond, including a map of Jasper County, Illinois and a ribbed fountain with a deciduous tree of uncertain species growing beside it. Brash’s head, which he is standing on (as in a head stand) is basically covered by a blue flower bush — concealment meaning unknown for now. Is Brash also *bash*ful?

To the right we find the moat surrounded Smelly’s Bar, present in Pietmond since its 2010 beginnings, and then another new edition in Pietmond beside it in the below picture: the Sync Lair Gallery, first found in Maebaleia’s Carcass-One village earlier this year.

The Rose Cottage, another Fatima Ur creation like House Greenup and House of Truth but smaller and cosier in design, has been erected on the only land I actually owned in Pietmond at the time this picture was taken. This may be the site of Baker Bloch’s new, official office, but I’m still uncertain of that, and another candidate has especially surfaced in the meantime just across the sink from here. All is still in development.

The handstanding Brash seen in the distance from behind Goldie, making a very nice set of east-west bookends to Pietmond.

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Lion’s Roar Tomorrow…

… and will probably just turn over the bottles to keep them from breaking, along with taking down the 37 pieces of track. Just like with Billfork, I can rebuild all this later. I still have some bottles set up in Billfork, but they are reversed and stuck in the ground itself. The ones at Lion’s Roar are standing upright.

The problem? Why Hurricane Sandy of course. There’s a very good chance for some accumulation of snow (a rarity even in these higher elevations for October) and also high winds are expected. I can’t take a chance with my bottles smashing. Good news out of this? I think I can just leave my pots and non-glass objects where they are there.

So winter is almost here, at least an early taste. Batten down the hatches as they say!



The town will still be here, as they say. You don’t need the physical town to have a town. Lion’s Roar will always be there.


Thanks Knock.


Wallace3, please.


Sorry[ once more]. Soooo….


We must have addition spirits, as I think Hucka D., your Hucka Doobie, would agree.


Return to Second Life.


Probably. Any ideas?


I’m from Jeogeot, so I just could establish a base there again.

What I “have” still:

Am I still a refuge from Jeogeot? Pietmond has been destroyed for 9 months now. Boris was very short lived. I should ask Knock — as Wallace3 I mean. But I think he would encourage me to return to Jeogeot, to write the history of that continent. Can I do this from Nautilus instead? No, he would probably answer. So I have several options. The most attractive, actually, may be Noru again. The Centre.

But maybe not.

I am still a refuge.

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