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Bigfoot Reference 01: Real Brian Head name origin

Dear Editor;

I think I understand what’s keeping people away. It’s the name. Brian HEAD? Who wants to visit the Head? Not me – unless I have to.

There are a lot of theories about the origin of the name, but that’s all they are. One theory has it that one of the rock formations is shaped like a head, but no one seems to know where the rock is. Cesar Munoz, the resident historian and lodge bellman – he came from L.A. 17 years ago to be a ski bum and just never got around to leaving – doesn’t buy that theory. Like others, he says the resort might have been named after Williams Jennings Bryan, a famous politician who made a career out of finishing second in presidential elections. Eventually, the y was changed to an i. Or, Munoz says Head could be a geological term, such as point or cape. Another theory: A member of John Wesley Powell’s expedition was named Bryan.

Whatever. I say change the name. How about Cedar Breaks Resort? By the way, what’s a Break?

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