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across the road

Inertia had finally found her. Wonderful, smart, pretty, dedicated Teebestia, love of her life. A *castle* at that, she thinks. I knew she’d go further than her dead end lawyering job in Olde Lapara Town. But, trouble is, does this also mean she’s *married*? One way to find out; hope she’s home.

She came one day too late. Axis had already seen this probability and taken steps to avoid it. The gay life of Inertia and Teebestia, happy together, would not play out now. Shame: such a good match, a *positive* relationship. But Axis had won the battle of the heart. You cannot outbrain him.


“Finally found a place to hang my painting, Teebestia.

I think — I’m home.”

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X-City Bar-Cafe

“It’s pretty obvious by now, Hucka Doobie, that the South is slowly but surely taking over the North, bit by bit, piece by piece. There’s Gregson to consider, what with its 7 spawned little demons wreaking havoc on the town by now, no doubt. Then Pipersville with its Red Devil Alley.”

“Creepy Alley, uh huh,” the bee person responded. Psychic guru to the blog.

“And now… X-City. Center of the North, as Horns of Hatton is to the South. Capitol cities each. But now: infested with chickens. Just like the other one.”

Hucka Doobie looks around, wishing they’d stop their gall darn cackling for just a moment so she can think clearer.

“Red Devil again. Who is…”

“Don’t say it yet,” requests Hucka Doobie, now holding her head from the pain.

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cat and dogged

“Good tomato juice,” says the blue clad Improvio, swigging it down.

“Coffee’s nice as well,” speaks Inertia in turn. “We’ll have to keep this place in mind. They have food too.”

“Met some people, auntie, while I was waiting for you. A couple. One of them said they lived around here. The other said she might move here. Can’t remember their names.”

“Don’t talk to strangers,” the pale woman warned. “The band’s the thing. I see you have the ring on.”

He exposed it more. “Yes, I love it. Thank you so much. Now I have the Spirit of Punk at my disposal. There’ll be no stopping me.” He gulped. “Us, I mean.”

Inertia smiled. “You were always my favorite, Improvio. Ruthless and dogged like me; that’s why I decided to give the ring to you and not Chroma or Earie. You will lead us to the promised land. Have you spoken to Rocky Racco yet? You must sway him to our side. That is a primary goal.”

“Primary color goal,” he added playfully.

“Yes,” she said, looking him over. “Red and yellow might as well be dead and stashed away in that tall grass beneath the train ramp.” Inertia then scowled toward the shop window. Both knew the cat listening in on their conversation would also have to be killed and put within same.

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Upon returning from her trip to Omikron City, Inertia immediately got rid of the bleating rams which had wandered into the yard from parts unknown. “We’ll not start that cycle of life and death over again,” she proclaimed while knitting a coffin purse on the front porch and enjoying the peace and quiet of nighttime Astarte.

The next day the local butcher shop started a special on mutton.

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