Collagesity 2015-2016 Winter (Chapter 02 of 16: Spongeberg)



Shiny Hare coming to Collagesity?

I’m trying to make it happen. Experiments with bringing VWX Tower to Collagesity weren’t as successful, but here’s the top of the attempt.


Yes, I could permanently rez all the individually colored modules of the tower, 13 in number, except for the very top one, which belonged to the Rubi Woods to the west, instead. After 10 minutes, the woods took its cap — appropriate I suppose.


So I had to settle for the Shiny Hare tower instead at under 1/2 the length, or 5 modules instead of 13, and topped by Shiny Hare itself.

More on the VWX Tower and Shiny Hare here and here

Shorter Shiny Hare tower using the same 5 bottom modules. I want to make this happen!…


… but I have to trim the burg of some prims to make it so.

So, to begin, Bickering Newton and Jasper have been removed from Carrcassonnee’s gazebo. The protecting eyeballs put in place before our trip to the beach are gone. Their function is not needed now. Shiny Hare has satisfied former dissenter Spongeberg Resident. More on that soon.

No Big Head Bob like this one for Collagesity. 😦


Shiny Hare in Collagesity…



… but for how long? I can’t see it staying. What does that mean for the future of the town, though, if I removed it. Spongeberg has found its weak spot at Head-of-Stream, now unprotected due to prim trims. Shiny Hare was inserted into the village to pacify the same. Maybe I should send Baker Bloch over to Carrcassonnee for possible aid.



Greetings baker b. How was your beach trip? I heard it was superb — wait for it — *weather* har har har.


Yeah, the weather was great. Me… not so great, at least the 4th day.


4th, for you, is always bad. You are removed from your comfort zone. You are removed, kind of, from your blog. From Carrcassonnee. From Collagesity, I mean there meant. And then me, Carrcassonnee. And Spider. You missed Spider didn’t you?

bb (turning to Spider):

Of course.


But I hear you are about to produce books. The continent of Corsica is first.



There, that’s better! I can see you now with my gigantic orb, hee hee.



About the books…




Yes, Corsica will be first. I’m not sure if anyone will understand these books, which, after all, constitute my interaction with these continents as recorded in the blog, and…


They’re not travel guides. Did I tell you I’m going to get up and start moving around Collagesity sometimes? My Dr. — Blood; you may know him — recommends it. Says a totally sedentary life is bad for the old bones, which I don’t have any of. But he made his point. I’ll turn into goo eventually, he reinforces. By the other day — you may know of his wife Wanda. Or is it Linda? Gerta?


What did he look like?


Metallic. Not green. Exterior beating heart. Pointed head. Had a cat assistant who preferred to stay hidden or not present. Might be the same as your Shiny Hare — dunno. What say you Spider? Is Dr. Blood’s cat Shiny Hare way up there hidden in the air? (Spider does not answer) Anyway, he was here, he gave recommendations, he left. Said he was making his rounds. Was in the area anyway. Asked if there was any other citizens of the community to examine while he was here. What was I suppose to tell him, baker b.?


What did you tell him?


I told him about Spongeberg. And your father [Spaced Ghost]. And Bracket, but I said Bracket was dead and a ghost now. No examining needed there, ha ha.


That was just a shame. And it brings back the point about the Corsica book. I’m doing this partly for Bracket. He was a native, after all, and was poised to write the history book himself upon his return. But he couldn’t return.


How about that bastard Cardboard Diesel Rose, his sidekick for a while in old VWX Town?


Cardboard Derek Jones [you mean]?


The flat fellow. One of the flat fellows. The monkey in a [space] suit.


Just then, on cue, Cardboard Derek Jones comes to the door of Carrcassonnee’s gazebo, his presence an automatic request for an audience with the great olive being. I don’t know if CDJ was eavesdroping or it was all coincidence, but he was here now, and I left the two to talk together, perhaps get to know each other better, even. I went around town trying to figure out other stuff I could delete to make room for the Shiny Hare tower. I really wanted to keep it. Soon I was up in Collagesity Heights, eyeing the Church of the Red Doors and its 36 prims. Hungrily.




What Carrcassonnee Meant


Cardboard Derek Jones flirts with fellow flattie Lisa “The Vegetarian” Smipson upon leaving his audience with Carrcassonnee.

What they talked about:


Hey good looking. Haven’t seen you around in a while.

Let’s try that again.


I am sorry to disturb you, sire (that’s what he called Carrcassonnee all through the meeting), but I request that instead of that — eyesore with the giant, prim hogging cat on the top of it just built in our beloved town that we put House Greenup there. This would have pleased Bracket Jupiter as well, I’m sure. He’s not here any longer. You must honor him. And, if I could add, I beg of you to try with all your powerly might to *bring him back*.

Carr. (more booming and “Godly” than with me):

That will not be so, honorable flattie. You must flirt with Lisa before leaving. I will get you a date with my hottie assistant if you write the book and help out baker b. That was him going out the door, you know.


I know. I’ve talked to Baker Bloch quite a number of times in different towns now, starting with VWX Town over in Philudoria. You were there, you and your giant orb of knowingness. You blocked me there too, as I’m recalling. You were an Eastie, weren’t you?


I was a Westie. *You* were an Eastie. Northie, I meant. Mean. You were mean. *And* you were mean, I meant. Meant mean.


I beg of you, sire. Bring Back Bracket.


I will get you a date instead. Lisa the Smipson Vegetarian desires a date. (calling over top of Cardboard Derek Jones’ head) Don’t you sweetie? (Lisa doesn’t answer.) She’s a fully formed girl, now, Mr. James.

CDJ (correcting):

*Jones.* (more humble:) Sire.


By that I mean you cannot see through her any longer. And, by the way, she is me. You flirt with her, you flirt with me. You see that?

CDJ (honestly):

No. (CDJ thought Carr. was joking here)

Carr. (more forcefully):

You can go now and think about what I have spoken to you. You are mean. You are meant to be better. *You* will write the book. That is your punishment. Go your way.

CDJ takes his leave, but, perhaps unwisely (again), flirts will Lisa the V. at the door (see above).


3rd Audience

It was a busier night for Carrcassonnee. Spongeberg saw the telltale lemon burning in the bowl outside the gazebo on his way to examine Shiny Hare. He took advantage of the being’s presence. He still had some issues.


I, baker b., was not privy to the actual conversation, but I heard what happened second-hand through Furry Karl, who was also on his way to see the new town tower when he spied Spongeberg within the temple and sneaked around the back to listen. I immediately reprimanded him for doing so, but I was also oh so ever curious about what they talked about. So when Furry Karl spilled some of the beans, I made a cup of instant coffee in place of a real one. What could I do? I was the one actually in charge of the town, I felt. These were *my* creations. I of course didn’t tell Furry Karl this. I remembered how he used to just say “Merry Fucking Summer, have a beer”, and so on. Merry Fall, Merry Easter, Merry this and that. What changed? Does he have memory of those muter times? Anyway, to the spilled beans and improvised coffee making…

“Spongeberg still desires to kill the town,” says Karl to me as we enter the palm grove of Collagesity East. “The Hare statue didn’t change his mind.” We both look up. It was towering above us. “It’s a *tower*,” I want to say to Karl.

“I know the taijitu,” he then says, surprising me. “I know of ‘Uncle Meatwad’. Things have changed. I am not mute because I have shifted somewhat. Just now, actually. That memory just locked into place. Funny.”

I looked at Furry Karl. His *double* was *in* “Uncle Meatwad.” “Show me ‘Uncle Meatwad.'”, he almost demanded. “We can go up to Collagesity to view it. Where the Church of the Red Door is.”


Spongeberg and Carrcassonnee talked about “Uncle Meatwad” most of the time, as it turned out. Me (Baker Bloch), Baker Blinker, Hucka Doobie, and Uncle Meatwad and Shakenstein and such.

“What happened?” Spongeberg asked cooly (says Karl). I imagined Carrcassonnee’s eye rolling upwards.


Uncle Meatwad Won


1st 27 or so minutes of what we eventually saw:


Afterwards we reconvened at Carrcassonnee’s gazebo to discuss the viewing. Spongeberg wanted to see the first part again to take notes, so Furry Karl and I walked around town some more. Carrcassonnee simply teleported back to her position in the gazebo. I knew it was ultra important that I correctly sell what I would consider the true status of “Uncle Meatwad”. To save the town. To save my reputation as an artist. So the questions began…

“I have made a short list of matches now,” started Spongeberg Resident. “What I saw was 15 minutes of what could be considered random pieces of music, dominated by John Lennon.”

“We call him Lemon here in virtual-land, Spongeberg,” I tried to joke.

“But I also know,” continued Spongeberg, “that this is all real in some way, some fashion… because of ‘Shiny Hare’.”

“Because of ‘Shiny Hare’, yes,” I reinforced. This was about our walk in Frank Park around the Bunny Trail. We talked of “Shiny Hare”. I convinced Spongeberg, his real life counterpart, about the legitimacy of “Shiny Hare”.

“This is an earlier work,” stated Spongeberg.

“Yes,” I said. “From 2007.”

“And it is a double itself.”

“Yes,” I said again. “Twin to ‘Empire Strikes Brak’. I made ‘Uncle Meatwad’ public for a brief period because ‘Empire Strikes Brak’ sits hidden behind it, protecting.”

“This is the taijitu,” chips in Furry Karl.

“Yes, I guess it is,” I said, “like the interview with the other Karl, Karl. The trapped Wheeler is ‘Empire Strikes Brak’. The exposed white side of the taijitu is ‘Uncle Meatwad’. But in another way, ‘Uncle Meatwad’ is trapped, like the Wheeler. Can you help me free him?”


Spongeberg jotted down some more notes. Carrcassonnee was staring at him with her one, big eye.

“Carrcassonnee,” I asked, “What is your opinion? How do I free ‘Uncle Meatwad’ and save the village?”

“Me,” she answered simply.


Spongeberg then says the “Egypt” cue is where it starts to really kick in or “sync”, as he put it. He understood the magic, once more. “Shiny Hare” style magic. “And”, he said, “you work backwards from there to understand the first part. which mirrors the 3rd.”

“Yes,” I said.

“Then the middle part, the last one, is where it all goes down… the hole.”

“Absolutely.” Had I just saved Collagesity?


Uncle Meatwad Too

Spongeberg wanted to hear the involved album, so we figured out a way to pipe it into the gazebo. I told him it was my favorite Firesign Theatre album. “Everything You Know Is Wrong” is the name. He listened intently. I was hoping he was remembering the parts I used in “Uncle Meatwad”. Everything hinges on this, I repeat to myself. Don’t goof it up!

He was disappointed that the “Egypt” segment wasn’t on this album. I told him it was on one of their earlier works, called “How Can You Be In 2 Places…” He didn’t seem to want to hear that particular album, and I was relieved. I told him *all* the middle part used “Everything” instead. It was only the 1st and 3rd parts of “Uncle Meatwad”, the *mirrored* parts, that used a little of “2 Places”. He nodded his head. “So this is the important one,” he stated. “I suppose so,” I replied. “This is the middle, the hole in the middle.”

“It’s what we have to discuss,” Carrcassonnee then adds. “This zero, this null. What to plant within. Because there is work to be done still.”



Blackbird Tells

There were so many things going on related to Collagesity. I have been researching the whole of the Baker Blinker Blog and also the Frank and Herman Einstein blog that followed it, a big project. I will release both the first part of the BB Blog and also the Corsica Continent supplement book early in the coming year, hopefully. More on that soon.

Carrcassonnee has charged Cardboard Derek Jones to write the Corsica book, but of course it will be me doing the work behind the scenes, as it were. Bracket is, I repeat, dead to Second Life, and he comes from the Corsica continent. I read all the related posts at the beach last week. It looks pretty solid as is.

Cardboard DJ not only flirted with Lisa The Vegetarian upon exiting Carr.’s gazebo last night but they actually have a date together. CDJ proposed that he pick up Lisa at the gazebo at 8 on Friday and they dine at the town diner. When he asked me a bit later (through Baker Bloch) about the state of the diner, I told them that they could serve hamburgers for sure, and I think there was some sushi and other fish dishes that I could round up. He seemed pleased enough with that.

I asked him if he felt slighted by Carr. referring to him (and Lisa) as “flatties”, meaning they’re “mere” two-dimensional cutouts in Second Life. He said that, well, he didn’t really answer that come to think of it. I haven’t talked to Lisa about the subject. *Can* I talk to Lisa?

A mysterious giant rook or raven alighted at Collagesity Heights and *ate* the Church with the Red Doors, along with the collage featuring Ray Davies inside. CDJ also told me this. I asked when this happened, and he said, the dead of night. He had to personally shoo it away from the lemon at the door of Carr.’s gazebo, he also said. I wondered why the rook or raven would hone in on that particular object next. Maybe it was the fire that attracted him or her.

CDJ said the raven/rook then strutted back and forth in front of him, obviously in a threatening position. “I was afraid he was going to eat *me* instead,” he admitted. But eventually, CDJ explained further, the blackbird gathered his wings and flew again into the night, skirting past the cat atop the Shiny Hare tower on his way upwards. CDJ believes the bird was testing how secure the cat was held to the tower’s top. “I know in my heart of hearts that this bird will return,” he finished up.

We didn’t even get a chance to talk about “Uncle Meatwad”. I don’t think he quite got the whole thing. But Spongeberg did in the main, and he’s the important one to convince on this particular item. I, through Baker Bloch again, am on my way to meet with him now. Talk soon!




“The Church of the Red Doors is gone,” he began in his slightly metallic, echo-y voice. He was standing uncomfortably close to me, but I stood my ground.

“Yes”, I said. “Cardboard Derek Jones claims it was eaten by a blackbird in the middle of the night.”

“Jasper?” asked Spongeberg, surprising me.

“Oh yeah, Jasper the Rook wasn’t it?” I recalled something far far back when I had a gallery next to the Lemon sim of the Sansara continent. It was called “Something to CHRO About”. A giant rook named Jasper visited the balcony one night. Let me see if I can dig up a picture.

“Pardon me,” I said to Spongeberg. “I’m digging something up in my inventory for the blog reader… and for you.”

“I’ve seen it,” he came back. “I am that bird,” he then followed calmly. He walked over to the place that the church once occupied in Collagesity Heights. “Tasted like chicken,” he added flatly. “I was going to eat Cardboard himself but backed off at the last moment, thinking about Lisa. Poor dear Lisa. She needs him, if only for a giggle. And Carrcassonnee has said he needs to write that book about Pennsylvania.”

“Corisca”, I corrected. “The Second Life continent of Corsica, which I have compared to Pennsylvania, or at least its main island.

“Pennsylvania is an island? I thought that was New Jersey.” I didn’t correct Spongeberg this round. I thought I’d just let him roll. Spongeberg is the blackbird! But I knew he was telling the truth. He’s some kind of shapeshifter!

“Would you like to see?” Spongeberg returned. I assumed he meant witnessing a transition into a bird.

“Are you a rook, then?” I asked.

“I’m technically a rook, yes, but you can call me crow, blackbird, raven, whatever turns you on. But you’re here probably to talk about ‘Uncle Meatwad’. I have digested that as well.”

“What did you think? What’s your verdict?”

“The Egypt thing is pretty profound. I’ve been thinking about that. And I think we need to re-create that hole, that vortex, in Collagesity. Carrcassonnee agrees — I spoke briefly with her before you came up. Lisa has a date, I understand. Really glad I didn’t eat her date now.” He smiled and then blew me a kiss. Then started dancing crazily. This went on for about 30 seconds. I was tempted to join in but didn’t. After all, Baker Bloch was a top notch dancer. Everyone can dance really swell in Second Life, it seems.


He stopped. I waited. He disappeared in a spray of black particles, and, I repeat, right where the Church of the Red Doors sat.


Was this the place he wanted to set up the vortex? Had he, I don’t know, created some kind of hole into another dimension there?



On Friday night, December 31st, Spongeberg Resident was standing before the townspeople of Collagesity, imploring them to give reasons for him to *not* destroy it and them with it. It was slightly in the future, but I saw it through the vortex that had been opened in the meantime.

“The tower of Shiny Hare is a reason for the town to keep existing,” he continued. “Baker Bloch’s ‘Uncle Meatwad’ is a reason. The budding love of youngsters Cardboard Derek Jones and Lisa The Vegetarian Smipson is as good a reason as any. I’m all for true love. But in my heart of hearts, I still think the cons outweigh the pros. The town is too expensive to run. Even with the oh so handy prim to convex hull conversion to decrease land impact.”

“Who are you?” raised a voice in the back of the crowd. It was Furry Karl, who had arrived late for the meeting due to his longer walk from the Hole in the Wall bar.

“I am called Spongeberg Resident, and I am a destroyer by nature. There are hundreds upon hundreds of residents in this Second Life, but I am *The* Resident. Carrcassonnee is unique as well. I stand in for her at this meeting, as I explained earlier Fuzzy Jim (Spongeberg attaches a wrong name to Furry Karl here). She is meeting with forest representatives at Nautilus City, and I’ll go ahead and tell you that she’s making plans to move *some* of you — along with *some* of the town — back over there if I make the choice I think I’ll make. So it’s up to you, the citizens of Collagesity, to make a difference. Send me your essays (earlier, Spongeberg had asked each person at the meeting to send him at least a two page report on why Collagesity should be saved). Send in the reasons. I’ll debate. The chance of destruction is 70-30 right now. Carrcassonnee has allowed me to do what I wish here. She actually can’t keep me from my job even if she thought otherwise. Yet I am not a mean deity. I am a kind destroyer. I usually nibble around the edges — a church here, a gazebo there. But I feel in this case it is best for all of you to enter another life together. A life that doesn’t involve Second Life.”

“I haven’t seen the required film,” chipped in flatty Foxx Mulder, who, as usual, was standing side by side with partner Danah Skully. “Can we still see it? That might make us, as a town, feel better about where we’re going, where it’s all heading.”

“You had your chance,” replied Spongeberg levelly. “Baker Bloch was at the beach all last week and you all just sat around doing nothing. You are so lazy. I’m asking you to work now for your town. Okay, okay, I’ll allow you to see the film if you wish. ‘Uncle Meatwad’ is currently loaded up at the Collagesity Theatre but I’ll ask Baker Bloch to reload the Grand Theft Auto V video from Tube World [sic].” He tapped his face with his index finger, as if deciding on something. “You sicken me,” he then tacked on to end his speech. He stepped down from the podium on the second floor of the town diner and made his way through the grumbling crowd toward the teleporter. But when reaching it, he just disappeared in that cloud of black particles again.

I pulled back from the vortex. Carrcassonnee was by my side. “You have only 1 day to change things,” she said. “I have to leave for Nautilus City. Things are pretty much set in stone, but stone can be molded in time as well. A bit. It’s all pretty plastic given enough time. Which you have little of. Goodbye and good luck!”

Carrcassonnee teleported to Nautilus City, leaving me with Spider and Lisa. I knew Lisa wouldn’t be making that date in the diner tomorrow, since Carr. animates her. Poor Cardboard Derek Jones. He won’t understand any of this.