… this is the deal *now*. Carrcassonnee has been removed, *once more* from the TILE Temple, which has also been derezzed from Collagesity. She’s *back* in the gazebo wedged between the Boos gallery and Castle Jack for the second time, but the Eternally Bickering Newton and Jasper remain, along with their map. When Carrcassonnee desires to be “in”, her lemon will be burning outside the gazebo and she, along with her dog Spider and a couple of other objects, will be present within. When she’s “out” or “off”, I suppose, only Newton and Jasper and their map will be present in the gazebo. I, baker b., toggle these characters on and off by making one or the other 98 percent transparent. They’re already phantom.




While I was in the as yet unnamed gazebo taking pictures to illustrate this, I chatted with Carrcassonnee. I won’t give the full transcript this time but just summarize. She stated more adjustments may be made on the gazebo arrangement. An anti-self, whatever that is, will or could be involved. I asked her if this is the red-violet version of herself and she concurred. I asked her if it would also have an eye like her and she waved the question off as flippant. Oh, and the main reason she wanted to switch back to the gazebo from the TILE Temple again was to keep Spongeberg from taking it over. She had inside information, and then she said she always has inside information. I guess this refers to her psychic omnipotence, at least in terms of all things city-wise. *Her* city, as she calls it. We talked about Furry Karl and the apparitions a bit. Carrcassonnee said that Bracket Jupiter will not be returning and that his avatar has been damaged. This came as something of a blow. We’ve not lost an original avatar since the decommissioning of Esbum Michigan probably 6 years back now. I asked her about why he still has a shadow and she said he was trapped in a netherword, but the forest will take care of him, and that there are many spirits in the forest; it has been collecting them over the years now. A “storehouse”, she called it. I queried her about trees being spirits and she said, of course. I asked her if Spongeberg would still be coming back. She paused, and then affirmed that he would return to Collagesity, but that his contract with me signed at Mystenopolis this past summer LINK was null and void. This interested me greatly. I asked if she was still in charge of the carrcasses. She said, check the name, meaning her name: Carrcassonnee. So I suppose that means she’s still in charge. I asked her if she minded me checking with Spongeberg about this fact and she said, go ahead. Later I theorized that if Collagesity hadn’t returned and I had chosen to stay on Nautilus Island that Spongeberg would still be in charge. I’ll have to say more about that later.

I have almost 250 more prims to play around with in Collagesity. The adjustments aren’t done yet, I don’t think. Carrcassonnee has hinted around that the “8×5” needs to be re-written and reordered to take into account the forest spirits. At least that’s what I think she’s implying with some of the things she’s saying. The connection between Collagesity and the forest remains vital through the only road in town, aligned with a strongly accented row of eucalyptus trees. I wondered if the woods could talk back to the city? To be made one.


Spongeberg returns to the revamped Collagesity only to find out Carrcassonnee has taken the power spot he desired. “Darn those cursed numbers. Darn that Spider!”


He senses a weak spot here at Head-of-Stream. Can he manipulate it to his advantage?

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