Shiny Hare coming to Collagesity?

I’m trying to make it happen. Experiments with bringing VWX Tower to Collagesity weren’t as successful, but here’s the top of the attempt.


Yes, I could permanently rez all the individually colored modules of the tower, 13 in number, except for the very top one, which belonged to the Rubi Woods to the west, instead. After 10 minutes, the woods took its cap — appropriate I suppose.


So I had to settle for the Shiny Hare tower instead at under 1/2 the length, or 5 modules instead of 13, and topped by Shiny Hare itself.

More on the VWX Tower and Shiny Hare here and here

Shorter Shiny Hare tower using the same 5 bottom modules. I want to make this happen!…


… but I have to trim the burg of some prims to make it so.

So, to begin, Bickering Newton and Jasper have been removed from Carrcassonnee’s gazebo. The protecting eyeballs put in place before our trip to the beach are gone. Their function is not needed now. Shiny Hare has satisfied former dissenter Spongeberg Resident. More on that soon.

No Big Head Bob like this one for Collagesity. 😦

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