Carrcassonnee’s back…

… in the TILE Temple for now. In the new gazebo instead exists the ever bickering Newton and Jasper surrounding a conflicting map.




I’m not sure the situation will last, however.

New collages in the “World of Collage” gallery by Magritte…


… and Ernst.


The second twinned gazebo underneath the Kidd Tower has been deleted, also at Carrcassonnee’s insistence.

The Big E has returned to a virtual village.


Bracket Jupiter has expressed an interest in the town’s old railroad track, now partially covered by ground. A piece of it is exposed at the ne corner of the House of Truth.


Baker Bloch taking it all in from the top of the Boos gallery.


More of the track…




It’s obvious that the railroad formerly passed over Central Stream — if it was even around at the time — about the same place as the present foot bridge.


And of course it also passes through Gallery Jack and the museum still under construction.





Two versions of Collagesity in Minoa. The railroad ran in the first. The second partially covers the constructions of the first. I am the knowledge of all things Carrcassonnee. Collagesity I meant there.


Of course. And you’ve moved back into your TILE Temple.


I’m just experimenting around. Like you are.


I’m exploring the collages of others online, Carrcassonnee. I’m expanding outwards now.


Good. Good to not be so self enclosed. Gives you perspective.


So Bracket Jupiter is working on the town history, huh.


I brought him back to do so. Corsica can wait. But he can also work on both at once. You must begin selecting photos for the museum.


Furry Karl of the Hole in the Wall bar in the greater Collagesity metro area came a knock’n and so I left Carrcassonnee and Spider to deal with his many questions. I couldn’t help overhear a couple while I was leaving. Besides running the bar, he’s the caretaker of the TILE Tower (not to be confused with the TILE Temple) on the south side of the Rubi Forest, about a 1/2 sim west of Collagesity. He worries that his establishment, along with the tower, will be deleted if the real owner of the property ever comes back. Carrcassonnee was assuring him that he will always have a place in her village — villages, is the word she used, I believe. He also believes the forest to be haunted, and specifies a ghost named Sid or Syd.

I caught up with him when he was heading back home — I spied him from my perch on top of the Boos gallery at the time. We talked about the railroad going back. He said he remembered the sound more than anything. It would wake him up at night. “Now it’s so quiet,” he complains. “You can hear the woods too clearly.” I told him he should get a free subscription for the static channel, and he said he’d look into it. I told him my provider was Old Kentucky Shark. He wondered if that was the same as Shark or Old Shark or Old Kent, former owner of the railroad. I said I didn’t know about this. A new development. I’ll have to ask Carrcassonnee about it the next time we speak.

When I arrived at the bar with Furry Karl, Bracket Jupiter was there, doodling on some paper. I figured he came out here for the peace and quiet, to write his history or histories, I suppose. “Bracket!” I exclaimed, for it had been ages since I’d seen the tall, pale avatar. “Summoned back from the grave, I heard.” He vaguely waved and smiled at me, but did not speak, going back to his writing or doodling, it appeared to me. Furry Karl just shrugged. “You guys haven’t seen each other in a while,” he said, trying to break the ice. Bracket Jupiter simply faded from view with that. “See??” sputtered Furry Karl, trying not to panic. “The ghosts are back.”

Turns out Bracket Jupiter wasn’t scheduled to show up in person at Collagesity until the following week.


But a ghost with a shadow.

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