Collagesity 2016 Later 01b (Aug 02 of 02)




Interesting place to sit. I have to crane my neck.


Oh. Sorry. (John Lockfry 02 then sits in the chair in front of Carrcassonnee)


What’s up? I hear you talked to Spongeberg Resident of the 12×12. How’s he doing up there on that ridge? I’m sure he’s watching down on all the excitement happening in BoBylon. BoB or BoBylon?


Both, I think.


Well tell me how this still happens?


The switch?




I visit a place. I get a tingle. And then I’m out for a while, could be a small time could be a longer period, and then I return, usually at a different place.


And this is the wife?


I’m still not sure of that.


But the wife, *your* wife, wants to be a wrestler. I might have even seen an advertisement on a wall somewhere. Wanderlust?


I… I don’t think so.


And what of the 500 outfits? And 600 pairs of shoes? And 800 watches and [their] watch bands? Do you know what I’m knowing? Do you get what I’m seeing?


I wish to watch the work you know as Carrcass-2 again. LINK I want to know more about Mulholland Drive. We think…


*I* think a bleedthrough has occurred, yes. The wife looks too much like the brunette in the film, the one who dyed her hair blonde. Actually I think she put on a wig? Anyway, the same thing has happened to your wife: a switch from brunette to blonde. And she *looks* like Rita from the synch and film. This is the mystery of Crabwoo. The 2002 crop circle is Crabwoo. It is also Jacob of LOST, or Jacobi I think we’re calling it[ here].


Can I watch?


Sure. Let me load the right cartridge.


Carr. (after they watch):

That’s the birth of my father Homer Simpson. He’s the first Plastic Man, the first toy avatar in effect. That was the hole that started it.


Tron, eh?


Funny, eh?


I suppose. I haven’t watched Tronesis, the true synch that the derivative movie and album are spawned from.


That’s a [correct] way to put it. (pause) Here.


We know… sorry…


We know a similar thing will happen to Noel Fielding from Luxury Comedy… this entry into 3d reality. Another friend. Another father?


Another hole at least.


Good point. You are acting too much like me.


Am eye?


Another Jorondip Mystery…

Baker Bloch examines the Wanderlust wall to make sure his ad for the Edwardston Station Gallery and its Art 10×10 is still there. *Not* replaced by an imaginary wrestling ad… phew!


Then Baker Bloch has a hunch. He teleports into the very center of the Jorondip sim already featured a number of times recently on this blog…

… but in the action, changes over into John Lockfry 02, standing against the middle of a yellow sign that reads: “What happens in the garage stays in the garage”.

He sticks his hand through the sign and takes a picture from the other side….


Just as he thought: the middle of the 10×10. This is the 10×10 again!


The next thing he knows he’s beating the crap out of a nearby punching bag.


He’d seen another avatar doing the same a couple of days back. He suspects it may be this legendary Quito who is now building a roller coaster in the same sim. Quito Doggerland.

The bag has won this time.


Jorondip Again 01

Baker Bloch in an unremembered location surrounded by books. Our kind of place!


Bodega Bay still has some interesting things going on — like this Nautilus City themed house perched on a rocky ledge. Salazar Jack will not be forgotten.


The male Baker has decided that Home Orange is his true residence in Collagesity, not Gloomy Gus, the attic of the Norum College or anywhere else in town. This is a good decision, I feel, and will move his family forward in a positive manner.


Inside his home. He doesn’t plan a lot of remodeling, I don’t think. But perhaps he has things up his sleeve he’s not letting me in on. Because I’m writing this text several days after publishing the pictures, I at least know that he’s upped his cable subscription from free (static channel only) to basic (5 channels, including one he was really excited about that plays all 170 episodes of beloved 60’s sitcom Green Acres in a continual loop).


View from his 2nd floor study.



After messing about Home Orange a bit, he decides to teleport over to Jorondip again and see what’s new, if anything. And Jorondip, once more, didn’t disappoint. A *shape* had manifest right beside the centerspot of the sim since the family’s last visit several days back. More correctly, it was a sphere that turned into a cat which kept popping in and out of reality, seemingly. Obvious connections going on with Shroedinger’s famed quantum feline, then, although that association wasn’t intended by whoever placed it here in all likelihood. It is for the family’s eyes only, and now you, dear reader, once more.



In — cat shaped locked in now.




Jorondip Again 02

More cats awaited Baker outside the garage. At least some of them were present during the family’s last trip, according to photos from previous posts. But the one in almost the exact center of the sim — quantum cat as we’ll term him or her — was definitely not there. Here’s a comparison picture with John Lockfry 02 showing an empty table from, at the most, 3 or 4 days before. JL2 stayed at that location long enough for the cat to appear, since I took a number of photos trying to get his hand just right in projecting through the yellow sign to the other side with the 10×10 collage of pictures. But nothing else in the immediate area had changed.



Baker Bloch does some exercising on a mat that JL2 didn’t spot during his several visits to the garage. “No War Make Love” is an interesting sign to hang above it.


Another cat I *did* know about before advertises the involved parcel next to Route 14. And as I’m now recalling, about 3 1/2 years back, when I first really explored the sims around Jorondip that I now call BoB, I ran into a posse of cats somewhere near here, but not from Quito’s bunch, since he seemed to have only arrived in the sim the past year and a half according to parcel descriptions. I recorded the encounter in the Baker Blinker Blog at the time. Oh, very nice, I actually dropped a slurl into that post. So it’s right up the hill from the garage, and still on Quito’s land where he just built a nifty roller coaster. So maybe those were Quito’s cats back then as well — seems a little too coincidental that they’re on his land, once more, and since he appears to love cats so much.


In that post I also mentioned the tall white windmill still standing on that oh so notable 512 parcel just above Quito’s garage. And that’s where Baker headed next, to scout out another oddity there as well. And as Baker Bloch is checking behind himself tonight, he spies Quito himself standing next to the start of his roller coaster. Both men stare at each other — Baker could just *ask* Quito about all the cats I’ve mentioned, including the ones from the past. But he’s so darn shy and introverted. Gosh, where’d he get that trait?

Well, Baker Bloch decides to message Quito just up the hill, giving him a link to this post. Wonder what he will think of it??

Ahh… he smiles. 🙂 Observer and observed have interacted.


Baker Bloch’s cabin is now gone, but all else on this 512 parcel remains, including the safe formerly within the structure. Why delete just the cottage and not all this cluttery mess around it? Oh, I guess the owner did get rid of the ugly couch Baker had inside the cottage, as I’m checking.

Baker Bloch’s safe remains here (is safe) while just several days later Baker Blinker’s safe disappears inside Gloomy Gus. Are these two identical objects also quantumly entangled (along with the accompanying buildings)?? It’s a question to be asking.

More on Jorondip soon enough!


But for now, we again move just uphill into the Qinsa sim west of Jorondip to make some additional observations on the house John Lockfry 02 investigated in early August. Again, changes have been made: the two rooftop objects JL2 noted at the time have now been moved to the ground in front of the house.


More cats within. This parcel is not owned by Quito, but instead a Japanese user.


More queerness lies inside — I shall return here as well…


Meanwhile, Baker is still exercising down at the Doggerland garage while snapping area pictures using remote viewing.


The aforementioned roller coaster.


Jorondip Again 03

Baker Bloch reexamines another BoB/Jorondip place John Lockfry 02 checked out earlier in August, but finds no additional clues, he feels.





I know considerably more about the Jorondip sim since taking these pics only a couple of days back.





I know that John Lockfry knows about these 2 eyes and what they mean. And just after that, he found out it might not mean all that much, thanks to Wilson. We have another two headed Wilson-Wheeler situation going on here. Who’s on first? What’s on second? Where’s my road map?!

Return of Spaced Ghost


Baker Bloch’s father Spaced Ghost shows up in Collagesity from the woods again. He stops in front of Gloomy Gus. “Helllooo? Son?”


He waits about a minute, then decides to try what he remembers as Baker Bloch’s other house in Collagesity: Home Orange just up the hill. *His* old home. As Spaced Ghost makes a (typical) wrong turn around the Hole in the Wall bar to get there, he becomes stuck in the 7th and namesake spire of the Castle of the 7th Spire, the same place that Carrcassonnee took her infamous Intense Shower and almost lost an eye as a result.


Unable to free himself, he manages to finally figure out how to text his offworld son after some effort. The message Baker Bloch received was, “Help! Stuck! Hurry!”.


“Just teleport out; use your map,” Baker Bloch told his father after arriving on the scene several minutes later.


“I don’t know how to do that,” Spaced Ghost despondently replied, limbs still flailing.

“Okay, do you see the little logo that says *map* at the bottom of your screen? At the *bottom*. Or it could be on the left side, I suppose. Yeah, I’m looking at mine right now and it’s on the left side. But I believe I moved it there. So look at the bottom first.”

“I can’t find it. Is it next to where I keep my pillows and blankets?”

“Jesus,” Baker Bloch uttered, and tried to go inside the spire so that he could talk to his father face to face. But the phantom prim formerly used to access the shower had been made solid. Baker Bloch swears again with a dirtier word. The f-word.


“Now son, I didn’t raise you to use profanity like that. Apologize to the heavens and then get me the heck out of here!”

“Heck is a cuss word too, dad. It’s a euphemism for hell.”

“Shut up!” Spaced Ghost barked back. “I’m… I’m starting to lose my breath. I’m starting not to breathe!”


“Okay, don’t panic dad. I have an idea. I”ll just remove the prim if I can’t get it open. But let me try to cut you loose first before I start destroying town relics.”


“Yeah, that worked. *There*! You’re free now old man. Just take a moment. Breath in… breath out. Can you do that with me?”

“Breath in,” Spaced Ghost repeats with an inhale. “And breath out,” he says and lets it all go in a big exhale.

“Do it again,” Baker Bloch says to his father.

Spaced Ghost repeats what he did before twice. “There, I think I’m alright son. That was a close one! I almost saw your mother inside, meeting me at the Golden Gates.”

“Well you’re okay now. It will be some time before you join mom up there.”

“Not that long. What if you were offworld doing something that took your user away from the computer? I could have easily died! Anyone else here in this town now? Noone heard my calls for help.”

“We come in as we’re needed,” Baker answers. “Everyone is still here, they just pop in and out. Which brings us to my next question. What are *you* doing here? I haven’t seen you in ages!”


“I’m visiting you, you old fart,” his father answers. “Where’s that girl of yours? The other Baker. Baker Blood. No, that’s not it.” He shakes his head, trying to remember. Baker Bloch helps him out.

“Blinker. Baker Blinker. And she’s not my girl. I don’t have a girl. I don’t even have a you know what. I get that from your side.”

“Oh, that’s not what *I* heard,” Spaced Ghost insinuates back. “That’s why I’m here. I figured it was that other Baker you might have knocked up.”

“No, we’re not a couple, dad,” Baker Bloch reinforces. “Where did you hear this?”

Night was falling on the Rubi Woods and mainland Second Life as a whole. There was a sudden chill in the air.


“Let’s get you up to Home Orange for some hot beverages. Come along; just follow me. You were going the wrong way up the hill to get there, by the way.”

“Shut up and take me home.”


“You had to go up the road. Remember the road? Remember the cannon? Cannon Road?”

“Not really.”

They reached the cannon at the other end of Cannon Road.


“Oh yeah, that old thing,” Spaced Ghost uttered as they came upon it. “I remember I had to blast aliens with it during the 7 Year Spending Spree War. Damn House of Lemons. Damn that child of theirs. All that trouble over a little kid.”

“The kid who was locked up in the same place you just got stuck in. Seems to mean something, dad.”

Spaced Ghost became thoughtful as well. “You could be right son. Let’s go inside and I’ll catch you up on where I’ve been. And you can catch me up with your do’ins. How’s that girl of yours? Baker something or another. Not Bloch obviously. That’s your name!”

Baker Bloch suddenly felt great sympathy for his father. “Just through that orange door there, dad. You remember, right?”

“Home sweet home,” the old man said as he passed through the phantom door.



(20 minutes later)


“Wrestler?” Spaced Ghost scratched his head and sank back into the couch. Green Acres was playing on TV. Baker Bloch had buckled up and paid for cable with the new move in. But he knows he’ll still enjoys the static channel every now and then.

“Yeah, they’re thinking about calling themselves The Mulholland Drives. You remember David Lynch.”

“Sure, I’m hungry. Let’s get something to eat.” Spaced Ghost was almost off the couch when Baker Bloch waved him back down beside him.

“No, *Lynch*. Not… anyway I talked about him all the time when I was a kid. Straight Story, Mulholland Drive, Inland Empire. And, oh, of course Twin Peaks. They’re remaking that up in the real world, dad.”

“The one with the dwarf?”

“Yeah, there’s a dwarf in it. Good. So you’re ready to eat?”

“Not yet. Let’s wait ’till four. Where’s your clock? Where’s Annie?”

“Annie the Clock?” Baker responds. “We threw her away in ’92 dad.”

“The one with the mirror. Blood.”

“Yeah I remember. We don’t like to talk about that, dad. Remember?”

“Hmmm.” Spaced Ghost shook his head. “So your girlfriend is a wrestler, eh? Not knocked up?”

“No dad. It really isn’t possible here.”


“Oh you don’t know much about *here* son. I was up in Farmington for a while, you know, up at the old continent.”

“You mean Sansara? We’re on one of the older continents now, father. Heterocera.”

“I just know it as the Old Continent. Anyway, there were pregnant women walking the streets all over the place. Babies popping out of them. So just be careful, son. Don’t get your girlfriend pregnant. You dodged a bullet this time.”

Baker exhales. “Anyway, I want to talk about something else with you now. Uncle Phil.”

“Uncle Phil?” Spaced Ghost looks blank. “Oh,” he said with a realization. “You mean Phil Heartthrob. He wasn’t your uncle. We just called him that around you kids. He was, er…”

“Yes?” Baker stared at his father.

“Let’s just say he was a friend of the family.” Spaced Ghost leaned away from Baker Bloch a bit, eyes squinched up meaningfully.”

“You said he was your twin. But he had facial surgery. Because of the accident. With the rodent.”

“Yeah, there was that.”

“*Was* he your twin?”

Spaced Ghost clasped his hands together and stared straight ahead. “Is it four yet?”

“Not quite yet father,” Baker Bloch responded, waiting.


Lynch Not Lunch

(2 hours later)

“Is it four yet?”

“It’s 10:15 father.”

“Then I have nothing more to say.”

“You’ve said enough!”



Baker Blinker looks toward her old Gloomy Gus home from beside the fused eucalyptus trees of D8 and E8, wondering if it has once again become her place of residence now that Baker Bloch has refurbished his Home Orange just up the hill. Many things are going on for what Karoz lovingly terms Other Baker recently. There’s the whole tag team wrestling scenario she’s managing — how did *that* all come about? Well, it’s protection, again. John Lockfry 02, let’s say, needed help dealing with his wife. And it could be a way to draw in money for the Collagesity family of avatars if she can turn a profit after an initial investment. At any rate, she has a role, an odd one on the surface but a role, just as Karoz Blogger urged her to have in the town. She’s also decided to take up writing her own version of a World of Lemon history, part and parcel of the managerial role. She understands more now, beyond Baker Bloch and the manly sphere of things. Speaking of which, I recently found out about what’s called a Bloch Sphere used in explaining the strange entanglement at the core of quantum computers (qubits). Baker Bloch is not named for the sphere.

Baker Blinker decides to pretend Gloomy Gus is her home again, since this is all make believe anyhoot. She moves the bed of the (former?) bedroom into the living room to make space for this classic Arcadia Asylum computer desk, along with a filing cabinet. A safe wouldn’t fit, so she deleted it. She sits down and stares into the woods.


Yes this will do nicely, she thinks. She begins to type.


John Lockfry 02 suddenly finds himself in a strange place: home.


The door was missing, then, after a reboot, merely closed. He opens it to find that central cube again. Oh the magic of Second Life.







Rabbit Head Revisited 01











Rabbit Head Revisited 02













Baker Bloch reads up on what Baker Blinker knows about Wilson. Some material has been changed out.


What the heck. He heads over to Carrcassonnee. He knows he can’t fool her. Can he?




Well well well. If it ain’t Wilson.


I knew I couldn’t fool you. This is not some ditzy 60s sitcom.


Isn’t it?


I guess it was the bird[ that gave me away]. I couldn’t transfer it.


I would know anyway. I know a lot. The times of day. The period of the season of the sun and moon in orbit and action. The physical nature of dust. The particles that you breath mid-morning before afternoon coffee. I heard you have a new friend. Bob?


I don’t know who he is [inside]. But he’s the one who deleted my — Baker Bloch’s cabin over in Jorondip. Apparently he is part of the group that owns the parcel. He left the safe, but I deleted it just a moment ago, along with the two eyes.


Tell me about those eyes.


Something is changing already. I’m here. But that’s John Lockfry and his wife. One eye male and the other eye female.


What is changing? Does Baker Blinker not want to manage the wrestling team?


I think it is branching out. She created a file on me. She thought it was a done deal. But then something changed.


And, come to think of it, you couldn’t delete Baker’s safe if you were Wilson, unless it was part… maybe you could.


Spaced Ghost, our father, has told Baker Bloch about Uncle Phil.


I know. It upset him a lot to know that Spaced Ghost wasn’t his biological father. But he should have thought through this better — a long time ago, actually. And now you are just like Uncle Phil all over. The evil twin. Archetype. I thought you were going to get a tattoo.


Well, I tried [facial] freckles but it didn’t quite work.


So you got rid of the bird. Well, it had to be one little thing separating you two. Like Chad had his Van Dyke beard.


I’ll have to talk to father about this. He’s confused.


He should be. I’m almost confused and I’m never confused.


It’s becoming where you need a road map.


John Lockfry knew about Wilson before he knew about Wilson. Morning dust. Baker Blinker made the realization official by creating the Wilson file and stashing it away in her newly rezzed filing cabinet. The safe would not fit. What appeared to be Baker Bloch opened the file and added new material. Wilson was not a closed case. Baker thought she was the replacement for him, but as soon as this happened she might have become obsolete (once more). She should resign herself to be a manager.

What of World of Lemon? What of BoB? BoB, or Birthplace of Bogota, is taking strange twisty turns. There’s a story inside the story now. The Mulholland Drives may already be an obsolete name. INLAND EMPIRE could be next. IE. We jump up[ again].


Mirror World

“Where is he? He said he’d be here at home base waiting for me.”


But Wilson had moved up the hill to beside the Power Tower, perhaps looking over the visitor list for Collagesity, accessible via the gallery kiosk located on the Norum building wall across the lawn. Baker checked his inworld map and saw this. Up the stairs connecting eastern and western side of towns he went. And now connecting the two halves of his inworld self, one with bird and the other without.


There the poor bastard is, Baker thinks. Asleep at the helm.


He clears his throat. Wilson rouses and turns.


The first thing he thinks is, Where’s the bird? Baker was silouetted against the dark edge of Big E at the time, so maybe that was the explanation.

But when Wilson waved for them to sit down at the nearby table, the bird was clearly not there.



He told this fact to Baker Bloch. Baker looked at his shoulder to see Birdie the blackbird staring right back at him. “Well he’s here,” he said calmly.


“Um, no he’s not.” Wilson focused in closer to Baker, and the creature popped into existence. “Oh yeah, I see it now. I just had to zoom in.”


“And now when I zoom back out, it stays. I guess it decided to stick around now.”


They each then spend about a minute trying to take a picture of both of them taking a picture. They never could.

“Should we just go down and see Carrcassonnee while we’re both here?” Wilson suggested.

“After you,” Baker offered.


“Wake up Baker,” Carrcassonnee says.


“That’s Wilson,” Baker speaks back. “Notice that the bird isn’t on his shoulder.”

“Oh. I thought it was the other way ’round.”

“Well, it’s not, Carrcassonnee.”

“Please. Don’t be so formal once more. Call me Carr. Like a car with a horn and a beep. Beep beep! Carr. Is he ever going to wake up?”

“Hold on,” Baker says. “I can’t guarantee *I* won’t fall asleep now but I’ll get him up.”

“Great. I haven’t met Wilson yet. I’m hoping to make some meaning of him. George W. meaning.”

“I’m here,” Wilson then says, head raised. “Hello again Carrcassonnee.”


“Oh Jeez I have to do this all over again?? Call me Carr, Wilson. And nice to meet you too. But it’s Carr, like the horn. Like a goat.”

“We just met yesterday, Carr. Baker warned me that you might be a little incoherent.”

“How dare him!”

“But correct,” Wilson offers.

“Yeah,” Carrcassonnee admits. “So I guess you’re both here for sagely advice. First off, what do you think of yourselves? Here. Now. Why has one got a blackbird and the other doesn’t. Baker, do you want to start? Why do you think you don’t have the bird?”

“He *has* the bird,” Wilson says. “*I’m* birdless. But I’m compensated in other ways.”

“Like how?” Carrcassonnee queries.

“I can change into another.”

“Yes, I knew that. Wheeler isn’t it? The Wilson-Wheeler dichotomy? Who came first, what came second?”

“Kind of,” Wilson answers.

“But you are two-headed,” Carrcassonnee comes back.


“Well you are the interesting one here and now, then,” she says (for Carrcassonnee is a woman). “*I* don’t have a bird either. We are both women, then. And our good friend Hucka Doobie recently revealed that he too is a woman underneath all that neutral bee covering. So it’s just Baker Bloch as the man here now. Baker Blinker, of course, is all woman too. Karl cannot manifest in her now. Can he? Baker Bloch, are you there?”

“I’m here,” Baker answers.


“What’s going on with Baker Blinker?” Carrcassonnee asks.

“I’m not really all that clear about it. I know about The Mulholland Drives. But I think they may already be obsolete? Wilson might know more than me. Since he’s been rummaging around her stuff lately.” Wilson stares back at Baker. “Yeah, we know.”

“We do”, Carrcassonnee echoes.

“You were looking at your file,” Baker continues. “What’s in it? Did you put additional stuff in there? Or is it still intact as is… was?”

“I added [Wheeler],” Wilson confesses.



Baker rezzes at home base once more, and pauses to take a look around. The Falmouth Gallery looms impressively from this angle.


Carrcassonnee’s fire is on. She’s in. But Baker resists going inside quite yet.


He keeps just turning around in his tracks. Lockfry’s old trailer. Wonder if he’ll ever return to Collagesity? Not John Lockfry 02, but the red guy, the one that was buds with Karoz at one time over in Crabwoo on the Maebaleia continent. Or so they said.


And then in the fourth and final direction comes Baker’s Home Orange, an old and now new center. Baker Bloch’s father Spaced Ghost has returned and is planted inside, I believe. Spaced Ghost wants to become one with his son, and I think that can happen now.


He keeps poking around Collagesity, visiting the never finished town museum with its lone hanging collage: the theoretical start of the Bogota series. Never really focused in, just like this picture never seems to focus in for Baker. Defective texture? Must be.


Baker glances west to the Tower of TILE, technically kind of part of Collagesity as well. He again ponders rezzing (another?) Gloomy Gus structure there.


He zooms in on the forest and its many trees, exactly 199 in number. Or is that 200 now with Unch? Is Unch real?


Has he neglected the mysteries of the forest? Is there a whole parallel universe not taken where many advances have come in that direction?


As he just scans around the forest in zoom mode, he sees, well he sees what appears to be himself sitting in a lawn chair on the parcel with the Tower of TILE.


But then the birdie winks out. It’s Wilson. Phew! Tit for tat, I suppose.


Baker forgets about Wilson for a moment as he decides to head over to Jorondip and BoB in general just to check that whole scene out as well tonight. He eventually lands in Gormthoog, staring at the giant green faune statue over purchasable land. Could this possibly be his new home? A new Collagesity location? Couldn’t be, could it?


Then it was back to the actual Collagesity next to the Rubi Woods. Wilson was still there sitting in his chair. Baker approaches…



… to find a strange girl-boy. This must be Wheeler, he surmises. She/he spoke.

“I’m looking for a facelight tonight… heading back over to BoB. Wanna come? Well, you actually have no choice. Let’s go!”


Later on, Baker gains a facelight but loses a hat. He has become the bald headed seal for real.