Collagesity 2016 Later 01a (Aug 01 of 02)

Rent Due

Baker Bloch is out of money and his Linden stipend is 7 days away. This may not be good.


Chat 01


“Chester a permanent fixture in your gazebo here, Carrcassonnee?”


Yes. He is to remind you of reality. Real Life. The higher fiction.


The higher fiction. [I] like that, Carrcassonne.


Please. Call me Carr. It will save your fingers.


Ok Carr. I think you got mad at me one time when I shortened your name like that.


Must have been a bad day[ if so]. Maybe it’s that day I got soap in my eye after that wonderful shower and froze up in the woods, looking for a towel.

bb (nonplussed):



Lisa’s also a fixture. Aren’t you Lisa? Who’s a good girl? (answering herself) *I’m* a good girl. You see, I *am* Lisa. It’s not a ventriloquist act. (pause) But you have questions about Collagesity, about Second Life in general. My Second Lyfe.


Suppose so, but no new ones probably. Should I give up Collagesity in a week?

Carr. (after a short pause):

I would say yes except the answer is no. You know people visit now, even contribute to the town’s funds. And what are you doing with the funds?




You are spending them on something else.


Well, not really. I think people are contributing to help pay for the land tier. Everyone in Second Life knows it’s a little expensive to own even a 4096 or an 8192. An 8192 is a minimum base for one of my towns now. I’ve gotten it down to that. But on top of that I have a 768 rented from Markland where the Red Umbrella and Norum College is. If that goes — if I don’t pay rent in a week — then it’s all dominos, as the other [land pieces] fall one after another until only one remains.


Yes, one should remain.


And what of the 10×10 of 100 collages? It’s not even in Collagesity — hasn’t been there for 1/2 a year maybe. And the World of Collages, connecting Collagesity to the outer world of collages, let’s say, hasn’t been there for almost as long. If people visit Collagesity now, they don’t get the whole village. The Art 10×10 *should* be in Collagesity — it’s not really and fully Collagesity without it. And that gallery was very hard earned down through the years unlike, say, the most recent one — Boos — which formed quite quickly.


You’re ultimately wondering where Bogota[ the projected newest collage series] will take root. You’ve speculated BoB — [is it] still named that?


Yes. I think we should talk of BoB.


I heard you met another avatar for a change last night. Riverpearl?


Pearl Grey. She very nicely offered me a spot on her gallery wall in Quentin. She and some of her friends get together every so often and celebrate the wasteland. I mean, Mainland.


Waneland. (pause) So that brought up the new challenge… you go. Where’s Hucka D.?


I don’t know Carrcassonnee. Yes, does Collagesity live for another month or do I just pull the plug?


Getting back to BoB…

Hucka D.:

Hi! I was summoned.


Hi Hucka D.! Nice of you to buzz in.

Hucka D.:

Always with the bee jokes, hehe.


Har har.


Ho ho?


Back to the subject. Thanks for joining us Hucka.


Hucka D.:

Baker, could you move this thing further away from me? As Clare Fischer might say: “hovering!”.


Sure, hold on. So you know of Claire Fisher, Hucka D.?

Hucka D.:

The musician? Sure.


I think she’s an artist on the show. Well, in fact I know she’s an artist, because we’re watching it now.

Hucka D.:

I know. (pause) It’s still there.



Ok, I moved it over there so it — Chester — can talk to Lisa the Vegetarian, most likely about real life concerns. Isn’t that right, Carrcassonnee?


Isn’t what right? Reality?

Hucka D.:

Thank you. I enjoy spinach.


Is that relative?

Hucka D.:

Yes, in real life I relish spinach. I hate it down here in this hell hole.


I have a pistachio ice cream fetish up there. Here it just all melts before it gets to my mouth even. What *is* this place you’ve brought us to, Baker Bloch?



Hucka D.:

I’m roasting. I’m going to take off these hot wings. (after checking) Well, it seems I can’t. What’s all that Spaced Ghost stuff doing in my avatar, Baker Bloch? I didn’t know I was part Spaced Ghost as well!


You’ve forgotten. *I’ve* forgotten. [8/3/16 note: *both* didn’t realize during the moment that they were looking at Baker Bloch’s outfit profile, not Hucka Doobie’s]

Hucka D.:

Simply roasting. See, my palms are wet. My hair is getting wet.


Why don’t you just come back when it cools off later tonight.

Hucka D.:

Night, day, what’s the difference here? And you wonder why I don’t show up much any more. Even the White Palace up there in purgatory can get a bit warm. You still hang up there without me?


No, it was just basically you and me there. Now I have Carrcassonnee to chat with. Down here.

Hucka D:

Ugh. So f’ing hot.

(then Hucka D. did the unthinkable)

Hucka D.:

I hereby declare myself *not* a bee any longer.


Chat 02


That really wasn’t necessary, Hucka Doobie. Now you’ve scared away Baker Bloch.

Hucka D.:

He had another party to attend.


Did he?

Hucka D.:

I suppose you know about the evil twin. Like Spaced Ghost had an evil twin. Brad wasn’t it? Let me check. I’ll have to go out of Second Life and come back in. I’ll make some toast for us while I’m there. *Toast* doesn’t change here. It’s always toasty time.


Suppose. What do you think of this whole BoBylon idea?

(but Hucka D. had already gone away. 3 hours later…)

Hucka D.:

I’m back. Wake up Carr. Psst. Wake up sleepy eye.

Carr. (rousing herself):

Oh hi Hucka Doobie. Where’s your… oh, I’m remembering now. You have declared yourself a bee-free zone. Yes, it’s all flooding back. Where’s the toast?

Hucka D.:

It was a metaphor.


So what now? Now that you’re not a bee?

Hucka D.:

When in BoByon…


Have you met The Purse?

Hucka D.:

Really? Really, that’s what we’re going to call it?


Yes. Chester came up with it[the metaphor?] actually. Chester is wise in a pointy way, in that he went up to a peak, saw the past and future, and then came back down. It was all a race all around him. Zip zip.

Hucka D.:

I’ve put the [Chad] link in the post. I’m taking over for Baker Bloch. *You* asked me to. Remember?


Once more visions are faint. I know we have a Mulholland Dr. situation [going on]. This road to BoBylon. Where is it leading us? It’s so hot now. Imagine the temperature when we fully get there. What direction are we being led down to now? So hot.

Hucka D.:

It’s not Baker Bloch but his twin. We must conclude that BoBylon is hell. Correct?



Hucka D.:

Correct was named incorrectly. [It] should’ve been Comet.


That’s it! A well placed comet will take care of everything.


Chat 03


No, I really did have another party to attend. Well, a party period.

Hucka D.:

We know what’s going on [behind the scenes]. We know of the evil twin. We know of BoBylon.


Of course. I already told you.


This was all set up[ I’m afraid]. Yes, it was to protect you Baker Bloch, and baker b. through you. The famous or infamous Collagesity collagist up there and down here. You almost told Riverpearl that you were both a real life artist and a Second life artist at once.


It’s Pearl. Just Pearl.


You had so much to say and ask but your fingers limited you. Well, it’s actually this place. Imagine a place where the discourse is so limited. You type and erase, trying to take in what was said several exchanges back. In the end you get little results. Are you even a member of the group you asked to join?

BBloch (checking):

I don’t think so.


You wanted to discuss BoBylon with someone. Nautilus mainland. You are in the heart of the fire now, Baker Bloch. How does it feel?


Pretty good, actually. Speaking for my evil twin.


Well, let’s see how close [he and Chad Ghostal are] (reading):

“Voiced by Brad Abelle, Chadd Ghostal is Spaced Ghost’s evil twin brother, distinguished from Spaced Ghost in physical appearance only by a crudely drawn Van Dyke beard. He is a beatnik, with a love for jazz music and outdated beatnik slang, and is both extremely cool and evil.” Sounds a bit like Chester. Chester, can you dig it!?

Chester (breaking off talking to Lisa):

I can!

Carr. (continuing):

“He is also quite the ladies’ man.” Well, well, well. (Carr. eyes Baker Bloch, then continues) “Chad is first mentioned in the episode “Jerk” where he calls in to the show to tell Spaced Ghost he has escaped from the asylum and will be there shortly. Chad’s first appearance onscreen is in “Switcheroo”,[citation needed] where he uses his resemblance to Spaced Ghost to switch places with him…” blah blah blah. Blah blah blah, Chester!


Blah blah blah!


And so you wanted to speak to another about BoBylon. On the mainland. Nautilus. Completed book. The pieces stitched together that are BoBylon. BoBylon. And this is where your collage series will start?


I don’t know. (looking around) Hucka D. must have flown off to get more toast. Oh, drat, I can’t say he flew off now… no wings.


Or buzzed off. We’ll miss out on so many of those jokes.


I wonder what he’ll eventually decide to become?


Well, we know he’s a woman now and that’s a start. Endless possibilities. AC and DC. Highway to Hell and back [in black?].


That sounds like[ something of] a closer, Carrcassonne. Gotta get up in an hour or two… working slob you know.


Slob for sure.


BoB(ylon) Investigations 01

John Lockfry 02 has come alive to this blog again. He’s made a new friend and received a message that his wife Dr. Mulholland sometimes visits the house below in an unspecified location, but directly linked to BoB(ylon) of the Nautilus continent nevertheless. The reason? Part of an attempt to resurrect the World of Lemons that came before the Limey Lindens. That’s apparently what BoB is all about — resurrection, resuscitation, renewal. But is this ultimately good? It’s a thing John Lockfry 02 wants to know as well.


With the below photos we move directly into present day BoB, whats left of it, to find perhaps a training compound inhabited by JL2’s wife called Little Finland. To train (body, thoughts, etc.) is to dig a little deeper into the here and now of the past. Make enough traces on top of an overlying piece of paper and what lies beneath becomes perceptible. Record enough shadows on a wall from different angles and the maker, piece by piece, bit by bit, starts to be revealed. This is the BoBylon aspect of BoB.


The below pictured beach is part of the compound. JL2 had to peer over a rock to get a clandestine photo. But still no signs of the wife, nor any other avatars.


He then became bolder, moving from the south this time through a small forest of flowering trees to find a tell tale waterfall. “Isn’t this the falls blog editor Baker Bloch connected to Astra a while back?” he thought. Like me, JL2 uses synchronicities to channel his thinking in certain, focused directions. The two swans, almost two-headed from this angle, reflect the twinning of the cascades looming above and between them. Perspective.


He returns to the forest, and spies the opening. His internal lemony goodness meter begins to sound off. Recent activity. The wife has been here (tremble). Falls resonate; falls indicate. He “receives” a certain name: Wilson. “Wilson?” JL2 understands he’ll need the right type of sewing machine to stitch proper pieces together in a crazy quilt situation. But he has an important piece now. Wilson-Wheeler is a two headed coin with no tails specified. He’s quite warm in a game of hide and seek, perhaps even hot. But, as usual, he backs off from the truth at the last possible moment. It’s all back and forth still with no Tom Kite middle game. Outfits, male and female alike, remain wrinkled and loopy.


The well trained schultz sheep see/hear nothing.


He then uses distant view to scan a larger house flying the Finland flag on adjacent, private property. Is it the residence of Wilson? Is this perhaps even his picture hanging on one of its walls? Turns out John Lockfry 02 is not as warm now.


Next investigative stop: Lester’s Best, on the east side of Former BoB this time and not the west. LB could be called an old school Second Life village, since it’s been around since at least 2009 by my counting (when I first stumbled upon it). And that’s the advantage here, Lemony activity being more easily detectable due to age. Much like Mystenopolis before it. What did JL2 find here? Well, a good number of similar looking residential houses, all vacant as far as he could tell…


… and then a downtown region with a lot of boarded up businesses but still with a certain, empty mainland style charm. Train tracks link all the different bits and pieces of the sim-sized berg. But the former train is now off the track. Microcosm.


Afterwards he wouldn’t remember eating lunch at the rotating diner atop the town’s landmark tower, but he did anyway. And memories about a certain house have also disappeared down the rabbit hole. He *senses* them but cannot see/hear. He is Helen Keller unable to hear the new 1924 Wilson Dam Falls from her Tuscumbia home, let alone damn Wheeler considerably further off. But in a loopy plane, Wheeler could be just as close and Wilson just as far. Where’s that singing sewing machine!


BoB(ylon) Investigations 02

Being reenergized without exactly knowing how, John Lockfry 02 continues down Lester’s Best’s main avenue after a right turn at the tower. He passes a cinema, but not much else — more empty stores. A solitary fig tree acts as the street’s only landscaping. He wonders how a basically deserted, sim sized town could still exist like this, but thinks back to Mystenopolis and the same quandry. Except LB is more large scale. It *must* be Lemon Lab taking back its own in some way.



Passing between two larger rocks brings Mr. Lockfry to this interesting park tucked in the very northeast corner of the sim (and the town). He’s quite drawn to this glowing kinetic sculpture that appears to be morphing into different shapes before his eyes.


But for some reason he doesn’t follow this up quite yet and returns to snapping photos of the residential area. He’s so use to filling in memory gaps that he takes it completely in stride.


An airplane has crashed into a house on the western side of LB, but with no damage inflicted that he could tell. More virtual magic.


And then here’s a photo from the fun fair occupying the northwest corner of town. If this is actually the namesake Lester of Lester’s Best, he reminds me of Jack Skellington from director Tim Burton’s “Nightmare Before Christmas”, except with an actual pumpkin for a head instead of a skeletal substitute. So this also brings in the resonance with Oz’s Jack Pumpkinhead, don’t you think.


Finally returning to the park, the now meditating and focused Lockfry 02 finds that he only has to wave his arms and the glow recedes from the centerpiece sculpture, revealing its internal structure. He has power, yes. More than he knows for certain.




As he keeps studying and staring at the sculpture from his cushion, he disappears inside it. His eyes becomes one focused pupil looking heavenward. He instantly also sees a choice. He can either keep the eye open, totally dilated and knowing the truth, or force it back into constriction and remain within his comfortable skin. Of course he has to pick the latter, but before moving away from this sacred space he takes a snapshot to remember it by. And he receives another name. This is *Bogota*.


BoB(ylon) Investigations 03

We then follow John Lockfry 02 back to the west side of BoB and the Jorondip sim, which has become a bit of a home away from home for Baker Bloch and family over the past several months. Granted, his larger of two squatter structures rezzed there has been deleted by the actual owner of the involved 512 square meter parcel a couple weeks back — more on that in a moment — but one still remains on a nearby, similar 512, a basically empty cottage containing one key object.

The below photo is of a neighboring house to all this, just up the hill but on banned property. Still, Lockry 02 found its sticky outie roof stuff — one blue and round, and the other brown and square — interesting and perhaps meaningful. And as I’m writing this, I realize, yes, this is Bogota again. Hints must be all over the area…


On the 512 with Baker Bloch’s cottage appears this purse. Well, it’s actually a bag, but Lockfry 02 seems to believe it’s really a representation of a purse. Like the Curse Purse passed between Baker Blinker and his wife near the first of June. About the time Baker rezzed his Jorondip structures, actually.


Also on the 512 is found this quite crazy display which appears to have once been a pony? At any rate, the eyeless head can be discerned (like a carved pumpkin again), but then there’s, according to the object’s description, a separate conglomeration containing a pink *nipple* which looks nothing like a nipple except in color maybe, atop an eye with green iris (another eye), atop an object that is suppose to be a pony’s leg. And then separate from these two is an ovoid prim that is supposedly a pony jaw. This is apparently rezzing gone wrong in the worse possible way. And why is a nipple here? JL2 marks it all down in his notes. He theorizes later that this is simply another representation of himself in blinded form.*



An aerial view of the 512, dominated by a epicentral wind generator.


A small woods on an adjacent 512 contains exactly 5 brown cypresses and 5 green cypresses, harking back to the Rubi Woods and its own equilibrium of same. Adding in the image from the fronting Plausible Body package, John Lockfry 02 guesses that this has something to do with balancing male and female energies. It’s like the eyes again, left and right. Open and closed, in effect. Bolded/italicized and regular/regular side by side, mixed into each other until you can’t tell the two apart. Even the geometric array of these 10 trees may contain information.


John Lockfry 02 decides it’s time to investigate Baker Bloch’s cottage.


A safe is found inside, the key object mentioned before. But JL2 has no key. What’s in it? Something as queer and disturbing as the completely warped pony just outside? Using remote viewing powers again, he finds that nothing is within. But there could have been at one time, and that’s what gnaws at him for a particular reason. Something has been removed? He knows this to be true.


He later realizes it’s a simple cubic plywood prim cryptically named “curvy female pony”, the default building block for all of Second Life as we know and understand it. This is the wife.


Another investigative hint coming from Quito’s Doggerland also in the Jorondip sim: a 10×10 array of photos…


… reminding John Lockfry 02 that a parallel event to this may be the removal of a similarly cubic Edwardston Station Gallery and its Art 10×10 from Collagesity. You can sense the absence when visiting, even if you don’t understand the particulars.



* A link found in the conglomeration: Meat Juices

BoB(ylon) Investigations 04

Next up in John Lockfry 02’s BoB(ylon) investigation was a nearby house that he knew his wife had frequented. That feeling again, a tingling even. Not a lot of activity there but some. He sits at the dining room table, wondering if *she* ever ate here, perhaps with that unknown other who he only knows as Wilson.


Will he even know the identity of this person? Or will it remain hidden from view, like another Wilson did in the 90s sitcom “Home Improvement”.


A bookcase within the house may provide clues. 9 of the same books appear on its two shelves, with 6 missing from the top that are additionally found on the lower shelf. The one that stuck out for John Lockfry 02 among these was a blue book on Quantum Mechanics, which appeared to be the only English language tome of the 6.


He starts to think he’s dealing with a quantum mystery, which means that the observer affects the observed. But what does that actually mean in terms of BoBylon? Well, in this case it is pretty clear cut, because observer/investigator and observed/investigatee are one. Of course they affect each other!


This is the 512 that Baker Bloch had his larger of two Jordondip structures erected upon, now up for sale. But the price tag is way too high for the Baker Bloch family to even consider. The plans for the structure might have involved a small gallery, with perhaps at least the beginning of the Bogota series displayed within. But, honestly, I’m starting to think it may be years before I get to that series.


Then there was another jump in time that JL2 effortlessly bridged in his mind which took him to the grounds of the Vintage Dream Village in Tholtfinger directly north of Jorondip, already mentioned in this earlier post from June.

But JL2 is actually in a small park immediately north of the mall, owned by the same person (Mona Ramona). “Hey, that tree looks like a woman,” he thinks while walking down the park’s main trail.


Then another tree further down convinced him. These *are* women!


“Remember the female,” it attempts to convey…


… echoed by a red lady-tree on the other side. Of course, JL2 is not going to fully listen. That’s been hard wired into him.


But the molten, hot hot heaty hot sphere of BoBylon was bearing down on him still…


Carrcassonnee and Chester together inserted a clue behind the mall for John Lockfry 02 to find, as they knew he would. It’s an old beggar named Linda, who has a sign with “blah blah blah” repeated three times. They knew it could act as a trigger in this particular setting. The code within the sign took a moment to kick in…


… but became activated at the beginning of this bridge on the same property. It was those waterfalls again. Waterfalls. Water falls. He was directly west of the Little Finland cave, existing just on the other side of the terrain wall. He suddenly remembered the intense shower.


But was it the correct one, the truer and more immediate example with the evil twin? Turns out it wasn’t. But Carrcassonnee and Chester were quite pleased still. They didn’t even think it would get that far.

BoB(ylon) Investigations: Notes 01

c2004 exodus of Isle of Bablyon (aka Yd Island) to BoB?

Nautilus continent related links on the Baker Blinker Blog (2008-2012) and Sunklands Blog (2012-present):

In the Sunklands blog, this category includes information on Nautilus City. For the Baker Blinker Blog, NC was considered separate from the proximate continent.

Almost half of the BB Blog posts with Nautilus continent as a subject deal with the Austra peninsula, especially Lower Austra centered by what I now call Mystenopolis, a basically dormant berg however (nothing new there for Second Life), but bustling in its day, probably around 2006-2009 our time. The other half basically illuminate the neighboring Yd Island. These are the last two settled regions of the Nautilus continent (if you exclude Nautilus City), with Yd Island being the final area populated.

The Ratzenberger sim on the west side of Yd Island, directly above Nautilus City island and about the same size, is widely considered the beginning of *Lemon* Lab’s Second Life as opposed to Linden (Limey) Lab’s 2002 start in the sim of Da Boom. We believe that Ratzenberger is a kind of mirror sim for the latter, and founded about the same “time”. The name of this virtual reality is Lemon World — or perhaps World of Lemon. It truly exists, although in some kind of alternate dimension and originating from an *alien* source instead of a terrestrial one, radiating outwards from the opposite direction as our Second Life, in effect.

This Oct 2009 post brings first mention of Ratzenberger to the BB Blog, along with first mention of Yd Island as a whole. I now know from a more recently discovered map (top of present post) that Yd Island may also have been known as the Isle of Babylon.

The region of Lower Astra (or what might just have been called Astra at the time), was about 2x the size of either Yd Island or Nautilus City isle. It appears immediately west of them, and extends as a longer peninsular from the center of Nautilus continent. In the center of this peninsula, as stated before, was and still kind of is Mystenopolis.

Leemington and Yello sims at the top of (Lower) Astra, according to Hucka D., are trace names of Lemon Lab/Lemon World influence. Like a yellow lemon.

Another link about Da Boom and the emergence of Second Life from Linden World.

Some people have compared the name Da Boom to the Big Bang of Second Life, the beginning ylem seed from which all expanded. This would be correct, although its name, along with others of the 16 original SL sims, actually comes from alleyways surrounding the original Linden Lab location in San Francisco.

How, then, is Ratzenberger a twin to Da Boom, as Lemon World/World of Lemon is a corresponding mirror reality to Second Life? It exists in a dimension going backwards from us according to our flow of time. This was obviously set up by the aliens, whoever they are.

In Nov 2009, resident blog spirit and wise guy Hucka D. begins to compare the layout of Second Life’s 6 major mainland continents (subtracting the later, unfinished Gaeta — another story there) to these 6 differently colored pie pieces of the trivia pursuit board game, with each standing for a particular subject matter within the game such as history, geography, arts and entertainment, and so on.


We later found out that there is a direct lineup of newer continents in what we can call the eastern hemisphere with older ones from the western hemisphere as follows:

Heterocera (western/old) to Corsica (eastern/new)
Sansara (western/old) to Nautilus (eastern/new)
Jeogeot (western/old) to Maebaleia (eastern/new)

This would also correspondend to their north-south relationship within each hemisphere. That is, both Corsica and Heterocera are the northernmost continents of their respective hemispheres, Sansara and Nautilus are in the middle, and Jeogeot and Maebaleia lie to the south.

Hucka D. even gives them colors:

Heterocera: orange
Sansara: brown
Jeogeot: green
Maebaleia: yellow
Nautilus: pink
Corsica: blue

To give a prominent example of the links, it was found by me in August 2009 there existed a *rabbit hole* style portal connecting Jeogeot and Maebaleia — rather shocking at the time — and also linked back to the last created *carrcass* (as they’re called now), or what is more commonly known to the outside world as an audiovisual synchronicity. I can now say this synchronicity is named “Uncle Meatwad.” The number 47 (or 41) was found next to the hole on the Maebaleia side. “Uncle Meatwad” features a Room 47 inhabited by 3 rabbits, 2 of the female persuasion and 1 male. What times are it?

(to be continued)

Bob(ylon) Investigations: Notes 02

Yd Island (Solar) absorbed into Cresent BoB (Lunar). Conjunctio. Backdrop = Eastern Hemisphere.

In the foreground (*their* background), Heterocera (orange) and Jeogeot (green) form Sansara between them from a spark of life. Da Boom.

Discovery of the Rabbit Head of Ratzenberger and the naming of Yd Island:

Collagesity Updates

Tonight Baker Bloch was poking around the Castle of the 7th Spire after making some important updates to Collagesity as a whole.

“Hi Karl. Whatcha doing way up here in the air?” But Karl had no answer for Baker. He’d been hanging there for a long time.


Baker thinks the castle still has great potential as an art gallery or perhaps a town history museum.


And what’s the real story behind the skywalk that descends to the top of the castle, opens up in a glowy gap, and then reascends back to an upper plane? Hucka D. has also stated that the castle could be more the product of Lemon Lab than Linden Lab, going along with present research in BoB(ylon).


The corner of the House of True Lies remains missing after its separation from the rocket launcher that took Karoz and others to the Moon. Rumors have it that Karoz has used the launcher since then to travel to Mars, maybe further. A planet called Muff/Birmingham is involved in some variations.


But to the important changes — Collagesity, at least for now, has been basically restored to its former state before the exit of the Toxic Art Gallery about maybe a half year back. The “Art 10×10” with its 100 collages, minus the earliest 20 within the Greenup series, has returned to the virtual village. John Lockfry 02 saw it coming. Along with this, the SoSo Gallery has been deleted (redundant collages now), and House Orange has also come back to Collagesity, the at least former home of Baker Bloch and situated, as it was before, directly in front of the Toxic Art Gallery’s door.

I’ll just have Baker Bloch snap a photo of the arrangement…

Oh, and the Bodega market has returned, along with Karoz’s upstairs apt.


But right we must join Baker Bloch and Carrcassonnee in her gazebo. The discussion has already started.



(joined in progress)


A wrestler?




Well, hmmm, that would explain the training facility John Lockfry 02 describes.


Yes, he knows that much. He’s studying the Intense Shower. Shouldn’t we all be? We were all involved.


Yes. I suppose so. What was it exactly?


To me it was just that — a shower. Intensely pleasing, but I got soap in my eye and couldn’t find my towel. It didn’t end well, me out in the woods without a stitch of clothing on for all to ogle.

(for the record, Carrcassonnee never wears any clothing)


But then the horrible rain itself has come to be described as the Intense Shower. The one that brought us David Bowie slash Bogota.


He was just passing through. He just wanted to show you he existed, he will continue to exist, and to simply encourage you a bit. The carrcasses and all. *My* carrcasses.


I can see that.


And to tell you a little about the mechanisms of death. Do you have any more questions about Dr. Mulholland? I think it’s pretty clear cut.


Is John Lockfry 02’s BoBylon research done already?



(unjoined in progress)



World of Collages hasn’t returned to Collagesity, however. Is there really a world of collages out there to discover? Mine seem different and separate from the others, in truth, and I think that’s partially because of the heavy analysis I do on them now. They are like captured bits of dreams. That angle won’t subside with future series, I don’t believe. There will always be series now. And there’s also the thing about using whatever images fit my style, not thinking too much about copyright barriers. That’s why I call my collages educational and noncommercial on this site.

The Measure Again

John Lockfry 02 is very pleased to find out that the Question Mark (etc.) is still there in The Measure. He can begin to work on this.



Around Lower Austra 01

John Lockfry 02 stands on the Seven Chickens Bridge in BoB, gazing towards the giant faune statue about 160 meters away. He realizes something now. The overseeing faune personifies decadence, the corruption of BoB itself.



Proof is in the pictures below. The crescent shaped house, seeming about to gobble up the Linden bridge from an overhead perspective, is a place of Lemony Goodness, and also frequented by the wife. Currently the involved land is up for sale, along with a number of other parcels in the sim (Gormthoog). Baker Bloch is actually quite *tempted* to abandon Minoa’s Collagesity and move his operations here, even bumping up the land tier allowance to the next level. But that’s what it is — a temptation, and I’m speaking Biblically here



This is an interesting photo because it shows the top of Mystenopolis’ Church of the Silicon Soul, a noteworthy juxtaposition with the “corrupted” house, bridge and faune.


To help take his mind off his woes, Lockfry 02 decides to jump on a passing yava script pod and take a tour of both Routes 13 and 14 in Lower Austra.


He discovers a number of cool spots…


… including The Baddest Hangout along Route 13


… but none as interesting as this diverse cemetery also in Baddest, a sim 2 down from Mysten and the remains of its Mystenopolis.





George M. Weaning?


I easily tracked down the real grave site in Lovettsville, Virgina this is taken from:


Lovettsville is a town in Loudoun County, located near the very northern tip of the Commonwealth of Virginia, United States. Settled primarily by German immigrants, the town was originally established in 1836.

Perhaps meaningful that the gravestone also has a tip. “M Weaning” = “meaning”? (W is an upside down M as well.)

Around Lower Austra 02

John Lockfry 02 reported back to me yesterday that the small Baddest cemetery with so many interesting angles of investigation has simply disappeared into thin air in the meantime. I suspected this would happen, however, since the graveyard existed on abandoned land at the time. It may take up to a week or two for objects to be returned to you after abandoning land, but it will happen. Things have changed from olden days. Still I was able to snap some pictures before the deletion. The cemetery, in death, still remains fresh and pertinent for continued BoBylon research. We will most likely come back to it for more *meaning*.


Lockfry 02 then flies over to nearby Mystenopolis, where he meets up with Spongeberg Resident. Spongeberg notes that Lockfry has arrived Christ-like, with arms extended.


They sit in Spongeberg’s Magic Square of 12×12 and discuss recent Bobylon developments. Spongeberg reinforces to John that he can come here for refuge any time he likes, thinking back specifically to the faune as he glances over his shoulder. “An-y time,” he repeats again.


Meanwhile Baker Bloch is being attacked by a sentient pumpkin over in Asha on the Corsica continent, another old hangout.


Dodging the nuisance, Baker then walks into one of the village’s small shops to discover this David Bowie painting.


Those eyes seem to follow me everywhere.


Wanderlust Cafe

I don’t have many contacts left in Second Life, so I thought I’d give a plug to one of ’em. Pearl’s Grey’s small but well considered mainland gallery space features a rotating collection of works from a number of diverse virtual artists. Here’s a video she recently completed on the subject:

Her Second Life related blog “Million Happy Endings”, with ample archival posts dating back to 2012, is here:

Keep up the great work Pearl!