Collagesity 2016 Later 04a (Nov 01 of 02)



Now that all the Halloween mayhem is over, Baker Bloch thinks it’s time to refocus on the woods. True, Wheeler kind of controls the whole town now, but *he* owns most of the objects, and she cannot manipulate him the particular manner she can others. He’ll always remain above the fray in that way. However, it’s damage assessment time for sure. He better head over to Carrcassonnee’s.

Baker Blinker was already there.




Good, we can start. Let me just check the roll. Spider? (pause) Spider?

Baker Bloch:

He’s here Carrcassonnee. He’s just in a position where you can’t see him as well, I guess.


Good. Then there’s you Baker Bloch, since you’re talking. I assume you’re here. And you’re not Wilson.




And you’re sure about that.


Positive. And then there’s Baker Blinker right in front of you. And that’s it.


Baker Blinker, are you here?


Yes. But barely. (She glances at Baker Bloch)


Good. And I know you’re not Wilson as well. And you’re not Wheeler. Are you?

(Baker Blinker doesn’t even answer this. A tension fills the air.)


Well, let’s have it. How are the others? Hucka Doobie is alive?


Go ahead, Baker Bloch. Tell him.


Yes. But he won’t be using that classic avatar body for a while. And he sprained his ankle. And he probably won’t be able to gather pollen for several weeks. But it’s almost winter anyway. Gathering time is basically over. So, all in all, he came out of it remarkably well for the beating he suffered.


We’re sure Wheeler did this. I heard she changed several times during the commotion.


Well, she was Wheeler when it started and Wheeler when it ended, so I assume the middle part was Wheeler as well. She just…



BBlinker (finishing; voice still sharp):

She was a bee as well.


How did that work? Fill me in on the details.


It was a power move. She wanted to rub everything in our face. What we are, what we do. But speaking from a higher ground, the bee part was just accidental. It fit into the story we’re telling here well. There was a slot. Round peg in a round hole situation.


And so what of Karoz?


I’ll take over in talking about that little bastard boy. Karoz has a sprained neck. He’s lucky to have a head. Wheeler could have easily snapped it off at one point.

BBloch (turning to BBlinker):

*But*, it could have been the other way as well.


I’m confused. I don’t like to be confused. What are you Bakers on about? Who won the fight? Wheeler? I understood that Wheeler won the fight. Did she? Doesn’t she control the town now because of it? I need to know. I need to start packing if necessary. I’ll have to buy a special piece of luggage for my eye. I have difficulty taking it through customs. Nautilus might be a destination. Hucka Doobie and I talked about it before the party. Place called Black Rock — he *assured* me I would be safe there and that we could start Collagesity over at that location if needed. Black Rock — ever heard of it?


Whoa Carrcassonnee. Slow down there. One at a time. Let’s see. About the fight, Karoz did indeed lose. He was ahead early but Baker Blinker and I think that Wheeler could have been toying with him all along. We’re not sure[ however]. At a certain point, it *seemed* that Karoz could injur Wheeler’s neck if needed (to end the fight), but then, quick as a wink, Wheeler took the advantage and pinned *Karoz’s* head. Just like that (he snaps his fingers here). Bizarrest thing: instant swappers. Baker Blinker had left by then.

BBlinker (tersely):

I left after 10 minutes. When I realized that the agreement (between Wheeler and herself) had most certainly been broken.


This involved a metal heart I heard. 3 hearts. Hucka Doobie says Black Rock has 3 hearts, hmmm.


Yes. 3 hearts. (she blew out air) It was meant… to set us apart.

[delete 1 exchange]

Carr. (offering):

Like the sneetches? Let’s go back to them. Stars for the sneetches. No stars for the others. (pause) Okay, it’s like Baker Bloch’s bird that set him apart from Wilson. *Use* to. There’s no telling who is who now.


Let’s move on please. Baker Blinker is still obvious quite upset, Carrcassonnee. She needs to get back to her journal. So to wrap it up for now, Karoz lost to Wheeler and now Wheeler controls the town. This negates *everything* Baker Blinker *won* during the previous match (with Wheeler). So everything has been reversed.

BBlinker (crying now):

He could have been killed. He’s lucky he didn’t get killed. And I’m not sure how it *didn’t* happen.

BBloch (taking over again):

We don’t know what Wheeler will do with the town but it’s hers now. I assume she’ll tell us in her own good time.


So I have no protection at all.


All I can do for you, Carrcassonnee, is to assure you, through my user, that we’re going to try everything we can to make sure you’re in a position of power still.


Advisory? I don’t work well as an advisor. The eye is the important thing. Is *Wheeler* the eye now?

They didn’t have an answer.

Holy B-Jesus: F-load of Extra Prims!

If you haven’t heard about this and you live on the mainland, check your prim count. Mine is c1000 more than it was yesterday. Collegesity Heights is about to take a mighty jump!

Blue Feather, White Tower

An unparalleled period of expansion has arrived for Collagesity, given all the extra prims we have now (1.5 times the former amount!!). 1st comes an upgrade for the Blue Feather club, giving it several extra, large rooms and platforms. Baker Blinker and Karoz can now stay in the Blue Feather along with Wheeler — more on that soon.

Then this morning I’m playing around with adding the White Tower to the eastern part of town, but in a different place than when I experimented with the idea before there.

Much excitement to come. There will be only so much I can do on the ground. Then we’ll have to move to the sky for more fun and development!

Blue Feather (foreground), White Tower (background).

Blue Feather.





“What do you think, Jim?” asks Baker Bloch.

“Yes, there’ll be that.”

Pink Think

“We are getting ready for the next step foward, Syd. You and I. Together.”


“I just had to figure out how to get rid of that inside demon. And I’m becoming a bit pink!”


“Yes, this might do for an audience. Next!! hehe.”


“Oh. Already.”


“Well, I’m not quite ready but what the heck. Let’s give this a try. Welcome Tom Busker! Bow to Syd before addressing me.”


Blue Feather/Town Diner Connector





The Gap.


Collagesity Early Nov 01

Already, many changes have been made to Collagesity in the past several days due to the mainland prim increases mentioned before LINK. The Edwardston Station Gallery with the complete 10×10 has been moved to Rubi (!). Yes, for now it’s still in Cayuga, but I have the feeling this will soon become the official version, easily spotted in the sky from the western side of town.


More changes just below the ESG: a duplicate of Gloomy Gus has shown up, along with another airstream trailer to also match the one in Collagesity. Wonder who if anyone lives in these places — or will live there? So more story possibilities opened in that direction (west).


Let me get to a new restaurant and new gallery now. As mentioned just earlier, a connector structure now links the Blue Feather building with the Town Diner. I don’t have a name for it, but the thing may *predate* either of the latter(?).

Standing in the same spot, Baker turns around to marvel at the addition. Collagesity may have a new nickname because of it, combined with the enlargement of the Blue Feather building: sity of Spires. Spiresity even, perhaps.



There are spires glued onto sides of buildings…




There’s even one where it totally shouldn’t be, some kind of symbolic gesture from the past.

Renegade spire on roof of Blue Feather.

The restaurant now occupying the center of the connector — directly above the Old Cannon Road — is called *Perch*.



Which *means*… Carrcassonnee has been removed from her eye. We’ll return to that super important development in a just a little bit.

Baker’s going to have to wait on his food for a while, because Perch hasn’t officially opened yet. Wheeler is the owner — Wheeler, in fact, totally owns the whole town now. Carrcassonnee has been deposed.


Wheeler bought two collages related to [the concept of] Perch from Baker Bloch: Sam Parr 03 and Sam Parr 04, called “Perched” and “Perched Too” respectively.




I’m not sure why Mmmmmm toy avatar King Bill got associated with the fledgling restaurant, but there he is…


… in multiple guise.


Actually I do think I have a story about that, related to Wheeler’s recent declaration that she is now Bill or maybe The Bill.

(to be continued)

Collagesity Early Nov 02

There will also be outdoor seating at Perch…



… along with a private room inside the Blue Feather called, em, the Table Room? Not sure about an appellation yet, but here’s the set up.

The entrance is actually just behind Baker’s chair here.


Sometimes this will be blocked up during meetings. At any rate, the property is mainly banned, with the line between public and private represented by this wall. Didn’t Carrcassonnee mention multiple times recently about having to build a wall in Collagesity? Perhaps this is it.

The Table Room.

Baker waits in the room for Wheeler to show up. She said she had some more purchases to make. She opens by joking about how much he’d take for a Carrcassonnee key ring.


Poor Carrcassonnee! Greatly diminished in size and scope. As Wheeler also puts it, she’s now *her* Spider. Tables turned.


And then moving to the other side of town (far east), we have the development of a new gallery presently holding the 20 collages of the Greenup series, my earliest digital effort.


A version of the world tree exists within, spiraling heavenward.



Lemony Setup

Wheeler speaks to the mounted Perch.


“Sorry I couldn’t take you all the way to Muff-Bermingham, Perch, but this was just too good of a setup to pass on. I hope you’ll be happy here. I’ll *perch* Carrcassonnee on my shoulder and bring her up here sometimes for a visit, hehe. You can catch up then.”


“I am The Bill.”



“This is my town.”


“You and I are the important ones to talk together. Please. Sit opposite me. Tell me what’s happening in Collagesity. Of course I can see some of it from my blue palace here. But tell me more. What’s over those green, green hills? How much power can I grant Carrcassonnee and not expect it to backfire on me? How do I *govern*? Advise please, Baker Bloch.”


“Why don’t you tell me what you know and then I’ll attempt to fill in the gaps. Attempt, I said there. We’re just starting this up.”

“Good advice already. We obviously must separate restricted and unrestricted. Restricted is my blue palace here. Done.” She makes a check gesture on the table in front of her. “Dammit, Curled, where’s my notebook. I requested a notebook.”

“Sorry mum,” says the giant light bulb topped Curled Paper to her side, not putting down his book. “I’ll run up to the Bodega market.”

“No, no, you just keep sitting there and reading, I suppose. I want to see more of the town changes anyway so I’ll go up there after our meeting.” She composes herself; shoulders relaxed. “So… that’s building the wall, as Carrcassonnee recommended before her untimely, um, shrinking.”

“I would agree you must make a private and a public appearance,” Baker responds.

“You’re several lines behind, Baker Bloch. Please keep up.” She stands. “*Now*. Let me just go over to my chart…”


“Curled Paper! No chart either? I asked this room to be prepared for my meeting with Baker Bloch. A very important meeting I might add, because this is the beginning. I gave you a list. Not a long list. We need to shape up…” She didn’t add the “ship out” part to this, attempting to curtail her anger at least a little. No one likes a total despot. Or a total bitch, she then thinks.


“And what’s this trash bag.”

“I was attempting to tidy up the room a bit,” replies Curled. “All the construction mess, you know. I guess I forgot about my list in the confusion. It won’t happen again mum.” But he still didn’t put down his book.

“It smells weird,” Wheeler says. She unties the bag and peers inside, reeling back from the escaping odor. “My God Curled Paper. Is that your… brother??”


15 minutes later, Wheeler was still sitting silent in her chair, pondering what just transpired. Curled Paper then returned to the table after properly disposing of the trash bag and its contents. She didn’t talk to him. She stared at Baker Bloch, finger to mouth. Finally, she was able to let it pass and restarted the conversation with Baker. “So about this… DAMMMIT!” Hummie the hummingbird had flown in from the open door to Perch, droningly introducing itself as it darted from corner to corner. Baker got up and attempted to shoo it back out into Perch.


Success. Baker sits down again. Were they ever going to get to the important stuff this evening? he thinks. He watches as Wheeler rolls her eyes. Curled Paper has picked back up his book and started reading again, but with the title subtly changed. Baker decides to break the ice.

“Winesap,” he says, indicating Curled Paper. “It looms large.” Just like his brother use to, Baker realizes. Another block.


Looming 02

“I fear it’s this place, Baker Bloch. Once you block things off and separate private from public, the collage elements start showing up.” She returns her attention to Curled Paper. “So your brother isn’t dead after all.”

“No mum,” came his reply.

“And what we just experienced was more hallucination than reality.”

“Careful with that type of language,” Baker advised again to Wheeler. “We’re *trying* to invoke halluciations. It’s the whole Bogota series we’re attempting to start up. You’re certainly a part of it, Wheeler. What with your David Bowie appearance and regalia. *Are* you David Bowie? Again??”

“I think so,” she replied. “Yes, I know so. I am David and David am I. But what of the darting hummingbird? My Hummie. It’s the work of Carrcasonnee. She’s attempting to dart me?”

“We could go to the Boos gallery and do some studying,” Baker offers.

“Do you think that would help?” Wheeler asks. “Well, okay. I wanted to walk around the town anyway. Review the changes for me as we stroll. Curled, hold down the fort. Do *not* let your brother in here again. And don’t dismember him again like you did before. You two are sickies.”

“Are we?” asked Curled Paper innocently.

“Yes,” she replied firmly. “Baker, are you ready? Is it colder out there? I’ll take my shawl if so.”

“I don’t think so, Wheeler,” Baker Bloch responded.

“I don’t want to freeze my ass off,” she says, getting up. “Apparently no one in town would like that.”

“We want to make you comfortable here for sure,” Baker said to Wheeler.

“Yup. That’s why I’m so powerful. Unblock the door.”


Baker didn’t realize how close Boos was to Perch. Just a hop down and a couple more steps and you’re in.


Will this help? We’ll see.



“So where do we start in all this collage of confusion, Baker Bloch? I know it has some order. I’ve read the interpretation now. I know several relate to Second Life. See? There’s Collagesity, or at least the sky tunnels.” She points to Boos 05 ahead of her, titled “Smipsons Road Bloch”. “There’s not one but two Wheelers in that one, Baker Bloch. Explain. What’s with the Missouri Wheeler?”

“I think it’s you. You were there… in Missouri. Except it was just more collage.”

“Was it?” She studies not the Wheeler on the road but the Wheeler just off the road, more hidden but still obviously a brother to the one on the road.

“This is the two sides of me, public and private. Working theory. The public is on the road and visible to all. The triangle of Smipsons, like a rack of pool balls, act as a block. The private Wheeler stands beside the road. Already veered off the road. There is dialog going on between public and private. They are aware of each other’s presence.”


“See? I told you this would help,” a reaffirming Baker says. “Two sides of you, yes. One on the road, one off. Blocked and unblocked. But are you Lisa (Smipson) as well?”

“Let’s just move around the gallery and see,” she replies.



“Ahh, Davy Jones. *Davy Jones*. The bastard. That should’ve been me.”

“Are you not happy now with the Bowie name? It seems fate. Like your eyes.”

“Yes, my eyes as well. My name, my eyes. But what are he and Frank Zappa up to in this work, Baker Bloch? Spool tables? Army men? Peeping Bobs?”

“I think it spoke more of the Bigfoot art happening at the time,” Baker says. “And ‘Head Trip’. That’s one of yours now. The negative carrcass. Negative 7, I believe.”

“Yes, we’ll get to all those negative carrcasses in due time. Decide who of those old wankers we invite to the table. Obviously not Davy Jones. *That* Davy Jones. But maybe Zappa still. But that’s for a little later on. Let’s proceed since you don’t have any firm answers about that one.”



“A Wheeler again. Traveling around a wheel. I think. Is this me going ’round in circles? Front and back and side and side? Revolving around and around? I think it could be.”

“Yes,” Baker responds. “And maybe why Davy Jones seems to spin the spool table in the former collage.



“You need to get your finger looked at. I saw you attempt to shoot that (humming)bird a bird. You can’t hide collage from me. Not in my blue palace.”


“Well, why don’t we just back up one more collage, then,” responds Baker, “because Baker Bloch’s hand is hidden in that one. My father was asking about that one as well recently. Last month, I believe.”

“First of last month, yes,” Wheeler answers with more detail.

“He asked me why I was holding that meteor. But I’m not holding it. It just appears so from the perspective. Actually its plummeting from the sky, aimed directly for Fitz the Mouse’s head. He looks up in terror. But it doesn’t kill him, despite replacing his head for a time.”

“That silly ’12 Oz Mouse’ of Carrcassonnee’s,” Wheeler says. “Not solid entertainment like those in The Bill. Zappa knows.”


“Okay. Then there’s ‘The Martian’ to close out this floor. Boos 10. The one that blocked my father from seeing…”

“Me?” Wheeler suggests.


“You know,” says Wheeler, back in the Table Room,” Karoz didn’t really go to Mars. Oh he brought back pictures, true, and he did go somewhere. But not apart from Second Life. One dead giveaway is the two Saturns in the sky. Two Saturns! Did that not arouse his suspicions?? But, anyway, it turns out one of the two is actually real and that’s the direction we need to take. We need to use that real Saturn’s gravity as a sling shot to deeper space and get to Muff-Bermingham. We can do it without the eye. But the trip will be risky. That’s why we’re sending redshirts.”

Baker looks over to Curled Paper, understanding why he’s here now.

“And the brother,” Wheeler adds, seeing what Baker is seeing.

Karoz Blogger: Go to Mars

Wheeler orders Karoz to return to Mars via this Okinu rocketship discovered several years back by the Baker family.


Lemons? This is a Linden build but older powers could be active here. Okinu is one queerly cool sim, after all, with an interesting history dating back even toward the beginning of My Second Lyfe. Sometime, maybe 2011 or 2012 (hafta check), Okinu got a complete makeover from its former 100% water status to become part of the new Sea of Secundus, dotted with islands such as the one the rocketship sits upon. The meaningful glyphs were eradicated in the transformation. Shame. But maybe they live on in a manner through the ship and the faraway world it leads to. To Karoz, this was Mars. He’s been 3 times. The great 3-n-1. However, Wheeler is now saying it *isn’t* Mars, but to check the 2 Saturns in the sky still. One of them — the real one, she says — can be used as a conduit to deeper space. Maybe going all the way to Muff-Bermingham.



Spool table. Makes Karoz think of Wheeler and her circular ways. How’s *his* finger?


As before, he activates a ramp to access the ship’s interior.


Captain’s seat. Usually he just has to sit here and the ship auto-launches, but the thing isn’t working today. Luckily Karoz is a scripting genius, and after several minutes has it ready to go.


Several more minutes brings him to the surface of his Mars once again. Ahh, the cool breeze entering the ship, the smell of napalm. He’s home? At least that’s what he thought the first time he visited. Now circumstances seem to have changed.


The two Saturns. But which one is the conduit?



Linden flag. Maybe that’s all it is: a Linden build. With no lingering effects of the queer Okinu glyphs to be found. At any rate, the eye would tell all.


Careful Karoz! But he and Sumpter are good buds now. “How are you doing Sumpty?” he asks while passing by her lair. Sumpty telepathically relays back that she’s doing quite fine this day, and that the new eggs will be hatching next week. Good ol’ Sumpty. Karoz will come back to visit her even if this turns out not to be Mars. Friendship matters.


Karoz spots the eye. Now he’ll get to the heart of the matter.


They talk — Karoz and the eye — for quite some time, perhaps half an hour. But Karoz goes away with the impression that the deity is not a healthy one of its species, unlike the eye that *use* to be married to Carrcassonnee. For one thing, she didn’t even know of Perch… or his cousin Pincushion Head. Yet Carrcassonnee has stated several times that all eyes know each other, as well as everything else about the universe. Thus the “all seeing” title often applied to them. This particular eye wouldn’t even divulge her true name. “Ask Sumpty sometime,” is all she could manage. Karoz went away feeling a lack, an absence, a void. “No, this is not Mars,” he finally says in higher understanding.




He better get back to Collagesity and prepare a report for Wheeler while memories are fresh.




“You here for the Table interview as well?” Mmmmmm Salad Bar Jack asked, fresh from the new portal Wheeler installed just yesterday in Carrcassonnee’s *former* gazebo. John Lemon utters complete gibberish back to Mmmmm, but he understands and interprets.

“I see. First to interview. Luckey you.”

More incoherent speech from Lemon.

“Well, it will be a pleasure to serve with you sir on The Table. If I’m chosen. I don’t have much hope, actually. I worked with Baker Bloch over in Jonesborough.”

Gibberish from Lemon.

“No, not Heterocera. The Real World. TILE Creek. Ever heard of it?”

Gibberish. Salad Bar interprets that John Lemon doesn’t know where this is. Lemon asks (again only Salad Bar can hear this, if anyone was listening in — like us) if he was in a carrcass either positive or negative.

“No,” came Salad Bar Jack’s reply.

After Lemon’s next round of static, Salad Bar proclaims: “Instant disqualification, eh. Well, maybe it’s best I don’t show up for the interview. This Wheeler lady may have misinterpreted my resume. I play in *my* movies. Action adventure ones in the main, although we’ve branched out a bit lately, Gene and I. Don’t suppose you’ve ever hear of actor/director Gene Fade either, my close associate and colleague?”

We can understand from Salad Bar’s next reply that Lemon hasn’t. He begins listing out his filmography. “‘Salad Bar Jack in the River of TILE’? ‘Salad Bar Jack Be Nimble’? ‘Salad Bar Jack of All Trades’?” Lemon shakes his head. “Nothing?” It’s difficult for SBJ to comprehend this lack of recognition, but Lemon shakes his head again.

Lemon goes on a bit now with his incoherent talk, explaining something important to Salad Bar.

“Child, eh?” he replies after a pause. Lemon shakes his head again and corrects Salad Bar Jack. “Chilbo? Then we *do* know each other!”

Salad Bar Jack and John Lemon embrace.


15 minutes later he also receives a chair at The Table. Wheeler remembers him as well. Curled Paper puts a check mark beside his name. On his way out he talks again to fellow Mmmmmm King Bill. “See you later you complete bastard, hehe.” But Bill is still worried about time and getting back to The Hill.


It seems it is too late. Bill Hill is no more.


“Crash on Mars”



Baker Bloch had just finished applying the “Crash on Mars” collage texture to a prim in Castle Jack when Wheeler showed up.


“Jimmy Page,” she declared to a turning Baker. “My old friend-nemesis. Practiced psychic defense just because of him, you understand. A dark, dark period in my life. Psychic attacks, pheh. Jealousy. Stars on the rise; demons at the bottom of pools. I was always possessed.”

“Until the eye,” Baker Bloch adds.

“Until the eye.”


“Furry Karl’s down-on-the-coast cousin Crash is in the new collage, Baker Blinker, giving the name to the title. It’s not something crashing on Mars.”

“Per se,” Baker Blinker adds.

“Per se.”



“What’s he fishing?” asks Crash’s cousin Furry Karl. “Looks like a hummingbird with a star at the back.”

“That’s a central mystery,” Baker replied. “Should be a fish instead of a bird, you know. But we know, you know, the black star has to do with Bowie and dark, dark death. The hummingbird may stand for resurrection.”


“Someone is coming,” says Wheeler.




Wheeler watched television in Lockfry’s old trailor at the border of Minoa and Rubi before deciding to head over to Mystenopolis and pay a visit to Spongeberg Resident. *The* Resident. There was something they had to talk about.



“Sure I’ll join your Table. And I don’t have to even audition?”

“You?” replied Wheeler. “Never. You are the Bunny Boy. You *must* be there. You are Nautilus, the 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. Even the 7 1/2. Bizarre. I love you man.”

“Well, good to hear. How’s the Blue Feather going? I heard: *expansion*.”

“Collagesity is blowing up. Blowing up real good. You should visit again. We’re trying to vacuum up all those summoned ghosts at the Feather. And, of course, you can see I have the eye. Carrcassonnee is my woman servant. She does my bidding.”

“Is that a good thing?” asks Spongeberg. “She can come back[ if so].”

“She’ll come back sometime anyway. Best to feed her some humble pie in the meantime.”


So that made John Lemon, Salad Bar Jack, and Spongeberg at The Table, along with Wheeler obviously. Dare she ask Page? Or maybe Plant? Plant or Page? Page or Plant, hmmm? Maybe both, maybe neither. She better find out. She better find out soon. Because time is starting to move backwards. The Bill must be solidified, the title secured.


“She keeps saying she is The Bill, but I don’t think she’s The Bill until The Table is finalized.”

“What are we up to?” asks Baker Blinker to Baker Bloch.

“Page, I think,” he says. “Or Plant. But we’ll have to find them on Mars. Hold onto your horses!”

Mars crashed into Collagesity and took firm hold. Wheeler was back in Lockfry’s Trailor studing “Piledriver” when it happened, wondering what day to invite Karoz Blogger over for his weekly beating. Karoz watched the whole thing from his upstairs apartment above the Bodega market.


He sprints around Carrcassonnee’s former gazebo and Castle Jack to join with Wheeler now in Rubi.


“Looks like Mars came to us instead,” she says, more calm than she should be. Karoz just stared out, flabbergasted.



Then the rain stopped.

Martian Green

Wheeler was alone when not Page, not Plant, but Dr. Blood approached from the west.


He prepared, she prepared. “Where’s your ne’er-do-well brother, you old SOB?”


And so there were five.

Bogota 04?

“Ray Davies visits Collagesity!”

Parallel to this, the Red Door Church has been re-established in Collagesity Heights.


Baker Bloch found Spongeberg within, freshly emerged from a stained glass window. Music was playing. “You Really Got Me.”


“Portal!?” queries an approaching Baker over the loud rock n’ roll.

“Time!” shouts Spongeberg back. “Care to dance with me *now*!?”


What could he do?



Karoz received a surprise tonight. Arriving at the Blue Feather for his weekly beating…


… he was instead led around the top floor’s fighting ring (Squared Circle) by Wheeler…


…and down to the intermediate level with The Table.

They paused here at the stairs. “Up. Up up up you go, Karoz. This is your place now. With me, at The Table.”


“Well, get out of my way,” Karoz demanded playfully. “If I’m going to go up with you and all.”

“You lead,” said Wheeler in turn. [delete 1 sentence]

“Sit there,” she continued after reaching The Table. “Beside Curled Paper. Directly opposite me. This is your place,” she repeated.


“Nice,” said Karoz. They sit.


“So I think I have everybody now. Curled Paper will be the meeting note taker. Dr. Blood can sit beside me over here. Same with Spongeberg. Then Lemon Bar Jack… did I tell you about Lemon Bar?”

“No,” Karoz responded.

“Well… later. Lemon Bar will sit… actually I’ll let him sit next to me instead of either Spongeberg or Dr. Blood. And then we have… well, I’m counting and I think that’s it. So we actually have room for 2 more.”

“Cool,” says Karoz. “Page? Plant? Zappa?”

“Elton John?” Wheeler continued in the same vein. “McCartney? David Lynch? Jack Nicholson? The list goes on.”

“Who am I?” asks Karoz. But he knew the answer as soon as he voiced the question.

“You’ve always been SoSo,” reinforces a knowing Wheeler. “Ever since you became Aqua Teen beyond precious Aquamarine. The Lindens came and took away your mother to the Lapis and the Lazuli. Split; schizophrenic. Sapphire was no more. You met Peter. You *are* Peter. Peter SoSo. You’ve always been Peter.”

Karoz takes another sip of wine. Refreshing.


Seeing Not Seeing

Once again Baker Bloch stares out at the Martian landscape beyond Collagesity. The town will have to start exploring that landscape soon enough, he thinks, but for now we have Dr. Blood’s fascinating tales to study. Better than Blood Curdling’s! he thinks further, but then regrets dissing his favorite book (“Blood Curdling Tells of the Rubi Woods”). Dr. Blood says the woods will come back, but not before we discover the beating heart of the red orange planet. Then and only then. He adds that Mars is an aggressive orb and leaves it there.


Baker can’t help but think Collagesity’s Stone 10 holds an important clue to the dilemma at hand.


“That pattern is hypnotic.”


His favorite seat in the Blue Feather club: inundated by Martian sand. He has to sit upstairs. Syd Barrett Gothic still doesn’t want to talk about the day Mars crashed into Collagesity. He remains traumatized. “The woods are gone, the woods are gone, the *woods* are gone,” he worries over and over. He’s having great difficulty accepting the fact that his old home has simply vanished into thin air seemingly. Truth is, the woods are still very much there. It’s all about perception and what we choose and don’t choose to see.



For example, Baker could certainly *choose* to see this row of eucalyptus trees along the northern edge of E-8 right now from his Blue Feather perch.


He could have chosen to view Winnie the Pooh and his honey wagon bumping along the Martian slope behind Stone 10 just moments back. He could decide to see the danger coming forth from atop what would later become known as Chesterton Knoll.



But he didn’t do any of these things. Collagesity remains shrouded in deep orange mystery.


Further Study

Wheeler rang me up. “We should go look at more [Boos] collages, Baker Bloch,” she said. “To keep the old grey matter exercised.” I was thinking more “exorcised”, but whatever. Here we go!



“This is where I lived,” Wheeler said, staring at Boos 11. “I worked I lived. I lived to work. Spool table — that was a key. I am the spool table. Round and round and round. And in the middle: The Bill. Pay The Bill Baker Bloch. The Bill is the center. Did I tell you about Lemon Bar John — sorry, Hucka Doobie? For some reason I get those two confused.”

“Well, they’re both short,” I attempted to rationalize. “And sort of both yellow.”

“He is the latest to join the Big Boy Table. Graduated from the Children’s Table, you see.”

“I see.”

“He represents, how would you put it, all things Oz and all things Floyd. No need to bring back the 2 Rogers if we let Hucka Doobie fill in. He is, in summary and in culmination, SID’s 1st Oz, the last true non-carrcass.”


“It’s a good role for him,” I admitted. “And that completes The Table?”

“There’s one seat left.”


Boos 12, and Wheeler getting further into a role.

What’s black and white and red all over (Boos 13)? Obvious.

Boos 14.

“Wasn’t there a “Book of 3″ in the library somewhere, Baker Bloch? Be a doll and go check it out for me. Bring it to The Table. But don’t sit down with it. Just put it on The Table. And then leave. Be a doll, please. Do it.”

The Appearance of Chester the Librarian





“You’ve done well Baker Bloch. The little hat was a winner. Now I’m really starting to feel like The Bill; starting to really get into the role. This absorption may be important. And there’s the dollar bill to consider. I suppose that’s where Bill got his name…”

“… come to think of it,” Baker Bloch finished.


“I want to try something out,” Wheeler then said. “E un zios miwas.”

“Vadājedummz: pi.”

“Look behind you Baker Bloch. Someone old and grey is speaking Perch. That’s my name for it: Perch. We just spoke Perch.”

“Not Wurme?” Baker Bloch looked confused.

“Not Toikey either. Perch,” Wheeler reinforced. “Another visitor has arrived,” she then announced. “Brainard Bastard Baby Boy. B4. Go and see before he leaves for the hills again. Go now. We are done.”

Not what Baker Bloch was expecting.

He goes inside.

Table Test 01




Museum Gallery?

Baker Bloch poses before the newest collage in the Bogota series (“The Appearance of Chester the Librarian”), seeming to wrap up the 1st floor exhibit of the town’s newest gallery. This is Bogota 05, also the first animation of the series. Notice the same central standing rock of the collage (Stone 10) lies outside the opening to Baker’s left. Cool juxtaposition, eh? And not really planned.



How long will Collagesity remain on Mars is a question to be asking. Baker Bloch’s already gone off in the dog once, maybe twice. He’s seen a lot. He will report soon. To Wheeler and also to us blog readers as well. And The Table is basically set up, with just a little fine tuning to do, perhaps (!). Much good stuff happening in the town still. Progress continues…

Stone 01 and accompanying Tyle Cube had to be moved up a floor to make room for Bogota 05.

Similar juxtaposition between same opening and Bogota 01 in more innocent days before the crash of rusty Mars.