Baker Bloch continues to sit with his father into the night.


“Why’s that meteor attached to your hand for son?”


“I can’t really see it from my angle. I see a *Wheeler.*” Baker Bloch waits for a response which never comes.


Instead: “Open the other door. You’ll see.” Baker Bloch does as his father tells him and opens the other door to the Boos gallery.


“Nope. Still can’t see. Back of collage in way. I still see Wheeler, though.” Baker Bloch doesn’t get a response again, despite the additional prompting.

“It’s the Boos collage. Not Boos as in booze. I’ve had enough of that for a while!”

“I know. Good you can yell again,” Baker returns. “Means you’re getting better.”

“I sure am. And… I think I’m finally ready. Help me to my feet. I’ve been sitting a long time. Let’s go see that new girlfriend of yours. My partner as well. Starbucanneer. What a gal!”

Baker Bloch agreed but was still thinking of something else.



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