Collagesity 2017 Early 001 (Prelude 01 of 02, March)

Carr. Talk Returns


*Seven* book deal??


Why not. You asked for three (more) but let’s just stretch it out to cover all the way to the end. Not your death but just the death of your job, your steady steady income. And then we’ll also have the 11th. Collagesity may not exist in Minoa much longer, thus Wheeler’s granting of my wish to return (here). But my play form of speaking has now been rendered obsolete, it seems. Same as with Hucka D.’s before me. You already have ideas of the 4th. You see its shape in colors. Dark blue. Blue — black. Rounded corners. Complex. All will return: you, Baker Blinker, Hucka Doobie, Karoz Blogger, Wheeler. Does Wheeler have a last name yet? I think he or she should. You need David Bowie going forward. He is a core. He lives inside Wheeler (for now).


Karoz should work on his TILE religion. A return to Crabwoo could be interesting. Peter SoSo.


So so many directions to go. You couldn’t have predicted Snowlands. You thought…


Sorry to interrupt, Carrcassonnee, but it’s Wheeler Wilson. (pause) Or Wilson Wheeler if the shoe is on the other foot.


You will analyze the first 3 books. You will identify trends, patterns. You will speak of them separately. I can come back at times and help but I am not around much any more. And as I was saying…


Wheeler Dale, Baker suggests again.


If you please, Baker Bloch. My time is limited (here).


Sorry. Just came to me. Go ahead. I won’t interrupt again.


You *thought* you would head to Muff-Bermingham for the end of this one (Book III, aka “Collagesity 2016-2016 Winter or C1617W), but you head to Snowlands on Sansara instead. This was always in the cards, in the books. But yet you find Muff-Bermingham within. That cabin. What is the name? Pope Project?


No Carr., that is (the title of) a different (Clifford) Simak book. This one is Way Station. It was defined several times in the book, once by me.


There you have a secret room. The Table can meet there. You do not need the Blue Feather. You can dismantle it. You can dismantle all of Carrcassonnee… Collagesity I meant. I mean. But I am not mean when I say this. I will be dismantled.


So the seven book deal doesn’t depend on the survival of Collagesity in Minoa?


Not in Minoa, no.

BBloch (after a pause):

Well, tell me more about the upcoming books. Especially the next one, the 4th.


Open doors left at end of 3. 4 is 1. This time you go to a (foreign) place at the end and stay. Snowlands. You have already promised Woody Woodmanson that you would stay. You said he is the key. So you must stay. Wheeler is there in her Way Station snug against Livigno. Also in Livigno lives or lived another two headed being you didn’t even get to mention in Book 3.


No. But one of his/her paintings is on display.

Or actually it is a Piet Mondrian, which always catches my eye in Second Life…


… because of Pietmond, yes. Piet Mond. And Mabel from that Gravity Falls, and her brother, are from Piedmont. *Old* Mabel will stare at that painting and remember. She will remember Pietmond and Piedmont together.


How is that possible?


You ask me to tell you the future…


Right. I did. So what else?


Arosa obviously. Satan Santa. A love interest for Snowmanster who is both man and woman at once. All Santas. There are many. Much to be explored. All the snowmen or “snowies” as well. Meribel — you haven’t tapped much into its past and the college and Plain Wayne and Mid Hazel. Why did Hazel have Wayne killed?


Reversing that, why did the town of Hazelwood decide to disappear into Waynesville, North Carolina in, let’s see, 1995?


Wheeler-Wilson again. Forwards and backwards and backwards and forwards at once. Plain Wayne had to be murdered because he was, well, he was just simply plain. Too plain. Mundane as the Potter people might say. Muggles?


I think so. And so Mid Hazel’s college is something like Hogwarts.


Maybe. We talk about it and it begins to take shape. Mid Haze’s woods… put up a picture. That’s where the slaughtering happened.




Very very white, yes. Close and white the trees (are). Hard to see in there. Yet you must. You must find more inside Story Room. Freezer, locker. Locked up. Safe. Open. Door. Muggles. Thank you.

Heading Diagonal 01

Mid Hazel’s Woods (Hazelwood).

Lone “Simak” result in SL search: Spindrift – SpinSpace astronomical art Gallery, SciLands.

Auto-teleport into sw corner of Spindrift sim (why?).

Within SoSo Mall-like gallery: Rick Sternbach – “Returning to the Lander”.

Three Star Tree added to map. Lander?

Mid Hazel’s Woods again.

Sw corner of Eagan, and Baker again.

Similarly named Egan, plain water sim now…

… but which once contained an interesting glyph.

Latitudinally, Egan is one sim south of Eagan on the same continent (Sansara).

Egan part of GNIRPS system via triangle Ben-Grizzly-Egan.

Purden sim, catty-corner to Eagan in sw direction, is on same latitude as Egan, then.

3 Eagans pp in GNIRPS, 1st I checked near Pruden. No Purdens, and only 1 Pruden (anagram). Pruden on KY-TN line, like Static mentioned in both C1516W and C1617W, as I was just reading and noting earlier tonight. And Pruden is on the Eagan topo map.

Karoz line:


“I’ve got to get myself back home,” he thought. “I’m in a state!”

“Karoz?” Baker Blinker offered. “You okay?”

“Tennessee or Kentucky,” he blurted, and then fell off the bar stool.

Pruden is likewise either in Tennessee or Kentucky, depending on which direction you’re coming from.

Like Muff-Bermingham, Pruden is sometimes called the hyphenated Pruden-Fonde.

About the place of the Plain Wayne slaughter. 21 snow trees in the mini-forest.

Baker’s nearby, static filled tv.

Heading Diagonal 02

Malvern, AL with variant name of Eagan near Light and Geneva-Houston co border, which is also part of GNIRPS (neighbor’s house, which just sold again this month). Circular city limits on topo map (Malvern as well).

Eagan, TN just examined is very near Campbell Co line with Jacksboro for seat. Conj. of Jack and Campbell here is another personal GNIRPs entry (former music director of my childhood church). You can see Eagan and Pruden in nw corner of below map of Campbell Co.

Third and last Eagan pp in Dakota Co MN, by far the largest of the 3 and in Minn./St. Paul metro area.

Nearby Eagan MN is Nichols. Nicholas David of The Voice fame born in Eagan, MN, and nicknamed St. Nick on the tv show.


No Jaffee in GNIRPS. Apparently this is most famous Jaffee:


No Meribel in GNIRPS. Meribel sim of Second Life named after this French ski resort:


Many Benningtons LINK, and I came up with it for C1617W just as a plain name to attach humor (like Farmington as well). But Bennington Edwards Co IL still may be pertinent. It has to do with neighbors growing up on *both* sides, including Edwards Co, Grayville in southern part, Samsville, Black, Browns (neighbors directly west of my neighbors), Golden Gate (another color like gray, brown, black), and Bone Gap and Blood also may be related (like blood and bones, and blood relative). Sam’s house sold this month just like Geneva’s. Black in both Edwards Co IL and Geneva Co AL with Malvern/Eagan.

Grayville History

Grayville was one of the early settlements, located at the mouth of Bonpas Creek and the (Big) Wabash River, and settled by the Gray family around 1810. Bonpas is a French word meaning “good bay” and early French keel boatmen tied their boats at the mouth of Bonpas Creek in the spring to escape high water or floating ice. Bonpas was once considered navigable, and boats went north as far as east of West Salem, Pinhook and Bennington.

Largest Bennington in VT.


Back to Sansara continent’s Snowlands…

Fellow explorer Simple Wunderlich, who I befriended several years back (see his pictures also in center of Collagesity’s Kidd Tower), has created a series on Snowlands here:

Mtn. from Simple’s series that no longer exists, pictured across stilll extant Cortina forest.

Another Simple photo showing a more interesting build in Loon — haven’t checked to see if it is still there.

Another building, no longer in Snowlands, snapped by Simple, formerly of the Loveland sim I believe.

Explorer Jayaram Dahlia (who I don’t know) has also created a series on Sansara’s Snowlands, claiming to have explored it thoroughly in all directions…

… enough to make this map of personalized regions.

Purden and Eagan are locations on the *diagonal* boundary she’s set up between her Central and South Central regions.

Good closer there.



also has many wonderful pictures of Snowlands. Amazing blog! Here’s a selection of related posts: (Inferialist in Sunklands blog)

More: (older Inferialist?) (ditto?)


More Snowland (etc.) pics

Some older Collagesity related pictures that never made the blog for various reasons.

Wheeler’s New Island pot fetish subplot never manifested in “Collagesity 2016-2017 Winter”.

Neither did these guys appear.

This particular snapshot of Purden Forest’s Core-Alena with open eyes never made it.

Baker Bloch’s actual discovery of Woody’s “visitors” in Part 6 of C1617W (as I’m abbreviating it), atop these woods.

Direct inspiration for the same visitors, which turned out to be Old Mabel and Buurb/Urch in *blue* dresses (not pink). Yes, the 2 gals below were actual inhabitants of the oversized Livigno trailer our future lovers *pretended* to live in (along with axe wielding Uncle Jack). They were mentioned in C1617W as being killed and buried in their own backyard. The overall reference is obviously to the Grady twins of “The Shining”, in case you missed it.

Another Snowlands black star… somewhere in the south regions.

Lonely sunrise junction.

I thought I’d throw in a map here of the Okemo, Nakiska, and Southern Railway (ONSR) from the Second Life wiki since I haven’t mentioned it before. Mainland enthusiasts: you *must* go ride it.

Baker posing at a protected Snowlands waterfall.

Strange gathering of avatars near Wheeler’s Way Station featured in C1617W.

Inferialist church and mountains.

Hitching a ride on a passing Yava Script Pod, Baker heads down into Chamonix City, another must-see when visiting Sansara’s Snowlands.

Finally: testing out a probable reality.

One can dream, can’t they?

One can dream.

“You must have patience.”


Friday, 10:19am:

Two new pieces of the Bogota series in place at Castle Jack now.

At 10 total, is it finished already?

Collagesity Status

Collagesity North, started in late December 2016, is no more as of this writing. Key elements of that land, about 4600 square meters worth, have been incorporated into what’s left of Collagesity, about 10,000 square meters. These include shifting the Temple of TILE over to Art Oluja’s old parcel in the extreme western part of town (innards still being worked on)…

… and moving the VWX Fairy House *inside* Castle Jack, an interesting fit for sure and one I’ll be highlighting fictionally soon enough, I’m guessing.

The Snowlands parcel I had my eye on was purchased last night, mere hours max after I completed the collage “You must have patience” based upon it. Narrow window of opportunity vanished. But I think it’s fate. The temple and fairy house integrated so well into the remaining part of town, the core. I’ll miss Allen Martin’s garage especially, I believe, but the rest was comparatively expendable. I’ll soon be down to a single premium account (Baker Blinker’s will go away before the end of the month) with an 8192 tier payment. I think that’s still quite manageable for the spring, summer and fall, at which point I might upgrade again for a time. We’ll see.

I have 377 prims remaining to play around with, and that’s without cleaning up creative town clutter for a while. I’ve got enough.

Carrcassonnee is in charge of the town again while Wheeler still resides in Snowlands. This arrangement *could* be permanent, however. And I’m a degree more certain that Old Mabel and Buurb/Urch, “marriage” partners at the end of “Collagesity 2016-2017 Winter”, won’t be returning to the village. The projected 4th Collagesity book will be different once again. Onward and upward hopefully! Thanks for reading.

Collagesity, 3/16/17.

New Mystery

Rodeo 01

“I’m telling you Karoz. There was an elf or something sitting on that bench there when I bought this particular picture for free over at Rodeo.”

Karoz looks up at the appropriate photograph. He was nervous about resetting up his TILE college in Collagesity. Baker Bloch had brought back a number of what he called mysterious objects from over at the remnants of the old Kahruvel Forest. He felt he didn’t have time to deal with this. “Hmmm,” is all he responded to Baker’s observation.

“Sure you don’t want to pop over to Rodeo and check this out with me? There’s the Nautilus City map as well. Maybe this is the *real* secret society.”

Karoz forgot about the map. “Okay, he said. But I must get back before supper. Baker Blinker’s cooking squid.” He rubs his tummy and emits a pleasurable sound.

Baker Bloch waits for an invite which never comes. “Alright, alright,” he then says after the awkward pause. “One hour. Then we’re back.”

“Nifty,” returns Karoz. “And un-check your high-res snapshot option before we get there so you won’t forget again.”

“Good idea. But you take some pictures too if you like.”

“I will.” But Karoz was thinking he wouldn’t take any. He tries to put worries about the college out of his mind.


“Sometimes when you teleport directly into the middle of a sim, Karoz, you can tell a lot about where you are.”

Karoz was hoping he wouldn’t have to play a game of roshambo with Baker Bloch on top of everything else. “Ferns,” he stated plainly.


“Well, we’re just *east* of the center,” says the stump sitting Karoz. He glances over his shoulder. “Nice view. Didn’t you once say there was an obelisk around here?”

“Not any more I don’t think. That was on the Island of Not-Baker.”

“Island of Not-Baker,” Karoz repeats. “Yeah I *think* I remember hearing about that. Refresh my memory.”

“Island — or actually Isle of Not-Baker was, well, an island, a small one, terraformed in the very northeast corner of this sim — Rodeo. On the tip of it existed an obelisk with texts from three different languages written on its sides. Turns out all three said the same thing. Translate one and you also get the other two as a bonus. It was a Rosetta Stone.”

“Like in the Long Now Project?” Baker and Karoz were talking about that earlier as a possible model for the college.

“Kind of, I suppose. It was three races of people who decided to drop their spears and take up quill and live peacefully with each other. Another Great 3-N-1.”

“Nice. But where’s the map? Not on the island, I suppose. Is the island still there?”

“I tried to reach it but it’s on private property now, with security sensors. So I don’t know if it’s buried underneath their [structures] or not. I would assume so. Or you could recreate it. The basic landform of a mainland sim doesn’t usually change over time. It’s just the terraforming you add on top of it that makes the alterations.”

“Map, then. Chop chop.” Karoz clapped his hands together here. “No Time Toulouse, as Monty Python once said.”

“I’ve landmarked it,” Baker responds. “Hold on.”


“Turns out this is not it. But’s the place is right up there. On those cliffs. I think.”

Karoz is wondering how he’s going to remove himself from this concrete without getting wet, but then finds he can just back up and get out easily. “Shall we fly?” he then offered.

Baker checked his movement options. “No flying, hmm. They really want you to explore the nooks and crannies of this place.”

“Certainly seems like a Lemony world,” Karoz adds. “That’s good. I’m appreciating it, Baker Bloch. Thank you for bringing me here.”

“You’re welcome Karoz. And I think if we just follow these stairs up and then go around top of the cliff we’ll be there. We can visit the other house up there as well, if you wish.”

“Quickly,” Karoz responded.


Baker Bloch was glad they visited the other house, because he found a number of additional objects he could copy and take back to Collagesity within. Afterwards he tried to read a book on the table but found it was a 3d tableau instead called “Hope Springs Eternal”. No interior pages. Karoz was looking over the backwards letters on the wall below the copyable posters.

“Shall we move on?” he then said.


But the house Baker wanted most to show Karoz didn’t seem to be on this particular cliff. Instead we have the singing 3 eyed pig again, with Bryn Oh statue just below. Language again, Baker Bloch thinks while staring down. Maybe Salazar Jack really is behind all this.

Darkness was descending. Karoz’s stomach begins its first rumblings. Baker spots the sod house hidden in the green foliage just ahead. He tells a relieved Karoz this. Karoz imagines Baker Blinker preparing the squid back at the Gloomy Gus in her special sauce. He must ask her more about that sauce just in case he has to go away again. Wheeler, he then thinks with some disgust. A reprieve for now, but he’s always on call. A long chain. A long now chain.

Rodeo 02

Then they were at the sod house, local lights switched on. Looking around, Baker Bloch became concerned that he had advertised the wrong place to Karoz. But then he discovered the Nautilus City map tucked around a corner. Relief!


“The pin,” Karoz said, not being able to hide his impatience now. “Where does it take us? Don’t *go* there — just tell me where it leads.”

“Quito,” Baker said back. “That’s another thing I wanted to tell you. You land on the lawn just opposite his front doors. And you know what I found within earlier today?”

Karoz threw up his arms, indicating he didn’t know. “And I’m not playing one of your guessing games either,” he tacks on. “Just tell me. Then we’ll head home. Actually you can tell me back home. Time’s up.” Karoz taps his wrist like he’s wearing a watch there.


Baker decided not to tell Karoz what was inside the house. There’s certain doors that seem to want to remain locked. Their choice. But Karoz did spill wine all over his portion of Baker Blinker’s squid the same night.

Missing elf.

Rodeo 03

“Octopus jar?” exclaimed Baker Blinker the next morning to Baker Bloch while they shared coffee at Perch.

“Another portal,” he said, and sat back.

“I’ve been a baaad Santa this year. Let me tell you about it, Mr. Bloch.”

Baker’s island.

At least every blue moon, an avatar has to return to the place of their virtual birth. So it is here with Baker Bloch on the Isle of Baker. It’s been over 9 years ago since he was first rezzed by me, his user baker b., on this island, awaiting the original assignment from creepy Mr. Low who has since reappeared in the “Collagesity 2015-2016 Winter” document. He looks over the waters to the northwest, thinking back to when the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog in that direction. Nothing left of Mr. Low’s underwater ruins, unsurprisingly. But didn’t Old Mabel visit the submerged ruins of a *Doctor* Low recently? Octopus again.

I can’t recall where the slightly earlier created Baker Blinker first appeared inworld. My blogs do not cover my first month of Second Life experiences, including numerous forays into the Forest of Kahruvel featured in that last series of posts. I remember her hanging around Cowell’s seaside village; Salazar Jack loomed big for me at the starting point. But I decided to take the blog in a different, new direction, and away from that already established mythology. SJ’s friend and collaborator Headburro Antfarm was at least an equally large influence at the beginning. I need to dig back through his blog.

Energy is a precious commodity.

Isle of Baker remains basically the same as it was way back then in terms of terraforming. The corresponding Isle of Not-Baker over in Rodeo has not. No sign of the 5 differently colored and shaped peas in a pod, no sign of the gray bench here. But Baker Bloch thinks this island, this Isle of Baker, has an interesting story to tell down through the years now. Southwest corner of the Baker sim as opposed to the northeast corner of the Rodeo sim. Something remains important about this.

The buyer…

… of all of Baker Blinker’s property formerly called Collagesity North is a RubyHeartbright. I was curious about the name and did a bit of prying. Well, I guess I shouldn’t reveal what I’ve determined, but I *know* this person. Pretty sure of it. “Ruby” was a key, and the proximity of Collagesity North to the Rubi Woods. I’ve im-ed her — will let you know if anything develops on that front.

This Second Life of ours is a curious game for certain.

We start off…

… just east of the centerpoint of Stinson:

“You know what it reminds me of, Karoz?”

“Haven’t the foggiest,” replied the moss being standing near Baker Bloch.

“The contraption. You know, the object that kept showing up again and again in our user’s collages.”

“*Your* user. I’m trying to stay out of all that. Baker Blinker is my focus now.”

“Right.” The male Baker points to one of the revolving circular panels. “And look at the time… oh well, I guess that’s not too odd at all since it’s the actual time.”

“Right. Can we go now?” Karoz had already eaten before Baker Bloch dragged him back to the Forest of Kahruvel for more investigating, but he still had much work to do in the newly set up Temple of TILE. Building inspectors coming next week, just to name one thing. Will he be marked down for using too many prims?

“Might as well bum around a bit more while we’re here, don’t you think? You have a full stomach this time — no irritatingly loud rumblings, hehe.”

“No… leftover squid. Baker Blinker wanted me to finish it off before it went bad. Refrigeration’s never been one of her strong points.”

Baker Bloch then remembered he hadn’t told Karoz Blogger about the “Baaad Santa” over in Nautilus City. When to spring all that information on him?

“Well…” Karoz said. “Where to next?”

Baker points south. “How about up there.”


“I must admit it’s a nice view up here, Baker Bloch. What’s that behind you?”

Baker checks. “It says ‘VAA Haiku Speed Build 2008/08/28’ for the name. In the description, let’s see: ‘A hundred mountains/echoed in the jeweled eyes/of a dragonfly’. Hmm.”

“Maybe it represents a sim… or a map in general,” Karoz offers. “We’re in a mountainous area, after all.”

“Maybe. Let’s check a couple more places.”


“It says, ‘Stinson Bar and Pier’ in the land description, Karoz, but nothing really here. Rez time set at 180 minutes. Could be a place for a later scene.”

“(Collagesity) Book IV, yeah. How’s that going? Any new developments?”

Baker Bloch thinks of the Nautilus City Santa again. “Kind of. Hey, Karoz, do you still have to go over to New Island sometimes? I mean, does — your job — entail going over there.”

“One of my jobs,” Karoz corrects. “I also work for Tom (“The Busker”) Wilmot still. I have a story about that now.”

“Well go ahead. Do that first.”


“That’s the way I feel when I wake up in the morning,” Karoz says thirty minutes later to Baker Bloch while staring at the almost sideways goat on the slope.

We finish off…

… in Rodeo:

“The winter island,” states Baker Bloch, looking sideways from where Karoz blogger is still staring. “Maybe answers will be there. We’re on the eastern edge of Stinson now, Karoz. The line with Rodeo, let’s see, seems to run right through that peninsula. Curious — didn’t know Stinson projected over this far into the forest.

“Well let’s get off this slope,” responds Karoz. “(I’m) getting dizzy!”


“Hmm, so we try to teleport directly into the winter isle or peninsula or whatever, Karoz, and we come back here. On this bridge where we were day before yesterday. Teleporting route.”

“Let’s fly over there,” Karoz suggested. But in checking, they remembered no flying was allowed on this land. Only walking and running. So they run.


Karoz pauses to look at what he considers a rather dirty snowman…

… while Baker Bloch stares forward at what he knows could be the beating heart of the forest’s mysteries.

Crossing the bridge, he pretends to Karoz that he’s never been here before.


Baker Bloch confesses to Karoz Blogger that they’re in a portal.

B>D, D>B

The Abomination LINK in Brilliant? But wait: it’s actually on a 16 square meter parcel tucked in the southwest corner of DaBoom to the northwest of Brilliant. DaBoom — Second Life’s first sim. From the *Linden* Lab direction. Owner of the parcel is JRL Industries headed by Robison Argonaut, a very old Second Life avatar indeed dating from 2003. The house fronting it is owned by Marcus Reisman, another oldbie but not so much (2006). Here was a possible (mythological) foothold into the heart of the matter. The only parcel in DaBoom currently for sale is a 256m2 going for $150000. Yes that’s a 15 followed by 4 zeros.


“DaBoom was kind of a bust I heard, Baker Bloch.” Karoz was polishing off his third piece of Perch perch for the night, and again spoke with his mouth full. Disgusting, Baker thought, but didn’t say this aloud. He merely took steps to get away from Karoz until he finished eating… and, later on, talk to Baker Blinker about correcting some of what he considered Karoz’s ill manners. “Gotta run to the bathroom Karoz — sorry. You keep on eating however. I’ll be back in a minute and we’ll talk more of Sansara and DaBoom and such. You keep on eating.”


“But you did meet Dot,” Karoz stated later while they were sipping on after dinner coffees.

“I did indeed. She prefers Doflia Doria, actually. Another writer.”

“But not of horror,” Karoz added.

“Oh no.” Baker thought back to the appropriate parcel in the Ohno sim of Sansara’s Snowlands. Hopping with bunnies.

“Witchcraft, though,” Karoz finishes. “Dessert?”

Baker cringes.

A novel idea.

Baker Bloch’s discordant piano playing continued past Karoz’s veiled request for cessation. Message not received. Baker’s got all day to play the piano, explore old, forgotten forests, and so on, Karoz thinks. *He* has a religion to jumpstart, a wife to consider, and more. Yes, more. He must be more forthright.

On cue, Baker abruptly halted his production, mid-jangle. “You know what you need to do Karoz,” he spoke while pivoting toward the moss being, obviously somehow inspired by the cantankerous music. “Write about Chilbo. Write about how you’re different from me, Baker Blinker, Hucka Doobie even. You come after us. You come from Chilbo or at least the area. Jeogeot itself. That’s where we (separated) from [delete name] and his off-mainland roleplaying. Contact Maggie. Maybe she’ll have some ideas.”

“Novel writer?” Karoz protests, but Baker had started his infernal clanking again and didn’t hear the question. As if I don’t have enough on my plate, he then thinks, and begins to plot his escape again.

But he ended up being just that.


There was a tapping at the window. Karoz awoke. “Stars,” he quickly determined, looking over at the wire decoration. “Only stars.” But then his name came in the wind. “Ka-roz.” It chilled him to the bone. He stood up on the bed.

He then saw the person — or being — outside. Under the stars. Near the ground but still floating above it. A conical hat topped being on a cross but also holding a cross, a larger one. Was this the legendary Bigfoot he had heard about stalking the area? The rogue one? He must protect himself if so! But he had no weapons he knew of, no sword, gun, nothing. One of Baker Blinker’s frying pans? Where was Baker Blinker? Karoz sensed she was missing. Downstairs cooking in an eerie, even hideous light… but still missing.

Karoz awoke with a startle, also waking up Baker Blinker in the bed beside him. “Squidmares again?” she half joked while turning toward him.


2 hours later:

“Is she still there Doria? Doria??”

“Oh. No.”

Pages > Page

“I’m going to walk this labyrinth every day.” Baker Blinker smirked at her husband. “*Almost* every day.”

“Let’s head over to Perch and grab some lunch, Karoz,” Baker Blinker then suggested. “Wheeler said she’d be meeting us there. It will be tough because none of us are interchangeable with each other. All three are unique monads.”

“We’ll have to reduce windows, eliminate trees, grass — the usual. Nothing beyond the capabilities of our user.”

“We’ll see,” Baker Blinker replied. She hadn’t been practicing these tricks as much as Karoz recently.


“Where is she?” asks Karoz in his usual impatient ways. “New Island, pheh.”

“Why don’t you tell me about Baker Bloch’s ideas for you being a novelist while we wait, Karoz.” Baker Blinker had done some yoga in preparation for this meeting and was pretty relaxed, despite the circumstances. Maybe she can be the voice of reason tonight.


But no time. Wheeler manifested behind them and took a seat. Karoz knew she’d like the one next to the wall. And next to him. “Better narrow those windows further now, Baker Blinker,” he requested. Because Wheeler certainly isn’t going to reduce hers, he thought.


“Where *is* that chef Owens with our menus?” barks Wheeler. “Must be, what, 5 minutes since I arrived?” A word had hardly passed between the three since she showed up.

“It’s 3 o’clock in the morning, Wheeler,” explained Baker Blinker, already with an edge. “Skeleton crew in the middle of the night here at Perch. Your chef has transformed into a detective. Maybe out trying to solve one of the crimes you committed, haha.”

“That’s no good,” Wheeler replied, nonplussed by the female Baker’s sarcasm. “This is *my* restaurant, *my* town.” She looked at both Baker Blinker and Karoz Blogger and drew back. “Isn’t it?”

Baker Blinker was direct. “Tell us what happened in Snowlands, Wheeler, um, Wilson.”


Wheeler’s secret table room had been found out by the real owner of the Way Station parcel. Objects returned to owner (i.e., Wheeler). She had to come back to Collagesity. She may have the opportunity to rent more in the middle of Inferialist, but, in truth, a disconnect of sorts has occurred between the extended Baker family and Snowlands. For now at least. Baker Bloch (playing the role of Snowmanster) also felt it wise to delete his newly rezzed home next to Woody’s on the east side of Purden Forest. So none of the family have secret dwellings in Sansara’s Snowlands region now. Oh… except one perhaps. Karoz. Perhaps this is the night Baker Blinker found out about the deep dank DARK power of Mid Hazel. This is the subject of Karoz’s projected first novel. In the future.


“Alright, spill the wine Karoz and Wheeler,” she requested. “We’re all in this together. We all need to be on the same page so we can face the threat collectively. Don’t you think, *Karoz*?” Her yoga induced relaxation was wearing off, muscles tensing up once more. She was spouting reason but not in the calm manner she was hoping. Tension — why do people create it when interacting? And why do we need it *fictionally*?


“‘Deep Dank… DARK'”, Wheeler states firmly. “That will be the name of the book. It will be published March 17, 2018. The day the trees died over in Rubi. The day Master Purden died between the green and the white (trees) in Snowlands. Diagonal. It will be based on The Diagonal.” She reorients her hands under her chin. “This is the only way we can be saved.”

Unusual Ohno Meeting

Bogota series continues (collage 11(!))

This is a little different: the order of the collages in what’s now the second floor of the exhibit runs reverse from the first and the third. This was dictated by the nature of the collages themselves. More details later, but for now let’s join Baker Blinker and Baker Bloch taking a tour…


“That’s Precious Snowflake at the bunny related shop in Ohno. But I wasn’t asked to be there for the photo.”

“No, that’s me,” clarified Baker Bloch to Baker Blinker while staring with her at newly place Bogota Collage 11 in Castle Jack. “The important thing to get, or overarching thing, is that *this* collage is set in Ohno on the almost extreme *east* side of Snowlands. And then the collage immediately before this, called, let’s see, “You Must Have Patience,” is based on a photo of extreme *western* Snowlands. These two act as a frame.”


“Very interesting,” Baker emphasizes. “I had a tarot reading tonight by the (new) owner of the land in that slightly earlier collage, Baker Blinker. I won’t give out the name, only say that her initials involve the same letter — like us.”

“I know who it is,” Baker Blinker declared. “I go over there too while you’re not logged in.”

“Okay — didn’t know that but okay. Back to the tarot reading: it seemed almost identical to the one our user got in real life only several days back. The question posed?”

“Don’t say it,” Baker Blinker requested.

“Alright.” Baker Bloch paused. “But do you think *they* were contacting me — us — through Second Life. Reinforcing the original answer.”

“Of course, obviously.”

“Snowlands is being cleared. I will be giving up my rental in the (extreme) western part in a little over a week. I don’t see any reason to continue my rental, despite the tarot reading next door.

“Let’s go see it,” Baker Blinker proferred. “Before the deletion. I’ll show you what I know. We’ll go, let’s say, biking (!). When’s the last time we biked together?”

“Hey Baker…” Baker Bloch began asking Baker Blinker, now staring directly at her and away from the newest Bogota collage.

“Better name this one,” Baker Blinker said before he could finish his question, making the male Baker return his stare toward it.

“Hmm, what do you suggest?”

“Bigfoot,” Baker Blinker answered without pause.


“One points to the snow, the other to the big rabbit’s foot. Snowlands in toto.”

“And Bigfoot,” Baker Blinker reinforced.

Karoz 01

“I was trying to figure out which of those mounds was Meditation Knoll, Karoz.”

“Did you get it?”



“So to the topic of the night: Norum. You must begin to remember.”

“I remember,” says Karoz, looking at his nails. “I remember some.”

“Tell me about Sapphire.”

“Mother. Before she was Turquoise. Then she became the Lapiz and the Lazuli when the Linden Labs came and erased our Lemony ways. Norum was no more. Time passed.”

“How did you come into the, er, care of Sapphire.”

“I was given to Sapphire by the Gypsies of The Moon. Another 3-n-1.”

“What does that mean, Karoz?”

“There were 3 Gypsies who were actually one. Gypsy Rose, Gypsy Devarue, I think (sp?) and one other I can’t remember the last name of. But all three claimed to actually be this Gypsy Rose.”

“And this was on the moon of the Maebaleia or Satori continent, take your pick.”



“We’re going to use the Oracle, Karoz, to help us move forward.”

“Go ahead.”


“Well, we know Gypsey is intimately connected to Grassy.”

“Another knoll,” Karoz responds. “Grassy Noll. Better known, hehe, as Salad Bar Jack.”

“Gypsy was his partner.”



“Then the Arab… Barracuda is Arab kind of sideways or backwards.”


“That was the ship that brought you to Jeogeot. Through the portal. 10 to 6 to 3 to 1 is the way Sapphire put it. Then you were at Mos Ainsley, the moon of *Jeogeot*. The twin to the moon of Maebaleia just as Jeogeot and Maebaleia themselves are twins. Opposites. 180 degree spins of the same 3d landmass.”


“So the ship The Arab is the same as Barracuda.”

“Wilson sisters. 3 instead of 2. Gypsies.”

Karoz 02

“So you went into the void sim to the immediate west of Mos Ainsley, then were kicked out as zero became one and ended up in Mos Ainsley instead.”

“You cannot stay in the void zone. You must return to One.”

“Tell me now this works? How is Mos Ainsley the moon to Jeogeot and how does it correlate to The Moon of Jeogeot?”

“There is a purse,” then says Karoz. “A Curse Purse. On an island. Grassy knoll nearby.”

Baker Bloch had a hunch. “Is this island the same as Muff-Bermingham?” Turns out he was correct.


“Karoz, it is said that Journal 1, which may be the same as Old Mabel’s Journal *4*, is located on this Muff-Bermingham. You and Baker Blinker almost found it last November when being ordered there by Wheeler. But the great Green and White wars started on that island, er, planet.”

“Both,” Karoz clarified. “Space wars, yes. But not ‘Star Wars'”

“But this war also started here in Collagesity. When the Facets tried to forcefully get the Lucky sign from resistant Furry Karl, who then pulled out his Treeshooter, as he calls it. His gun.”

“We’re going on quite a tangent, but yes Baker Bloch. All that is correct, once more.”


“Is Journal 1 the same as Journal 4?”

“You know it is (Baker Bloch).”

“Lucky, the village, is the same as the audiovisual synchronicity “Dark Side of the Rainbow.”

“You are telling the story, but, yes, as I understand it, they are the vesica piscus as one. Two Lucky villages, the circumference of the second is the center of the first. Unch lies on the circumference of the original, the one with the Lucky sign in its midst still. The second lacked the sign. The great robolution had already taken place. Treestock. ’68.”

“I don’t know what a lot of that means,” admits Baker Bloch.

“Neither do I.”


“Back to Sapphire, Karoz.”


“Hold on just a minute. Let’s order some coffee.”



“Tell me about your grandparents, Karoz.”

“You mean Sapphire’s mom and dad?”

“Yes. Do you have other grandparents? I guess on your father’s side, obviously.”

“Mossman. I am part or perhaps half moss. I know [delete name].”

“Interesting… forgot about that. Is Gene Fade your father?”


“How did that work? I think I recall the Gypsies keeping him in a cellar for a play thing.”

“Haha. Yes. That was their story.”

“Such a hunk.”


“Can you tell me more about the Mossmen, then, Karoz?”

“A bit. I wasn’t raised by Gene Fade, but he created me. He also created Bracket Jupiter, who was king of the Comma Islands.”

“So Gene Fade is a user. But he is a toy avatar as well.”

“He is both.” (pause)

“How can he be both?”


“Back to Sapphire, Karoz.”

“*Yes* You are asking too many questions I simply can’t answer. Ask about Sapphire. The Gypsies and Gene will have to wait. Arab back to Baracuda (Karoz spells this out).


Into the night they went. The Blue Feather restaurant and bar had long closed. Discussions were spiraling around the truth but perhaps not getting much closer to the center than where they began. Weary, they decided to call it quits. But first thing the next time they would speak of Sapphire and Yeot and Yd Island and how she got to Norum and what happened to her when the Lindens came and she became the Lapis and the Lazuli both.

State of Things

Blue Mtn. Urban Landscape/Bigfoot (etc.) will certainly come into play very soon, perhaps this Sunday. Poison Ivy will be out in the High Country maybe by mid to late April. So little time to lose in major exploring until then. I’ve been to Whitehead Crossing quite a number of times during the warm winter and early spring. I’ll make comments on some pics I made asap. New “path” discovered which leads to interesting rock group on upper edge of Woods of Howl (or is it Woods of Hal?). Spotted girl hiking there about month and a half back. Unusual to encounter someone in the open woods and I asked her if she knew where she was, which she responded to in the affirmative. An orange dog was with her. Mossman research continues… that’s all changing as far as past mythology goes. I do not plan — I don’t think — to create a toy happening at Whitehead Crossing, despite the surface attraction. Instead I’ll be observing and occasionally taking pictures there. Bigfoot will probably remain the focus in that area. My speculation is that Bigfoot was specifically created for me by Others just for this purpose. The Bigfoot Swamp is unusually placed.

My educated guess is that I’ll procure future “toys/junk” either from flea markets or a proximate Goodwill store (right at the entrance to Bigfoot!). There is still a chance I may give up Collagesity in Minoa and rebuild in the fall. I must keep developing real life art in tandem with Second Life related art and fiction. But the Collagesity novels have been a hoot to create (!). I now call them Collagesity I II and III sometimes, but the actual names, again, are: “Collagesity 2015-2016 Winter” (C1516W), “Collagesity 2016 Later” (C16L), and “Collagesity 2016-2017 Winter” (C1617W). So the new one may be called “Collagesity 2017 Later” if it follows the pattern. I don’t plan to begin this next projected installation in the series until the early summer at the very least but who knows. Right now I’m in an in-between period, which could be a prelude for the new novel.

My gradual psychic removal from the Snowlands continues after heavy involvement in it at the end of C1617W. I will not renew my rental in its western part for another month (rented a 2048 parcel right after the completion of C1617W in early March). All my “illegal” builds, such as at Wheeler’s “Way Station”, or beside Woody’s A-frame, have been deleted in the meantime. A possibility exists to rent in Ohno on eastern side of Snowlands, but we’ll see. It will be small, probably a 512, if so.

What will Collagesity 2017 Later look like? What of the new installation of Bigfoot/Chesterton toy-junk-marble happenings? Questions that of course really can’t be answered right now. But let’s speculate anyhoot…

Bigfoot-Chesterton: the area between them, called Vincente for now LINK, is a possibility for a third perhaps smaller and more condensed (and story laden?) happening. Through it we may better piece together what the other two are about.

In Collagesity 2017 Later, we may have the return to power of Carrcassonnee, maybe in tandem with (an also transformed) Wheeler. Baker Bloch and Baker Blinker remain the powers behind the scene, however, more Bloch but also Blinker as repository of many past memories and experiences now. Bracket Jupiter may return in diff. form. I’m not sure Old Mabel and Urch/Buurb will come back. Karoz obviously will return, and perhaps will become a central character once more (he was kind of on backburner in C1617W). That’s all for now.


“Well, we finally got a roof on this old gazebo. Carrcassonne’s been sitting in the rain for quite some time now. Maybe 1/2 a year.”

“I doubt if she minded,” responds Karoz. “Being inactive and all.”

“We’re working on *that* as well,” Baker Bloch replies. “Not Perch unfortunately.”


“No, Wheeler has had a talk with him. He doesn’t want to give up his independence after being removed. Eyes are picky like that.”

“At least it’s better than a picky nose.”

Baker Bloch doesn’t reply to Karoz’s weak joke but continues. “Obviously not the abberant one you found on the fake Mars… LeMars, the one that really doesn’t exist.”

“No that wouldn’t be good (for Collagesity). Must be a place you can, er, place an ad. ‘All Seeing Eye Monthly’ or something.

“Maybe. But things are changing around here. Wheeler’s seen the light. She’s been assimilated (in turn).”

“Amazing,” says Karoz back. “And I seem to not work for her. Maybe we should call it an opening for a full time position with Tom Busker. Closer to home (since I live in the mall and all). Less travel… can stay home with the pet.”

“You have a pet?” Baker Bloch asks.

“The parrot… remember?”

“I think so. The Ancient?”

“No. Just a parrot. Wheeler Wilson is doing good by her name now. TILE may move forward. Pretty sure of that, actually.”

“We’ll see how it develops,” Baker ended.

What Crows See.