Collagesity 2020 More Middle

locations: Heartsdale, Urqhart, Ashenlave, New Island, The Waste, Southwest, Hana Lei/Arkon, Color Sims, Northwest, Stranger Creek, Asha, LMP, Europe/Austria, Braynard’s Place, Witch’s Rock, Heterocera/Diagonal , Storybrook, Imagine, Abbey, Hana Lei/Time Portal, Heterocera/Iris, Toppsity, Cassandra City, Kansas USA




Gabby Truth (scryer in CC, but lives in Toppsity)
Tronesisia (dead –sought Gabby’s psychic advice for Ona trial)
Andy Warhole (selfish social-lite artist, can’t exist w/out people)
mechanical soothsayer (points out Andy’s flaws)
Poetry Dancer (wants to be-like-Marilyn)
Marilyn (blonde bombshell)
Dimmy Gene (reversal of Jimmy Dean obviously, wants to *buck* lineage of clothing line)
Mystic Woman (Red Book Store worker or owner)
Old Woman in Brown Dress (non-student matinee attendee w/ Dimmy)
Keith B. (back in CC reminising, with…)
Kate McCoy (grown up Katy Kidd, a kind of step-daughter of sorts)
Biff Carter/Big Dick (cop turned detective; unwittingly character in red book!)
Mrs. Crumplebottom (runs Tome Raider bookstore on opp. side from Red Book)
Marion Harding (illegal bus. behind Red Book)
Philip Strevor (ditto — send ex cop Biff Carter away w/ red book)


Hobo Ken (same as Keith B.? — will have to be later if so)
Jim B.? (maths partner with Keith B.; formerly (formerly?) Jim A. of A.Team)
Litte Bastard Little Jimmy (Dimmy’s old or new car? replaces motocyclone?)
Your Mama (probably also became aligned with Mama Cass (who later becomes Mama Cass Clay? NEBO)
Raggy (hung out with Your Mama at the end)
Mamaduke (dog of Raggy originally but, later, others)
Todd A. (part of A.Team)
Jim A. (part of A.Team)


George A. (prosecutor of Yoko Ona’s witch trail, not seen since trial post)
Alo Bama (flattie — only seen in novel 10 before STUDY)
Tronesisia (judge now, but dies in train flooding by witchery)
Cindy A. (witness? Part of CC’s A.Team)
Yoko Ona (defendant) (seen in novel 14 in CC as well, forms A.Team there)
Cat-Witch (defense Attorney, controlled by Mid-Hazel still most likely)
Miss Raincoat (a witness for the prosecution, although an ineffective one)
Uncle Stinky (another witness for the p., perhaps their last hope–also perhaps goes by
*Uncle Bob
*Uncle Barnacles?
Gabby Truth (lives in Toppsity, has psychic business in wagons in CC)
Amos Truth (dies in Toppsity of burns from 7th fire)
Marilyn (lives in Toppsity? Seen in CC with Poetry)
Kevin Orchardsity (CC as well?)
Penn Mann (doppleganger of Eraserhead Man, fellow director)


Man About Time
Newtonia Cashcow/Tracy Austin
Kate McCoy/Katy Kidd
Craighead Phillips?


Wheeler Wilson/Bill (has Flip hair now — Flip=wrestling name asBBlinker=Magika: Both Beans)
Grassy (Bill’s bud still — looking for Opp still? Merryman? still getting high?)
Roger Pine Ridge (neighbor of Grassy; plays “Beach” now, the “Flip side” of Time)
Charlie Banana (still bumming around w/ ol’ roommate RPR apparently, but he’s dead?)
Baker Bloch
Sammy Whatammy/Miss Raincoat
Casey One Hole
Yoko Ona
Philip Strevor (under a new boss, also seen in CC)
Baker Blinker (now Magika Bean, partner to Flip Bean, practices in RPR’s basement)


Gilmore (kept RPR from leaving Iris/swamp village)
Bandit Boy (1 off — Cyberpaperdoll ran off w/ pink car)
Parasol? (Charlie is dating, but also interested in Poetry — perhaps both are *same*)
Rebl? (also same as Parasol, then)
Ellen? (prominent in orig Iris posts)
Sidechick Corea? (Ellen’s Sidechick, er, sidekick)


Charlie Banana
Aloha (Gazoo-like deity from the future to help Charlie)


Bolden (Giant Black Ant)
Golden Jim (in Morton’s Gap)
Marty (with Golden Jim)
The Mann (w/ Golden Jim)
Mr. Yellow (in Ant Castle)
Harrison Jett (in Fearzum — castle set on top now!)
Parasol (black again and returned to The Mann)


Axis (Fearzum)


Poetry Dancer
Charlie (cat)
Charlie Banana
Lt. Salt


Baker Bloch (talking to BBS about Umbrella but not enough)
Big Black Smoke (mentioned in LOST by Charlie; talking about Room 03)
cafe woman 01 (white rabbit holding)
cafe woman 02 (talking to 01)
cockatoo, umbrella (talking but no one understands — noisy silence, then)
Barry X. Vampire (moves to PaperVille from Urqhart or thereabouts? W/Poetry now)
Poetry Dancer (normal *and* ugly; companion (soon to be wife?) of Barry X.)
Alberta the Butler (retracts Great Belt from Barry — not needed now Barry has Poetry)
Waka Wajaka (MYSTERY man — could be Zappa?? or his wife?pts to Waka/Wawaka TX — upstairs at Barry’s NO ACCIDENT)
Hucka Doobie (w/ K. Orchardsity at e*s*presso table)
Kevin Orchardsity (Baker Bloch is playing him)
*Kevin A. (w/ Hucka)
*Kevin C. (in school Hucka is staring into, w/…)
Samantha (student)
Joe (student)
William (student)
Miss Crumplebottom (teacher from novel 19, but not seen yet)
Charlie (cat) (in the room and *the* room at the same time; leads Peter O. to Penntemple and “Director’s Seat”)
Peter Oesso (brother of Poetry it seems after initial confusion lover?daughter?; drinking oespresso)
Lavender (tree being — part of Triad with Poetry and Sprite)
Small Ruby Fairy/Sprite (ditto)
Man About Time/Little Pig (Green Jelly? tending to carrot patch lie MAT before him or her)
Little Pig’s friends
Jill/Winona (replacement teacher for unseen Crumplebottom, but worships Charlie cat as well)


Ben Wolf (may be dead)
Tank Ferguson
Bazooka Ferguson
Ditch Parkly/Baker Bloch (failed twin of Pitch Darkly?)
Wheeler Wilson (hangs with Baker Bloch)


Baker Bloch/Ditch Parkly
Wheeler Wilson
Blue Tinkers (will return? Marble-like)


Man About Time
Newtonia Kashkow/Tracy Austin


SEAN “Green” Penn (killed at motel there)


Harrison Jett


Baker Bloch
The Arab
Richard and Amanda (dummies)


The Monk/Brother Joseph


Braynard (implied)
Karat or Carat (same as Braynard; 2 sims in one)
Yoko Ona (gives them David’s diamond-like brain — traitor to Mid-Hazel in this)
Ruby Fantasie — Ruby RETURNS!


Small Ruby Fairy
Golden Jim


Sandman (still unable to combine w/Ant-man to make Santman in this loc.)


Baker Bloch (core)
Marty (a neighbor now, but his house has moved across rd and become bigger)
Man About Time (Temple: kindof caretaker of Colalgestiy — see novel 16)
Hucka Doobie (core)
Rhiannon/Golden Josephine (witch – nother neighbor)
Cathy Love Peace Hippie Child (another neighbor- interchangeable w/…)
Linda Halsey (wife of Marty but live separately still? treehouse beside bar?)
Carrcassonnee (Temple; core — Collagesity main deity again?)
Frank (Temple; takes over from Carr. at least temporarily?)
The Monk/Brother Joseph (Temple)
The Nun/Sister Mary (Temple)


Mabel? (house ready!)
Mr. Babyface (Kidd Tower)
Greg Ogden/Gregg Oden (prob not — now AXIS)
Roger Pine Ridge (apt on edge of town again?)
Wheeler Wilson (still leader of town?)


Yoko Ona (witch of Mid-Hazel’s coven apparently)
Yoko Ona 02 (clones of Yoko — only dup dummiesin town?)
Uncle Zach Black (dummy>real; suddenly fan of FTheatre!)
David A.B. (motel; gets brain replacement, turns from Godly to Normal)
Linda Halsey (motel, and w/ Mid Hazel’s coven in Big Church)
Cindy A. (motel — unfinished story about Yoko and setting up A.Team/Scarlet Triad)
Kevin Orchardsity (motel; will get David A.B.’s brain? — NO, this is prob. Peter Oesso)
Officer Candy Candle Cane (motel, 1 off)
Randolph the Bastard Pirate (bookstore — more cases to Heartsdale and beyond?)
Mabel (flashback; her and Buurb’s house/Mission)
Precious Snowflake/Jack Blue (motel (investigating mystery); Mission — no longer there)
Buurb (his and Mabel’s house — flashback)
SEAN “Green” Penn (motel; investigating mystery (bu then killed in The Waste)
Big Black Smoke (motel — have him interact more — predecessor to Jim B.?)
Domino (w/ Uncle Zach in motel)
Hidi (maid: motel — could be witch as well)
Olive (June Bug + Plain Jane Phyllis Phox; sweets shop) separates out, then, into:
*June Bug/Junbug
*Phyllis Phox
Philip Linden (motel w/ Kate Kidd in simple form)
Katy Kidd/Kate McCoy (motel w/ Philip Linden)
Zero (the Hero?) Enzor? (Increase, Biggers, Point…) (mid-town) — NOT my avatar
Ben Wolf (one off: Small Woods w/ Teddy)
Teddy (horse; small woods) — will see him again at town docks — full rezzing perms.
Baker Blinker (Hobo Central — same as Precious Snowflake)
Baker Bloch (Hobo Cental)
Venus (just hair: Mission vacant lot nxt to Hobo Central)
Snailie (ditto)
Mid Hazel (head of witch coven in Big Church — also seen in motel)
Esmerelda/Cat-Witch (part of Mid-Hazel’s coven)
Peter Oesso/Axis (Big House — gave AR map to witches)
Man About Time (Diamond/carrots, Hobo Central top)


STORYBROOK (SECTIONS 01 02 03 04 05 06)

Marsha “Pink” Krakow (new lead character of novel; KILLED)
Arthur Kill (disposed of by Marty after sec 1 KILLED)
Lester (bit player — but turns out: another Mr. FixIt figure)
Gene Emmett Kelley (also goes by Jake Trimmer, later KILLED)
SEAN “Green” Penn (best friend of Pink, dumped because black underneath? KILLED IN 20)
Keith B. (older version — another drummer & also Who connection — one off apparently)
Kate McCoy/Katy Kidd (insane; like you know who — Kate also in Southeast in mental hospital)
Jane “Olive” Green* (another good friend — 3rd wheel — OLIVE) — composite of these characters from novel 18 SEPARATED OUT:
*Phyllis Phox ( (Plain) Jane)
Parasol (light skinned now — mother of Pink apparently)
Charlie Banana (lover of Parasol on the side (even though she’s married to The Man))
Baker Bloch (core character still — swoops in when needed, usually with, these days…)
Hucka Doobie (1st describes feelings for BBloch in 18 seemingly Cont. in 19, 20)
Marty (replaced Jeffrie –seen in Red Church with red hair again)
Fannie Mae Palm Branch (one off)
Robert Dee Generic (one off)
Frankie (new friend of Pink — may turn into Beige (practically: Brown) KILLED)
Tom Banks (creepy photo teacher of Frankie, sees Pink as new star; imprisoned for murder of FixIt STILL LOOSE?)
Ms. Crumplebottom (older school teacher — lover of Bazooka, son of Tank — one off?)
Bazooka Ferguson (love OR client of Olive Green (Junbug + Phyllis Phox) but actually dating Crumpleb.)
Tank Ferguson (investigating Pink & her peek into the Big Inside)
The Mann (playing father to Pink)
Rocky Racco (Parasol’s park friend)
The Dogg (Mann’s dogg, who comes in 2 flavors, Scooby and Astro)
Hidi (Kallabow)
Batty Casey (Kallabow)
Peter SoSo/Oesso/ TronAxis (buys serv station from FixIt family, importing Corona-V on the sly)
Wheeler/ Venus Flytrap (mentioned — still wife of Peter/TronAxis)
Randolph the Bastard Pirate (sells Corona-V brews in cases to Peter Oesso/Axis)
Secret Girls (one offs)
Dr. Rabbid Baumbeer (ressurected via 1/2 bat thingie — in High Storybrook)
Marsha “Star” Krakow (alt Marsha who is already a Star; beyond Pink; met in Aerial town — “Aerial Pink”?)
Ross C. (maid to Krakows — perhaps another 1 off)


Batty Casey
Katy Kidd/Kate McCoy (kid and adult (patient))
Firefive (flashback)
Tracy Austin (“mother”)
Eightyeight (consort to Tracy Austin)
Blue Berry Girl
Purple and Bear (patient)
Blue Bear Y.(patient)
“Dr. TronAxis” (same as Dr. Young Kane of Weird-o Islands?)
Hucka Doobie
Baker Bloch
Wheeler Wilson/Venus Flytrap
Jack Snow (man and dog combined)
Mr. Fix It/Gene Kelley/Jake Trimmer
battymobile (talks!)
Tom Blinker (mafia guy who guards battymobile, until it explodes)
Dr. Rabbid Baumbeer (ghost)
Straw Bear Y
Ralph the Milkman (Bear)
Messed Up (from Weird-o I., wants to change for Dr. Young Harris)

WEIRD-O ISLANDS (Stranger Creek/Abbey/Upper NY Isle) (SECTION 01 02)

Illuminatus (Strange Ck. — Ollie G. Peak; killer of Arthur Kill)
Arthur Kill (killed again; orig in Storybrook)
David A. B. (also Perch? “God” (10, or 9.5 at least)
Hiker 01 (Perch? turns into Prof. Young Harris apparently — see below)
Messed Up (Strange Ck. sim; also shows up in Southeast in Mental Ward)
Kinda Messed Up 02/Leo (Strange Ck. — but gets Prof. from NYI)
Prof. Young Harris (NY Isle — same as Hiker 01, see above)
Tron (Axis) (NYI, lamenting he’s not Young Harris but instead Young KANE, who then shows up in SE)
Wheeler/ Venus Flytrap (NYI, imagines behind counter)
Joan/Astrid (Prof. lover on NYI)
Ted Johnson (bit player, Abbey)
Eric Gordon (bit player, Abbey)


SEAN “Green” Penn (at NO Blues Little Rock bar)
The Mann (same, but also Splinterwood; turns into Ant?)
Marty (replaced Jeffrie — is Jeffrie brought back to life?)
ANT (Collective — same as The Mann?)
Baker Bloch
Tron(Axis) (blue-green as well — trapped in 75 “Lamb”)
Linda Halsey (seen w/ Marty too — dumped? Maybe Linda and Jeffrie then get together?)
Legos: Winfield and Winnie (kill Arthur Kill)
Lock Ness Monster (replica in Storybrook)


Linda Halsey
Barry X. Vampire (adventures continue forward — still writing his “Moby Prick” of a book).
Golden Josephine/Rhiannon
Cathy Love Peace Hippie Child (Linda will turn into her (again?))
Selenite Butler (Alberta)
Inspector-Chef Petty


Taum Sauk
Mina Sauk
Casey One Hole
Billy Jean Kidd/Heidi Hunt Ives
Marion Harding


Suisan (reader)
Marion Harding (reader)
Brazil-Peru Travel Agent
Grandpa 01
Alice Farrowheart
Jeffrie Phillips


Hucka Doobie
Baker Bloch
Axis (as Peter or Peet Rose, owner of the Red Rose (Speedway?))
Wheeler/Venus (still wife to Axis, who are now also Ant and Uncle to Marsha Pink Krakow)
Young Harris/Harry’s Son
Mr. Fix It/Jake Trimmer/Gene Kelley
Marsha Star? Krakow (alt of Marsha Pink Krakow)
Alice Farrowheart (projected)
Toddles (projected)
Grandpa 01 (projected)
The Mann (projected)
Parasol (projected)
The Dogg (projected)
Rocky Racco?
Ms. Tanner (projected)
her lover (projected)
Alice F. (the other one)


Mary Greentop/Chuckles
Wheeler Wilson/Venus


Hucka Doobie
Baker Bloch



Professor Suckaluck (discussing Sinkology vs. Peakology? — latter takes over former?)

John Lemon

Jer Left Horn? (projected — TronAxis’ nemesis from 17)

Snowmanster (Southeast – Manz Mansion) spining around in living room wardrobe, still unable to leave?

Tessa (linked to Grote CO via Bellesaria’s Grote sim and NYC=New Amsterdam (Anti-Pode). Now: GROTEsque)

Rebl (lawyer) (same as Parasol)

Tronesis Bug

Santman? (unfufilled combo of Ant Man and Sandman)

Lucy Saffold/Angus Girl (King Crimson ref)
Redeye/ Lamb? (band; partial KC ref as well)
Lamb’s Manager

Speck Beard
(Kirklin) Cpt.
Luke Pickard
Host Charming
Mr. Yellow 02 (Pissing Stan)
Barren and Monroe
Anty Jim
Dennis Jarman
Nick Barkley

Breeze/Merry Gouldbusk?

Karoz Blogger?

David Newton Jasper? (was with Linda Halsey in Adgatetown?)

Hatfield (mentioned in section 2 — rival to McCoy; big orange cat last seen in attic of house)

Mary Pippens (all here thought to be deceased but perhaps not, ala The Mann at same killing)
Achilles T. (hubbie of Mary P. — deceased?))
Cpt. Americus (deceased?)
Batty Man (deceased?)
Superduper Guy (deceased?)

Also VHC City related:
Walter (tree being) (Grott)
Summerhill Nova
Butterfingers/Golden Bee-ing (SAME AS GOLDEN JOSEPHINE?)
Orange Nova (distorts shape!)
Clare Nova

3d Venuses

The Lord (me)
Alice 01
Alice 02 (in BENA now?)
Philip Strevor
Peter SoSo? (another Peter, along with TronAxis)
Marsha (Teepot Tech student) SAME AS MARSHA PINK? PROBABLY NOT
Gregg Oden (asssimulated into AXIS?)
Greg Ogden (ditto?)
Lester (Russian Grey: parishioner?)
Unnamed Yellow Female Alien (BRUIN)
Humpty Dumpty (cameo: parishioner)
Man About Time
Matrix Men (parishioners)
The Musician (former mate of Wheeler but out of picture for a while)
Syd and Nanci (sick children)
Lego Monster Ken
Big Black Smoke (Cy Twomile) (deceased apparently, similar in looks to SEAN).

Rock Ramby
Vain and Artery Boy
Snowbob (VHC City?)
Spongebub (VHC City?)
Arnold and Betsy Layne (Olde Lapara Town)
Hoss (OLT)
Jerome T. Newton
Chris Caveman
Doogie Martin
Straight Jacketed Woman (appears in Benangatron mental ward)
Snoupy (Corsica/Adgatetown)
Osborne Well
Ghost Gorilla
Hank Graphite
JACKSON BLOCH (appears briefly in novel 17 carrying a pipe)
Spongeberg (Core avatar)
Roger Pine Ridge (connect now to Jot Em Down store and Kate)
Green Squirrel (Corsica/Greenup)
Huma (Corsica/Greenup)
Apple TREE
Sep Felton?

Buster (sinkology controversy carried over from Maeb. & Hills of Bill)
Bettie (sinkology controversy carried over from Maeb. & Hills of Bill)
Opp/Campbell O’Pine/Tropp
Craighead Phillips (related to Jeffrie Phillips?)

Preston Weston

Jim A. Brown

Red Spot (rehearsal counch)
Kevin Orchardcity (FT/Phil Austin related)


SECTION — (Archers)
SECTION _ (Yellowmoon)
SECTION _ (Gorlem Hill)
SECTION _ (Greentop/Asha)
SECTION _ (Extensor)