Sunklands 2020 Later
(Cassandra City)
(Waste Annex)
(NWES City)
(Ephant’s Trunk/Nautilus)

Locations: Cassandra Cy, Iris, Rhodenwald, The Cross/The Straight, Teepot, Gaston, Snowlands, NWES City, Waste Annex, Abbey, Stranger Creek, Kentucky, Misty MO, New Eden, Nautilus City, Ephant’s Trunk, Nautilus/Publius, Texas, Hana Lei/Maryland/Maebaleia




Hucka Doobie
Baker Bloch
Leforest Bresford
Verbena Litwalton (mentioned)
Miss Graham (= Wheeler)
The Five
Foxtrot (= Hucka Doobie)

NAUTILUS/PUBLIUS (dream region):

Andy Warhole
Barry 02/ Graham?
Miss Graham (Wheeler’s version — young-ish female teacher)
*Wheeler Wilson
Crappy (failure! doesn’t like Supertramp)
Foxtrot (woman in red dress from red box)


Ant (smaller castle/bigger peak)
Harrison Jett (NWES Cy, Stranger Ck) (bigger castle/smaller peak)
HJ’s wife (unseen yet)
Barry 02 (“hole” artist; perhaps kidnapper of Wendy? Perhaps= Her Majesty?) may be same as
* Graham (another dr., like Murray)
Andy Warhole
Hidi/Wheeler (wants to play Graham as woman – 02 Grahams?)


Rothko? (diff from Barry 02, who is a Thoko??)
Golden Jim
Marty (apparently is Harrison Jett now)
The Mann


Suisan (Waste Annex) (no action yet)
Harrison Jett (Stranger Creek, Ephants Trunk) (has “apples” in Apple’s Orchard)
Charlene the Punk (Teepot, Gaston) (hangs w/ HJ in Apple’s Orchard bar)
Her Majesty (rogue yeti in centre of NWES — also seen in Snowlands on murder rampage)
Man About Time (displaced from Collagesity, oversees…, but now in Kidd Tower in AO)
Carrcassonnee (dead; but then alive in Marwood/Icefyre! also: MAP SYNC! (Letcher Co KY))
Alice Farrowheart (studying collages again–doesn’t understand temp placed Bogota gallery)
Toddles (AF’s psychic grandchild; always w/ her)
Baker Bloch (owner of galleries there: Boos, Bogota, Red Umbrella so far — Boos in Icefyre now)
Mr. Babyface (again MAT’s penthouse neighbor in Kidd Tower (!) Has Big E)
Gill Alex (mate to Rock Ramby, rented in Black D.; same as LRPV, helps est Temple in Icefyre)
Rock Ramby (rented in Black D. w/Rock)
Golden Jim (can change into Snoupy, and Charlie Brown pics in NWES! temp chief of police there)
Sandy/Herbert Dune (controlled by…)
*The Twins* — right now literally Twins from Shining — Mabel emerges from 1 of 2?)
Merry Gouldbusk/Breeze/played by Alice Frame? (his idea girl-doll) same as…
*Wendy (O’Donnell? also played by Alice F.)… and hangs around, via “Burger Wars”…
*Renaldo O’Donnell (potential hubbie if she sticks w/ “Burger Wars”)
*King Winnifried Orange (triangle lover of Wendy w/ Renaldo)
Constance Blueberry (another Blueberry girl, more realistic this time; other appearances:)
*Rules the Fairy (non-blue version of Blueberry Girl)
*Blue Berry Girl (like GA and RR from Misty MO; assoc w/Marwood sim)
Blackey (apparently another form of….)
black dress woman (Sandy confronts for info in Marwood Tower; a bot (Marwood’s full of ’em))
Betty John Hammock (bakery attendant there; another bot)
Dr. Baumbeer (flashback)
Lu Ellen Hutchinson (or Hutchison) played by Alice Frame (flashback)
DeBoy, who becomes….
Graham 02, formerly Barry 02
Norm the Cashier at the Flower Shop


Old Mabel? (Twins donned bloodied dress?)
Dr. Baumbeer revived? (has batman cape now; in Red Rose still?)
Ms. Tanner? (police chief, works for Ingo?)
Percy? (Tanner’s girlfriend)
Ingo/played by Jack Toadswallow (brother/boyfriend to MG/AF)
88? (Club 88 connection still, if it still exists-exploded & burned down in novel 16)
Newtonia Cashcow? (companion of 88)
Herbert Gold?
April Mae Flowers?
Shape Pullers/Jethro Tull?
Felecia Teen? (transplant from Satori continent/PipersV.)
Officer Mustardgas (seen w/ Golden Him as temp chief)
Golden Josephine? (another Gaston-NWES connection)
Benjamin Guy/Guyd (Guy connection)
Hank (ran AO tattoo parlor in novel 16, now property offlimits)


Biff Carter (CC)
Baker Bloch (sev)


Harrison Jett (NWES City)
DeBoy? (Waste Annex)


Wendell “Biff” Carter (CC)
Walter Pillsbury
Jeffrie Phillips (Teepot)
Poetry Dancer (Teepot)


Suisan (NWES City)
DeBoy (Abbey)
Dr. Mouse/Pansy Mouse (Teepot)
Baker Bloch (Iris, CC, Teepot, Omega)
Marsha “Star” Pink (reincarnation of Marsha Pink Krakow from novel 19)
Jim the Bastard Pirate (Gaston)


Charlene the Punk (Teepot, NWES City)
Jim the Bastard Pirate (Waste Annex)


Jeffrie Phillips
Charlene the Punk (Waste Annex, Gaston) Jeffrie’s girl who he leaves
David A.B. (may be the same now as…)
Axis (boss of Jeffrie Phillips in novel 18; David A.B. cited as boss of JP in novel 19)
Dr. Nightwing (mentioned; still lover of Audrey, perhaps husband now (was he before?))
Heva (2nd girlfriend of Jeffrie)
Appleyon (a bad one, and a vending machine salesman)
Baker Bloch (Iris, Omega, CC, Waste Annex) (Owner of Bake’s Bakery w/ demon vending machine)
Hucka Doobie
Dr. Mouse/Pansy Mouse (Waste Annex) (apparently took Dr. Nightwing’s place)
Dr. Nightwing (before his transformation? But not Audrey’s Dr. apparently, at least yet)
New Nun
Silhouette (anti-self of New Nun, w/ dangerous curves albeit blacked out)
Blue Rose/Thorn (Jeffrie Philllips’ superhero guise)
Audrey (emerges from Silhouette in Jeffrie’s eyes)


Apple’s I. Scream (sister of Appleyon, or cousin? Also related to I.C. Yourinsides?)
Teepot (literally, a walking teapot from novel 11)
Cathy A. (w/ blue rose, counterpart to Marcus Fox SmartV.)
Marcus Fox SmartV. (red rose;  perhaps replaced by…)
Man About Time
Sep Felton (possible girlfriend to Jeffrey)
Big Baby Girl (guarder of treasure still in town in novel 11)
Duncan Avocado (rejected Teepot in novel 11 and chose death because no linden trees there)
Harambe (gorilla — roommate of Jeffrie’s?)
Barren Monroe (pimp)?
Psycho, The? (mentioned in Teepot post now as “recruiter” of Duncan A.: Also: King)
Libby (another girlfriend? has rabbit)
Sugar O’Cotton (another girlfriend? but less realistic)
Washer (servant that came with apt?)
Pretty Man?
Empathy (also: Empty — as in Empty Trash Can?)
Slavic Woman?
Sandman? (friend to Blue Rose/Thorn?)


Baker Bloch (CC, Omega)
Duncan Avocado (CC, Omega)
New Nun (CC, Iris)
Gus Man
Gus Dog (Spot, actually)
Gus Woman
Lou (conferring with Gus about vague roles)
Core-Alena (whole: as a tree, its true form when grounded — in the ground): Separated (in Shallows now?):
*Halo Boy,
*Green Car
Odd Cartoon Boy (Iris – separate from Core-Alena in Shallows game?)
Miss Raincoat/Sammy Whatammy (CC, Iris – flashback; lives near Iris-Beach portal)
Crayola (Iris — flashback)
Casey One Hole (Iris – flashback)
Baker Blinker (as Magicka Bean, wrestler)
Wheeler Wilson (as partner in wrestling (and love apparently): Flip Bean)


Philip Strevor (Iris, not boss but working for Casey 1 Hole now)
Roger Pine Ridge (Iris — lives next to Sunklands Institute now)
Gilmore (Iris)
Charlie Banana (Iris)
The Bill/Wheeler (Iris, still queen of Heterocera apparently; lives near moth temple)
Grassy Noll (Bill’s bud still, neighbor of RPR)
Cyberpaperdoll (in area!)
Bandit Boy? (Cpd’s new bo after RPR — still around?)
Opp (Grassy’s cousing)
Reds, Yellows, other colors — Mmmmmm’s (all cousins to Grassy, but do they get along?)
Samantha (only a SILHOUETTE; opposite of New Nun)


Baker Bloch (Iris, Omega)
New Nun (Iris, Omega)
Cassandra Who (becomes more 2d as time progresses)
Duncan Avocado (Iris, Omega)
Jim A. Brown
Homer Smipson (head in a jar now)
Sticky (resonates w/ World of Tomorrow but the *good* one)
Miss Raincoat/Sammy Whatammy
Moe (bartender, just like in Smipsons)
Wendell “Biff” Carter (Abbey)
Rocky Racco (implied that he was Carter’s caller)
Keith B. (already seen in CC toward end of novel 20… will stay at my apt. MORE SOON)
(…..also, Keith B. and Jim A. B. are maths partners, Bowers and Brown)
Kate McCoy (w/Keith B. recently in CC; at Irish Bar)
Gabby Truth (soothsayer at Moe’s)
Andy Warhole (customer of Gabby’s)
Hilter (ditto)
Sandy Beech/Herbert Dune (speaks to Biff Carter at bakery)
Pervimus Rex (fill in for similar book reading Biff?)
Sugar O’Cotton (fill in for Wendy)
Man About Time (buys Moe’s bar from him – what will he do with it??)


Silhouette (Samantha?; opposite of New Nun)
Cindy A. (‘nother member of A.Team with Jim A. Brown)
Todd A. (ditto)
Poetry Dancer (may sit in on next CC meeting)
Linda Halsey (fascinated with Absorbalof I. near CC because of 8 Ball synch STUDY!)
New Monk (balance to New Nun (anchor to goodness?) — Nun and Monk, old style, seen in 20 briefly in ref to Carrc)

OMEGA (Rhodenwald, The Cross/The Straight)

Duncan Avocado (Iris, CC)
Mrs. Black (former – same as blacked out Silhouette?)
Dixie chick (she and Mrs. Black are mortal enemies: Trump vs. Anti-Trump)
New Nun (Iris, CC) (understands Silhouette is her anti-self)
Baker Bloch (Iris, CC)
Morris (somehow also Gus Man)
Gus Man (Green Alien — double of Morris apparently — appears in very center of Omega cont.)


Sid (will still be exploring the Head Diagonal, perhaps with Indigo and Ragdoll still)
Martha Lamb (dumped?)
Golden Jim (sometimes lodger with Sid at his Rubi trailer; sometimes is tree? But also is Police Chief in Gaston)


Duncan Avocado