Sunklands 2020 Even Later (in progress!)

Locations: NWES Island, Europe, (VHC City), Iris, (Rubi), Urqhart, Sansara,




NWES City:

Toothpick/Filbert (Hick Temple>canal)
Master Berry (Hick Temple — runs it?)
Oewa (cat; Hick Temple)
Frenchy (bird — mentioned; resonant w/ French Perpignan images later)
MAT (mentioned)
Elberta (canal)
Kolya (Marwood)
Santa God (Marwood)
Apples (Somerset)
Apples I. Scream (Somerset)
Oranges/Applelon (Somerset)
Apple Tree (Somerset)
Spore (Somerset)
Ong (in store with products in NWES I)
Sandy Beech (Bigfoot Bar)
Sandy Chic (Bigfoot Bar)
King Orange (Bigfoot Bar)
Renaldo O’Donnell (Bigfoot Bar)
Wendy (Bigfoot Bar — mentioned)
Chef-detective K PETTY O (Bigfoot Bar)
Saffie (88 theatre)
Marty (88 theatre)
Lisa the Vegetarian (88 theatre)
Amazonia (Flower Shop)
Norm the Cashier (Flower Shop)
DeBoy/Barry (Flower Shop — mentioned)
Burt the Cop (Flower Shop>station)
Officr Jeffry Tanner (Flower Shop>station)
Ms./Lt. Tanner (station/canal nearby)
Dr. Rabbid Baumbeer (station; 1/2 bat now)
Dinner Girl (station)
Great Great Grandmother Din Din (station: statue)
PIG (station: statue)
(Red Rose — consignment shop?)
(Neptune Bar)
(Neptune Pool)


Alice Farrowheart (Neptune? Red Umbrella?)
Toddles (same)
Percy (mate to Tanner who has just appeared at station)
Axis? (still owns my bar?)
Newtonia Cashcow
Barry/DeBoy (doing art in The City?)
Source/Lake (at Cub Run thrift shop?)
Sandy Beech (Cub Run?)
King Shopi (Cub Run?)
Fairy Queen (Cub Run?)
Man About Time (Kidd Tower)
Mr. Babyface? (Kidd Tower)
Constance Blueberry/Blue Berry Girl (Marwood?)
Gill (Black Ice?)
Rock Ramby (Black Ice?)
Wendy (Bigfoot Bar?)
The Twins (Bigfoot Bar?)
Tulsa (veg bar)
Charlene the Punk (seen dating harrison Jett at Bigfoot Bar)
Harrison Jett (Bigfoot Bar, but also Red Rose earlier)
Carrcassonnee (Temple of TILE — SOON!)
Her Magesty (a bigfoot/yeti — seen at Canal)
Norm the Cashier (may move to store in flower shop goes away)
Jim the Pirate (assoc with Bogota gallery and its collages)
Marsha Pink Krakow (seen at 88 and Baumbeer’s Office)
Tronesisi (seen singing at 88)
Incognito (may be same as Ingo)
Audrey (seen at Red Rose)
King Petty (beach house)
Mid Hazel (seen on  upper levels of station)
Merry Gouldbusk (appears to be same as Wendy or played by same actor)
Hidi (seen in Marwood)
Jack police robot
Hank/Henry (use to run tatoo shop in Apple’s Orchard — still there?)
Baker Bloch
Senor Green Jeans (seen at Neptune Pool)
Officer Mustardgas
Golden Jim (temp chief for Tanner in Baumbeer case)
George V. Norris (works at travel agency)
Rabbit 01 (Baumbeer’s father)
Rabbit 02 (Baumbeer’s mother)
Melvin Peepee Todd (killed by Bullfrog, who was then killed by Merry G.)
Charlie Brown (related to Charlene the Punk Brown?)
Snoupy (same as Golden Jim?)
Hugh Snowman (center of jigsaw puzzles game)
88 (runs Club 88?)
Duncan A. (seen at Club 88 playing keyboards)
Ingor Rat (a red rat, or collective rat)
7 Devils
Herbert Gold (seen at Rhino)


Illuminatus (tested)
Annie Lee (at crossroads)
Spongebub (picture)
Saffie (rival renter to Marty)


Baker Bloch (Blue Feather)
Chef-detective Keat “Petty” Owens (Blue Feather; elsewhere)
Spongebub (and picture; Blue Feather)
Snowmanster (Blue Feather: her CB Dylan cabinet at least)
Old Grey (posed like Dali at Perpignan)
Curled Paper (Blue Feather)
Hindsight/Golden (elsewhere)
Spore (elsewhere)
Source/Lake (elsewhere)


Chef-detective Keat “Petty” Owens (flashback)
Jerome T. Newton (flashback)

VHC City

Baker Bloch (flashback)
Allen Martin (flashback)


Officer Jeffry Tanner
Burt the Cop