Sunklands 2020 Even Later

Locations: NWES Island, Europe/France, VHC City, Iris, Rubi, Urqhart, Sansara, Corsica NW, Gaston, Consignment, New Island/Fishers Island, West End, Hana Lei (zzz), Ohio, Nautilus, Ties, The Waste, La La Land, Canada




NWES Island:

Toothpick/Filbert (Hick Temple>canal, Mercury Rising, Red Rose, St Mary’s)
Master Berry (Hick Temple — runs it? seems now to be same as Man About Time, St. Mary’s)
Oewa (cat; Hick Temple-will she get talkie tube? lead/tin to gold?)
Frenchy (bird — mentioned; resonant w/ French Perpignan images later)
Man About Time (mentioned; lives in Kidd Tower -PROBABLY SAME AS M BERRY)
Elberta (canal — sister of Filbert, then other locations, eventually St. Mary’s)
Kolya (Marwood; NOT a bot — later Phantom Hill)
Santa God (Marwood; bot — later (as Axis?) Phantom Hill)
Apples or Apples 01 (Somerset, Black Ice (mentioned))
Apples I. Scream or Apples 02 (Somerset; replaced by new Apples; later: Black Ice coffee shop)
Oranges/Applelon (Somerset – boyfriend of old Apples; later: Black I coffee shop)
Apple Tree (Somerset, St. Mary’s? REPLACED BY CHERRY TREE?)
Spore (Somerset; also in Urqhart and Iris and zzz)
Goss? (Somerset related (Austin); may be same as Toothpick somehow)
Ong (in store with products at NWES Island — COVID disperser (?))
Sandy Beech (Bigfoot Bar – NOTE: THIS BAR IS NOW GONE)
Sandy Chic (Bigfoot Bar — alt Sandy in Sandy Beech’s dream; later: Neptune bar)
King Orange (Bigfoot Bar – in dream)
Renaldo O’Donnell (Bigfoot Bar – in dream, St. Mary’s (sacrifice))
Wendy (Bigfoot Bar — mentioned by Sandy;later: Black Ice in bed with Sandy B.)
Chef-detective KEAT PETTY OWENS (Bigfoot Bar – investigating SB’s dream and broken door; St. Mary’s)
Saffie (88 theatre, St. Mary’s)
Marty (88 theatre, St. Mary’s)
Lisa the Vegetarian (88 theatre – speech on limitations of capitalism, St. Mary’s)
Amazonia (Flower Shop — demands 2989 (49×61) payment from.; St. Mary’s)
Norm the Cashier (Flower Shop owner — deceased)
DeBoy/Barry (Flower Shop — mentioned; later: his own apt on pink couch and then bed)
Burt the Cop (Flower Shop & station… doesn’t hear Flower Shop exploding)
Officer Jeffry Tanner (Flower Shop & station… ditto)
Ms./Lt. Tanner (station/canal nearby mentioned as not effective barrier between E and W)
Dr. Rabbid Baumbeer (station; 1/2 bat now; later: Red Rose, and then in Neptune w/car)
Dinner Girl (station, gun totting, then Restaurant with Supper Man NOTE; REST. NOW GONE)
Great Great Grandmother Din Din (station: gun toting statue)
PIG (station: statue beside Din Din one, then seen at Travel Agency with Hidi)
Supper Man (Restaurant — proposes to Dinner Girl; later: Super Gym, Biker hideout)
Aloha (Red Rose – climbs into Dali painting; SEE: Fern)
Dali (in photo+painting on Red Rose wall)
Professor Art (ditto)
Hidi (MOTEL, Happy Travels Travel Agency — goes to Gaston again to “hide”, then Neptune)
(NOTE: Wheeler no longer premium member when Hidi appears)
Axis/Tropp (MOTEL, Mercury Rising; combined into one for novel 22)
Mr. Z (Meat Cy & Mercury Rising; Toothpick’s friend returned from world travel-brings Toothpick back into story; lives at Mercury X. Rising, or parents do, runs off with Mrs. M)
Francis (Meat Cy; owner/guardian of peep show joint in Meat City)
Aunt Fannie (Meat Cy; Mr. Z’s aunt who works there, or someone’s aunt)
Messenger Chick (Elberta’s messenger chicken seen at The Canal)
Blue Berry Girl (fills in for Elberta at Red Rose partner meeting)
Black Dragon girl (hooker at Meat Cy, perhaps Francis’ club)
Mrs. M (Toothpick’s mum, lives in trailer in Meat Cy area, runs off w/ Mr. Z)
Zapppa (site manager of Moe’s, best man of Toothpick at St. Mary’s (in his job descrip.))
Uncle Luther (Marwood: burial spot; dead from a flu like disease)
Newtonia Cashcow/Tracy Austin (has apt. in Black Ice, perhaps w/)
Eighty-eight (w/ Tracy — also runs Club 88?)
Eraserhead Man (Whitlock, w/ Toothpick, sister, Baker Bloch-watch UMeatwad)
Halloween Jack (Phantom Hill: dancing on top w/…)
Sally (Phantom Hill)
Dr. Mouse (Phantom Hill: onlooking creator of misfits Jack and Sally?)
Santa God (Phantom Hill: actually Jeffrey Phillips; interacts w/… Koyla)
Hilter (Phantom Hill; Black Ice)
Andy Warhole (Phantom Hill; Black Ice)
Marilyn (Phantom Hill; Black Ice)
Dancing Japanese Kamakazee Girl (Phantom Hill)
Toddles (Marwood-at Boos gallery)
Taum Sauk (Marwood, depicted in Boos collage; same as C1Hole)
Rocky Racco (Jeogeot Continental; interacting w/…)
Jack Danielson (bartender at Jeogeot Continental; HAH, same as Dimmy (see below))
Zimmy (Black Ice; Mr. Z’s pretty bro)
Olive Oylstick (Black Ice; her apt.)
Phyllis (Black Ice; Olive’s apt.)
Big Wanda (Rhino; Elberta in diff form, St. Mary’s)
Dimmy Gene (lives in Nep by the sea; row boat; use to date Oakley Annie)
Snowmanster (appears in Icefyre at firey man w/…; then walks to Red Rose)
Old Grey (apparently dead)
Fireman (strange figure found on Icefyre’s n. coast)
Fern (mini-person, takes place of Aloha at Red Rose)
Ross C. (robot of Andy, tears through walls, ha)
Barry/DeBoy (doing art in The City? but dreaming presence doesn’t have phys loc yet, St. Mary’s?)
Boos Kickass (= Baghead Boy; in Black Ice’s Deep South)
Bogota Kickass (ditto — bros apparently)
Moe (former Bigfoot Bar, now Moe’s)
Wendy (Bigfoot Bar, then Black Ice in Barry’s bedroom)
The Twins (Bigfoot Bar — mentioned)
Aloha 02 (Bigfoot Bar — emerges from picture)
Gabby Truth (Bigfoot Bar — interacts with Aloha 02 as seer)
Eraserhead Man (Black Ice; Barry’s bedroom)
Duncan Avocado (Neptune, Neptune’s Bay looking at Hidi in Mercury capsule)
Judd (Black Ice)
Elwena (Black Ice)
7 Devils (Black Ice)
Chalene the Punk Brown (Black Ice coffee shop, w…)
Jeffrey Phillips (Black Ice coffee shop)
Charles Brown (Black Ice… discussed and also pic seen at coffee shop)
Walter “Homer” Westinghouse (sim? head of city/town council)
Tillie (St. Mary’s)
Tealy (St. Mary’s)
Her Majesty (St. Mary’s)
Jim the Bastard Pirate (St. Mary’s)
2nd Corona-V Pirate (St. Mary’s — Jonny Deep)

(Rhino downtown)
(Neptune Bar)
(Neptune Pool)
(more Meat City!)


Alice Farrowheart (Neptune? Red Umbrella? last report: drugged by Toddles, ha)
Percy (mate to Tanner who has just appeared at station)
Axis? (still owns my Neptune bar? Is also obviously Santa and Hal. Jack. Melvin shows up 2?)
Newtonia Cashcow/ Tracy Austin (MS AUSTIN! 88 OBVIOUSLY RELATED)
Source/Lake (at Cub Run thrift shop?)
King Shopi (Cub Run? runs thrift shop?)
Fairy Queen (Cub Run? mate to King Shopi)
Mr. Babyface? (Kidd Tower, but may be replaced by Toothpick/Filbert)
Constance Blueberry/Blue Berry Girl (Marwood?)
Gill (Black Ice again?)
Rock Ramby (Black Ice again?)
Tulsa (Restaurant — 10/28: rest. gone)
Harrison Jett (Bigfoot Bar, but also Red Rose earlier)
Marsha Pink Krakow (seen at 88 and Baumbeer’s Office)
Tronesisia (seen singing at 88; may be sucked into J Gulf war again?)
Incognito (may be same as Ingo)
Audrey (seen at Red Rose)
King Petty (beach house)
Mid Hazel (seen on  upper levels of station)
Merry Gouldbusk (appears to be same as Wendy or played by same actor (Alice Frame))
Jack police robot
Hank/Henry (use to run tattoo shop in Apple’s Orchard — still there?)
Baker Bloch
Senor Green Jeans (seen at Neptune Pool); Nick Nolte connection?
Officer Mustardgas
Golden Jim (temp chief for Tanner in Baumbeer case)
George V. Norris (worked at travel agency)
Rabbit 01 (Baumbeer’s father)
Rabbit 02 (Baumbeer’s mother)
Melvin Peepee Todd (killed by Bullfrog, who was then killed by Merry G.)
Snoupy (same as Golden Jim?)
Hugh Snowman (center of jigsaw puzzles game)
Ingor Rat (a red rat, or collective rat)
Herbert Gold (seen at Rhino)
Hucka Doobie


Wheeler Wilson
Homer Smipson
Raging Crow (pre-rage)
Oesso Man


Barry DeBoy
Marsha “Star” Pink (mentioned)
Jim the Bastard Pirate (mentioned)
Barry X. Vampire (mentioned)
Nappy (cat; stares into camera)
Bullfrog (mentioned; family friend, Uncle Bully)
Lu Ellen Hutchison/Hutchinson (mentioned)
Eraserhead Man (waves at Nappy from behind camera)
Neptune (girl; mentioned)


Barry Deboy (dreamer)


Barry DeBoy (dreamer)
Dimmy Gene (sits at Zero bar with Barry D.)

HANA LEI (zzz, etc.):

Hitgal (freed from Misery Cabin, which may be related to Bigfoot Cabin of NWES)
Sandy Chic
Sandy Beech
Francis (bear)
Eraserhead Man
Big Wanda
Little Oakley Annie
Old Grey
Black Diamond (samurai judo master)
Barry DeBoy (on beach with red bikini — Dreamer’s Isle)


King Lewis Johnson/The Mann
Linda Halsey
Mad Anthony
Marty (mentioned)


Hidi (on vacation or “hiding” again; may stay in new trailer park)
Uncle Zach Black (still driving a taxi around town; now hooked on FT and also Residents, lives in trailer park)
Filbert and Delbert — bruisers: Filbert has same name as Toothpick, hmm
Hitgal (at Rhino listening to FT)
Domino (Rhino, ditto)
Firesign Theater (The Boys)


Randolph the Bastard Pirate


Illuminatus (tested out at crosswalk before…)
Marty (looking for new house behind Urqhart)
Annie Lee (dummie at crossroads)
Snowbob (son of Spongebub and Snowmanster)
Spongebub (in picture with jellyfish)
Snowmanster (wife of Spongebub)
Saffie (rival renter to Marty, then starts to date him; Linda H. irked!)


Baker Bloch (Blue Feather)
Chef-detective Keat “Petty” Owens (Blue Feather; elsewhere)
Spongebub (and picture; Blue Feather)
Old Grey (BF: posed like Dali at Perpignan)
Curled Paper (Blue Feather)
Hindsight/Golden (elsewhere)
Spore (elsewhere)
Source/Lake (elsewhere)
Toothpick/Filbert (gets apt to test marriage w/…)
Andy Warhole
Snowmanster (emerged from CB Dylan dresser)
Ross C.


Core-Alena (Snowmanster & Old Grey go visit again; Green Dog is there too?)
Green Family


Chef-detective Keat “Petty” Owens (flashback)
Jerome T. Newton (flashback)
Toothpick (at test for consignment store there)

VHC City

Baker Bloch (flashback)
Allen Martin (flashback)
Duncan Avocado (still lives there apparently)
Buster Damm (agent of Pot-D)


Officer Jeffry Tanner
Burt the Cop


Little Oakley Annie