Sunklands 2021-2020 Winter (in progress!)

Heaven, Color Sims, Green Yarn, Rose Heaven, NWES City, Canada, Elven Mists, Snowlands, New Eden, Ohio, Rubi, End of Time





Jeffrie Phillips
Camouflage (seen in EOT before but not developed)
Man About Time
Heartless Dummy (alive?)
Mabel (mentioned — disappearance kind of explained)


Peet Archer (travels to Picturetown with…)
Toddles (can grow 3x and then 3 more)
Maple Leaf Hoodie Man (Canada Heartland; may be baker b. (me!))
Mayor of Swamp Fox (in OH — dies)
Former Wife of Mayor of Swamp Fox (meets above in heaven with white smile)
Oakley Annie/Orkley Andy (kills Mayor in Swamp Fox)
Bart Smipson (Picturetown: now reverse nudist — seems to be at the dunes)
Source (ditto)
Lake (ditto)
Statue (name)
Foxtrot (same as Source? (red dress))
Wheeler (collage)
Tessa (collage)
Putter Man (collage)


Baker Bloch (Mercer Co WV; Pictown)
Hucka Doobie (Mercer Co WV; Pictown)
Craighead Phillips (Mercer Co WV — returned to Second Lyfe now and Maeb./Athlone portal)
Your Mama (confronts returned Craighhead at Athlone portal)
Tracy Austin (confronts returned Craighead at Athlone portal?)
Eraserhead Man (directs CP and YM/TA at Maeb./Athlone portal)
Wheeler (Pictown; maybe stands in for skateboarder skating away (on the run) from G. Tiger?)
Mary York (Pictown; seems to be same as Her Majesty, which in turn may = Charlene Punk)
Bart Smipson? (Pictown; skateboarder; graffiti artist)
Joe (Moe’s twin from ShelbyV.– 1 photo)
*Things (Pictown, in collage; also 2 “things” mentioned in early post “soon”)
*Hortonia (Pictown, in collage; elephant Horton double)
*Zero (not character but mentioned early in novel as Zero Hero — identity still unk.)
Lemmy (tree being, like Core-Alena, but only in 2 collages so far 11/26)
Krabapple (Smipsons tcher, in collage)


Biff Carter (private dick in The City, but recruited back to force due to…)
Philburg Johnson Jones (… being sick w/ pill; formerly shot by Biff)
Cpt. Henry (head of New Eden police dept.?)
Phyllis (waiter at Red Dress Diner (mentioned); warns of danger of pill)
Orkley Andy (relation to Oakley Annie?)
Hunter (hides under couch because of gun shots)
Jessica Fudd Wabbit (bartender at 511; not Biff’s kind of gal)
Wendy Wilson (511: says Biff is Axis; tries to wake him up but gives up for the moment)
Bracket Jupiter (NOT Baker Bloch)


Wendy Wilson, who is same as…
Wheeler Wilson


Reader/Librarian/Chef Keat Owes (reading Octopus book at dock)
Katy Kidd/Kate McCoy (dead at docks)


Hidi (Thornwood)
Toddles/All Orange? (mentioned)
Blue (Rose) Thorn (Thornwood, same as…)
Jeffrie Phillips (Serenity, w/…)
Owl (IT Tech)
Gnome (computer novice) &
Hunter (dog — somehow trapped on Dog I., a “wee i.”)
Peet Archer (on Aislan Diagonal, formerly in Thornwood)


Merry Gouldbusk (remembers she’s queen of RoseH through yarn shop but doesn’t desire to go back)
Peet Archer (in Thornwood and, first, Borderlands; buds w/…)
Toddles (who grows between their pool games in Borderlands to become All Orange??)
Mid Hazel (just killed 5 people in Bellisaria, including what she thought was All O.)
Esmerelda the cat-witch (asst to Mid Hazel)
Norris (wee one; present in Rose Haven last winter; home still there under Fire Tree Mtn.)
Baker Bloch (Flock & Feather)
Jane (bartender (owner?) Flock & Feather)
Wheeler-as-Charlene (on Dog I. with BBloch staring at Murdoch’s Castle)


Donald Farr (on another winter vacation there again as he has been last 2?)
Parasol (seems to be same as Mid Hazel RELATIONSHIP?)
Ingo (sister to MGouldbusk and presumably ruler of Rose Haven now)
Col. Flagstaff (Kurt Corbain lookalike; seems to be same as Ingo)
Herbert Gold?
April Mae Flowers?


Tessa Doom
Chimera (blue hologram dancer)
Ray/Blue (Rose) Thorn (mentioned)
Wanda, Wicked
Sunny Star 07 (mentioned)
Boom Boom 2020 (mentioned)
Jeffrie Phillips (same as…)
Casey One Hole (links all around)
Stumpy (bartender)
Gigi (sitting at bar; her (G G) club?)


Tessa Doom (Cow Hill)
Carolin (Tessa’s cave pal; Cow Hill)
Jersey (cow on Cow Hill)
Guernsey (cow on Cow Hill)
Sark-Herm (wise talkie Leopard on Cow Hill)
Man About Time (mentioned-misses meeting on Cow Hill; replaced by BLACKBOARD)


Man About Time (also visits Blue Airfield looking for ship, then…)
Tiger? (former mentor)
Gray(ham) Elizabeth (mentioned; hiding in the Gray Woods beside Blue Airfield? Fugitive?)
Angus Girl (mentioned by OOylstick later, along w/ cow blowing air backwards, ha)
Duncan Avocado? (appeared in Blue before)
Olive Oylstick (waits for cousins Mr Z and Zimmy at Blue Airfield w/…)
Groover (Knob Noster?)
*Mr. Z (mentioned)
*Zimmy (mentioned)


Tessa Doom





Tessa Doom (interacting / Millgate through Ashton Hill?)
Rabbit M4 (secret life on Bell.; w/ Wendy??)
another rabbit (Bugs Bunny type?)
Carolin (at central house of Millgate?)
Bart Smipson (Millgate connection?)


Mid-Hazel (mentioned killing 5 people there (Millgate?), w/ first and last as follow:)
*Jenny Lind (it was her party; is she singer here as well? Schumann hearted her)
*All Orange (Aldebarionian, and seeming to resurrect herself/itself)
Sandman (w/ Ant-man at Squishy Pickle after emerging from Black Ice bigfoot pic)
Ant-man (Hideout with HFJett, then at Squishy Pickle with Sandman)
*Ant (yet to be seen, but logically on Pickle 02 w/…)
Mann, The (in Pickle 02’s Alala sighting that humpback whale singing a brief song)
Harrison Ford Jett (exploring Pickle 02’s underwater “Bigfoot” creations, then at Hideout)
*Sep*isexton (seen sitting at Squishy Pickle 04 on Pickle 02 and then walking into Hideout)
Sep Felton (girlfriend of Seb; resonant w/…)
Ally Orange (Hideout, bartender, same as…)
Sebby Cormac (established Hideaway bartender; brings light to the place)
*Lichen Roosevelt (ditzy blonde)
Charlene Brown the Punk (Hideout w/HF Jett, who turns into her shirt) same as:
*Fern Stalin
Sandy Beech (commenting on Lights of Aurelia lighthouse on same island from Pickle 02 pier)
Wendy Wilson (w/ Sandy at the pier there)
Sandy Chic (another form of Sandy, staring at Magellen to close part 4 on big Bellisaria continent — 1st there)
Olive Olystick (started at Ghost place, then did research in lots of places, stays at homeless shelter at Ashton H w…)
Groover (aka Knob Noster)
Zimmy (mentioned; Olive’s cousin; didn’t meet up w/ her)
Mr. Z (mentioned; Olive’s cousin; didn’t meet up w/ her)
Jeffrie Phillips (looking for Knob Noster (Groover) in Inbetweenland; Pickle 02)
Tickie (Inbetweenland; Pickle 02
Tenty (Inbetweenland, run over by rr)
Sammie Parr (w/ Jeffrie in Inbetweenland; killed by car)
Mr. Platinum (emerges from secret cave; to be cont.!)
Blue (Rose) Thorn (Tickie + Jeffrie Phillips, sent forth (backwards?) into the world by Mr. P perhaps)
Parasol (The Mann’s womann again at Pickle 02)
Dogg/Mamaduke (w/ The Mann and Parasol/womann again at Pickle 02)
Baker Bloch (at Peace village)
Hucka Doobie (talked to at same by BBloch)
Man About Time (mentions seeing pansies in Peace Village)



Fern Stalin
Lichen Roosevelt
Wendy Wilson (caught; jarred!; figure of study)

NWES (City)


Barry DeBoy (artist–w/art successfully saved CITY)
Francis (mentioned; Meat Cy strip club owner or manager or guard)
Aunt Fannie (hinted at; dancer at same; eyes in back)
Ant? (another “aunt” obviously)
Baker Bloch (meets Barry in his trailer, but Barry may move to Meat Cy trailer vacated by Mrs. M?)
Pansy Mouse (dream figure (?) at Symphony Music Store seen by Barry who then wakes up)
Drew “Grumpy” Cleveland (80-something man who knows stuff about Pansy; atop Symph Store)
Peter Ladd (doing report re Pansy Mouse for school — still in high school? college?)
Alaina Green (based on “ficticious” Alaina Gleen from Applewood (City?) CO)
*Flo (fictional character in A. Gleen)
*Leon von Lutz (fictional character in A. Gleen; owns TX shaped and sized pool in Hilltop Lkes TX)
Neptune (same as A. Green?)
disinfector (name? same as a painter apparently)
Andy Warhole (Black Ice, Deep South)
Marilyn (Black Ice, Deep South)
Boos Kick-Ass (Black Ice, Deep South)
Bogota Kick-Ass (Black Ice, Deep South)
Merry Gouldbusk/Breeze (= Amber the wrestler?; but also maybe Barry Deboy?? (red capped))
Dickie “Dick” Doom (Merry’s dad; Black Ice, Deep South)
Debbie Doom (Merry’s maw; Black Ice, Deep South)
old man reader (sitting outside Rosehaven Yarn Shop)
Her Majesty (figure in shop of same name)
Wheeler (Chapala — newly established Blue Feather/Sunklands Inst.)
Grassy Noll (at Blue Feather meeting, brings presents from Iris where they left)
Sandy Beech (Marwood)
Wendy (Marwood)
Charlene the Punk (Marwood; Spunky’s in Black Ice)
Harrison Ford Jett (Marwood)
Hugh the Snowman (in center of icebreaker/jigsaw game; turns orange and blue)
Bart Smipson (assumed came into NWES City to deliver Wheeler on his skateboard)
Moe (Apple’s Orchard, made redundant in his bar but still comes back, also in 2 collages)
Stumpy (cousin of Zimmmy and Mr. Z, the 3 Amigos, rents Flower Shop blding for new TILE meting place)
Gotham (black man with red yel green cap who emerges from pic at Moe’s, apt w/ Stumpy when he gets head?)
Lemmy (Green Tree being; fought Homer in Moe’s bar in Apple’s Orchard)
Homer Smipson (fought Lemmy in same; lost head)
Toddles (at Red Umbrella & then Boos and then consignment store)
Alice Farrowheart (at Red Umbrella, then using Great Belt to go to “heaven”?; consignment store)
Mary Pippins (w/ red umbrella in front of Red Umbrella)
Barry X. Vampire (Bake’s Bakery)
Poetry Dancer (at Bake’s Bakery)
Jeffrey Phillips (implied he is in town still through Charlene the punk)
Eldwina (now part of CITY squad, whatever that is (hookers?))
Bart Smipson (seen w/ Melvin the devil boy)
Melvin the devil boy
Zappa (apt on Black Diamond Square)
DONT (Blue Feather)
Carrcassonnee (Blue Feather, who changes into…)
Sepisexton (weird! 7 and 6 at once)
Rabbit 02 (Black Ice, next to consign. store… now married to…)
Rabbit M4 (a dr. (optometrist)
Muff (red fox)
Birmingham (red fox)
2 girls from Paperville
Sandman (emerges from Bigfoot pic in Black Ice; Rabbit M4 disappears)
Hidi (in Rm 306 and Mercury space capsule, as in novel 22)
Sammie Parr (visiting Red Umbrella)
Richmond Petersburg (ditto)
Achilles T. Pippins (husband of Mary, in Red Umbrella and behind in 3d collage)

NWES (Other)


Certain Death (Grimm)
Baker Bloch
Philip Linden (Phillips head while jumping down into Slot Mtn., Grimm)
Jack Skellington (Grimm extension (Xmas))
Sally (Grimm extension (Xmas))
Snowmanster (Grimm extension (Xmas))
Toddles (at Slot Mtn Castle)
Casey One Hole (Slot Mtn Castle)
Bart Smipson (Slot Mtn Castle)
Wendy (at Slot Mtn Castle)



Bartholomew Smipson (formerly)
*Tanzanian Devil
*Twitty and Sylvania
*Snoupy and Woodstick (Red Baron?)


Lisa Smipson (LISA’s old boat is still at island (!))
All Orange???