Wealthy Mtn. 02

Next up we have a revisit to the camp of Michael Too, called Michael Too as well. This is the first time I’ve returned here in about a year. It’s pretty obvious even to me that Michael will not be returning himself to “live” in this spot again…

… so I decided to do a bit of tidying up and categorizing. Below is the cleaned site…

… which includes this central rock table, complete with a number of stones that Michael gathered and placed here…

… as well as a small camera carrying case with the name “Seatz” written in magic marker on the inside. Is this the true last name of our infamous Michael Too? I know several people named Seatz in our town, but I couldn’t find any “Michael Seatz” of local origin. Perhaps it’s a case he found instead with this name already written inside it (likely).

A snail watched me clean up the campsite, unknown to me until afterwards, when I took a picture of him/her.

Michael Too camp materials checked out and put to one side. Nothing extraordinary in the lot, it seems. The mystery of Michael Too still remains that.

Oh, there *was* one thing. The largest quartz crystal in the camp when I visited before was *gone* this time around. You can find a picture of it here…

… with Hucka Doobie posing beside it. Did Michael Too return at least once to secure this prominent mineral? Is it *truly* a gift from Lisa the Vegetarian, and did he somehow consciously know this? *And* did we *both* received these type of quartz gifts from Lisa V. (since I found two beautiful examples in nearby Quartz Brook in 2010)?

Nearby grassy area on the same ridge, also known about before. There is a circle of rocks — obvious former campsite — to one side of it.

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