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Frank Park/Bull Mountain photos

Area 54 (where are you?).

A welcoming sight in the woods (reversed; w/ balancing male and female rock piles).


Bottle tree. Just been added to the day before this photo was taken.

Sitting Bullrock (not to be confused w/ much larger Bullrocks way up the mountain slope; maybe rename one or the other; this is where I *sit*).

In a different meadow: both a white-ish golf ball and large-ish white rock (“Diamond”) placed here.

This overall location framed by the 2 welcoming sight rock stackings is *mysterious*.

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I had my assignment, I had my links. Time to leave the magical Outer Maebaleia isle of Meaux where I learned all about quartz rock and the advantages and disadvantages of letting it be the center from Fern, who is Charlene the Punk in the future. Or in the past if you look the other direction from center. Time to visit other, similar if smaller outer isles, armed with my similar if smaller stash of spells and perhaps curses now. Time to begin to grow up. Magic is real.

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topic at hand

“Get it?” she asked. “It’s (a) trapped *rock*, then a picture full of rocks, a rotating one. Rocks.” She held out her hand which was balled into a fist. “Now you try,” she requested while snickering. Let’s see, I thought, rock beats scissors? Or was it paper — no, paper covers rock. Which one would I choose? Do I let her win, or lose? “The paper is one,” she says into my mind, short term product (curse?) of another spell. “The rock is zero, and the scissors are two.” She molds her still outstretched hand into the appropriate symbols while saying this. “Who do you know that is a 102?” Me, I realized. “What about the quartz?” I tried to deflect, but which led directly back to rock.

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sit for a spell

She asked me to wait outside until she could clean the place up a bit but when I finally got to go in I initially judged she was instead just messing it up more — to irritate me, perhaps, or just to demonstrate that she was hard at work over here on the outer islands in this witch house. No time for tidiness with so many spells to perform (!), one of which — *which* — apparently brought me here. She said she and her “mates” (fellow witches) bought into the quartz business on a tip from Lisa the Vegetarian who they knew from the Omega continent. “And where are Lichen, Wendy?” I queried after finally being invited in. “Warm your hands first,” she demanded, and after I protested that I was just fine in terms of temperature, she turned around from casting her latest spell and indicated the fire. “Just do it,” she said, so I did and then I realized my hands *were* cold, my whole body, and it had been so all my life. Only now was I truly warm, truly alive even. She asked, “better?”, and I replied, “yeah… h-how did you do that?” “Oh you don’t know the half of it, the half of the *half* of the half. You are merely an apprentice,” and I realized she was speaking truth. This from my warm vantage point now. She was not an irritation any longer. She was a sage, she was a source of all knowledge, a conduit. Just like she had always been. Except I didn’t realize it. Until now.

I suddenly became cold again. I went back to the fire, knelt down and warmed once more. “It only lasts about 5 minutes or so,” she said about the latest spell. “I’m still perfecting it, but: pretty good, eh?” Fern Stalin turned all knowing, all seeing. Pretty good indeed.

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leaving Fryburg

“You know more about the blue rose and the blue thorn, child, enough for now — enough for your understanding.”

“I… understand.”

“Now we must move away from this butterfly themed treehouse on this once quartz laden peak in the Mountain Lake District. We have learned all we can from here. Remember to pack your umbrella. It’s rainey season in the South.”

“I… shall.”

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Orient 01 02

Baker reading a popular history of the Trojan-Durexian Wars and contemplating the “what ifs” of a Durexian win, an alternate reality. What if… the voodoo spells were a little more advanced at the end; what if… the Southern Passage could have been secured 3 days earlier by Lord Duncan and his crew. Water under the bridge now, because the North defeated the South, although the Great East-West Highway represents a tangible barrier between the two still. So besides being split off, in essence, from the rest of Our Second Lyfe, the Omega continent remains kind of split itself, despite the unifying government. Lisa the Vegetarian played a role in setting all this up. Quartz was her game, and the Omega continent mountains centered around a large lake contained plenty of it. She was able to buy mountain after mountain, selling most of them eventually but retaining some, like the one where Tessa is temporarily staying in that treehouse with a strong butterfly theme. This is her half-sister after all (!). Why wouldn’t she try to help out, now she knows the urgency of the situation.

Baker here sits on the side of the same mountain, staring out at an old Durexian air base with a bamboo plane relic, a heritage site now. Because bamboo didn’t cut it in the end, despite the strong voodoo. Not strong enough anyway; later it got out of hand as poverty increased.

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match game

“What a doll!” Fisher thinks when spotting a stiffly laid out Lisa the Vegetarian on one of his roamings around New Island. But she was just playing and roaming as well. Turns out she owned a luxurious yacht moored at the fabulous Diamond Sailing Club in the southwest part of the island. She boldly invites him over for dinner, entertainment and “whatever”, a proposition Fisher readily accepts. Could it be: love at first sight?

He helps her clean up after a delicious meal of tofu tacos, bean salad, and fruit smoothies — well, *sort* of helps. They chat of the bloated naval budget caused by the military industrial complex and how it takes away food, clothing, and decent housing from the island’s poor and feeble.

Moving downstairs to the living room, she dazzles him with Rimsky-Korsakov‘s “Flight of the Bumblebee” and David Bowie’s reinterpretation of Pink Floyd’s “See Emily Play” on her Prim Possible grand piano. Yes, she was showing off now.

They talk more on the couch in front of one of Adelaide Morris’ most famous multi-panel paintings:  “Fractured Violin”, commissioned by the Jack Benny Musical Foundation in ’76 and bought by Lisa after her first shipment of high grade quartz to the Corsica continent.

It was time for Fisher to leave, he said. But Lisa skillfully removed a key item of clothing when it became entangled in the shutting door. Soon they were rocking to David Bowie’s reinterpretation of the Rolling Stones’ “Lets’ Spend the Night Together” spinning on a bedside ’39 victrola.

In the morning, Lisa proudly shows Fisher her collection of homemade, low prim plants, pastries, and culinary appliances.

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Whitehead Crossing 1/2/15 and 1/3/15

I didn’t want to go too long without supplying the text for this particular post concerning Whitehead Crossing, which gives pictures from probably my most successful and satisfying day of hiking in the area. Most of my pictures didn’t turn out that well however. It’s tough to take good ones in such confined areas. Below is the example of some stuff I had to crawl beside to get from one place to another — rhododendrons abounded. I had to be more mindful of hiking choices, else I could get not really lost, per se, but end up having to backtrack a longer way. I was attempting to let the woods tell me the directions I should go. And, lucky for me, it pretty well worked!


I’ve seen the very interesting white rock pictured below once before on a hike several years back. It exists beside Green Stream, but well below Whitehead Crossing and even Con Creek — more toward the mouth of the stream where it enters Spoon Fork at the lower end of the Korean Channel. Difficult to explain without a map; I’ll put that on my tado list for the new year. Just for the record, I reached this place on Green Stream from an area I’ve called Fi in the past. I talk a little about it at the end of this April 2013 post.



Green Stream tumbles through some low cascades in this more confined area, quite similar to Red Head but perhaps not quite as dramatic. But the comparison can certainly be made. So it’s a kind of “lower Red Head”. Today I found an easier way into this area than before through Fi, a new discovery.


Interesting flat rock of the area. Probably not another grave marker, however. I don’t think.


The we switch over to the next day (1/3/16) for the last snapshots of this post. And here comes yet another odd Whitehead Crossing find. What we have pictured below is the remains of a *blue* crayfish on a long log running parallel to the Little Whitehead stream. Although I’ve seen regularly colored crayfish in the area, which appear mainly mud or brown or grey colored, I’ve never in my life spotted a blue one. Yet here it is in the midst of all else weird in The Crossing. And it’s simply been *pulverised”. When I showed this picture to my wife, she said it’s probably an *owl*, and when we googled blue + crayfish online (yes they actually exist in my area of the mountains) we found the main natural predator named was this very bird. Yes, owls have barged their way back into the picture in a pretty big way.


Little Whitehead’s source from the days before was drying up.


Curious “x” of sticks that the log with the pulverized blue crayfish points to. X marks the spot?


Orange fungus. Don’t know if this is typical for winter or caused by the warm weather.


More fungus, a cluster of round brown ones this time, and on the same log pictured above.


This rock cluster is beside Little Whitehead just across from the pulverized crayfish. It contains a quartz marking I presently call the White Shark or White Submarine.


Interesing darker rocks in Whitehead Brook now. All these larger rocks probably deserve names as well.


Whitehead Brook as it flows past Remorse Rock (right).


This day I also revisited the tiny Dogpatch Cemetery and its two graves, one marked and the other unmarked. Someone has cut the rhododendron back from the marked grave. Perhaps the involved family knows about these graves after all. Or is someone else tending to it?



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Munster Rock


Appearance: Size 26C shoe; seven-foot-three frame; one brown eye and one chartreuse; steel bolts neck; green complexion; ears do not match; lantern jaw; five-inch-long, lightning-bolt shaped beauty mark on forehead.

Herman Munster Rock (new, proposed name)…

… situated very close below Herman’s Grave, representing probably largest rock in immediate area. Lightning bolt shape of prominent quartz vein (above) is obvious reference to Herman Munster’s lightning bolt shaped beauty mark on forehead.

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Yards Mtn. 02

Another quite interesting rock near Herman’s Grave, and I think I *will* call this one Herman Rock. So you have Herman Rock below Herman’s Grave on one side, and then Munster Rock with the too peculiar lighting bolt shaped quartz vein on the other side (see below), making them sort of framing rocks for the grave in toto. Herman+ Munster = Herman Munster.

Sorry… here’s Herman Rock as a whole, then. I didn’t position the 4 small rocks on that ledge; someone else did. More codes to ponder if not to break?

Now moving to the other side and below the grave: Munster Rock.


Campfire at the base of the rock.

Closeup of the Lightning Bolt. Since this is quartz again, can it be directly associated with Lisa the Vegetarian? Keep in mind this is not on Wealthy Mtn., however, but neighboring Yards Mtn., that has almost the exact same elevation, though.

Further west and downhill, but still on Yards Mtn. proper, we have this protruding ridge filled with old junk such as bottles, barrels, pots, fencing, tools, and much more. As we shall see, this will most likely become the material for an “art happening” at Wedge in the valley below this and to the north (north side of Yards Mtn.).

Then we move to some pictures within said valley, the first of rock piles closer to the top of the ridge than Wedge…

… and then a shot from Wedge itself: a mossy island in the middle of Wedge’s most central stream flow, as yet unnamed. I would wager a bet that a map of Wedge will be forthcoming.

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