Wealthy Mtn. 03

Another quite amazing Wealthy Mountain find: what appears to be some kind of rock temple perhaps dedicated to Lisa the Vegetarian…

… including 2 similar, narrow chambers on either side of the main rock that might have harboured quartz singing bowls at one time. Just a working theory.

Closeup of the somewhat larger chamber pictured above. This would be on the upper side of the rock, or to the west of the smaller one.

A picture of “Temple Rock” front on, clearly showing both chambers to its side, along with a central, diagonal rift.

More details of the immediate area.

This Temple Rock from the lower side. Notice all the longitudinal markings.

Much narrower “chamber” in a neighboring rock.

A central mossy area. A commons? (Village Green?)

Pointy white tip of a rock, perhaps also meaningful. Is it a directional rock of some kind?

That mossy “Commons” area seen from a different angle.

Temple Rock again from the side.

I think I’ll call the largest rock pictured below Tablet Rock, and it’s immediately in front of and below Temple Rock.

Rounding the corner… more rocks (surprise! (not really)).

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