Distribution of Gilatona-Lis collages

Hard to interpret, I know, but the basic gist I’m getting out of this is that the Gila series (magenta pins) is mainly set in Marlborough and points northwest to Hackpen Hill, Lis (cyan pins) mainly involves Devizes locations at first, and then moves to the Alton Barnes region a couple of miles west to finish up, and then the middle series of Latona (yellow pins) mainly involves locations between these two (like West Woods, setting for Latona 08 09 10). The only place where all 3 series overlap is Avebury, which is roughly in the center of the map. Gila 01, Latona 03/04 and Lis 08 all involve primarily Avebury locations, and a number of other collages from each series have Avebury elements added in.

In addition, a couple of other collages are still set in Wiltshire County, but considerably outside this general circle (Gila 02 in Salisbury to the south; Lis 00 in Castle Combe to the west). We can also add the 3 full collages of the Baker Bloch in England exhibit from 2010 into this group, which are set in Purton Stoke to the north.

Gila series locations (magenta)

add in Lis series locations (cyan)

add in Latona series locations (yellow)

Then kind of behind all this in the background, as it were, are the remaining supplemental collages created for the Baker Bloch in England (green pins)…


*Now* compare all this to the crop circle map from 2012 I bring up in this mid-January post, just before starting Gilatona-Lis…


Marlborough to the east again, and Devizes to the west.

Summary: The distribution of locations used in Gilatona-Lis collages roughly follows that of crop circles from not only 2012 but previous years back to 1990 at least. The area is roughly covered in an east to west sweep, with Avebury at the center. Crop circles also tend to congregate around Avebury. This is an the energy I’m obviously dependent upon.

Crop circles themselves are seen in many Gilatona-Lis collages (Gila 01 02 03 04 05, Latona 00 01 05, Lis 06 07 08 09), and symbolically implied in others (sunfish imagery for example).


We also have some collages whose imagery is primarily from Second Life (Gila 05, Latona 01). I’ll get to a more detailed breakdown of Gilatona-Lis images in a future post.

Note: Gilatona-Lis is now on flickr.

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