Lis Interpretations/Associations 03

(continued from Lis Interpretations/Associations 02)

“I think it is a basic mistrust of all-things-town, Hucka D. The 4 characters of TILE arise from The Crammer, or between the two parts of The Crammer which are actually one part, because of the pull of The Country. The 4 gargoyles, kind of parallel monsters here, are The Town, and reach a dead end at the east portal of that old railway tunnel running underneath Devizes Castle, or what passes for a castle now.

Hucka D.:

Perhaps the gargoyles were attempting to restore the old castle, and add to its decor. Stone [attracts] stone, after all.


Never heard of that. But at any rate we can move to Lis 06, called “Hugs All ‘Round”, I believe. (checking) No, it’s “Rock’n Home”. We have the reappearance of Spongebob Squarepants in Gilatona-Lis, and this time with his best pal Patrick Star. Sbsp appears first in Latona 01, peering out of the opened front door of his pineapple home, speaking of homes. And I suppose here in the newer collage we have a nod to Patrick’s rock home now, which appears in front of him… But the rock is actually from The Barge in Honeystreet, very near Alton Priors which we will be speaking of in a moment. It’s from a picture of this rock I found online, which strangely and queerly depicts the same crop circle I’ve already used several times in Gilatona-Lis collages, originally in Gila 05 but also in Latona 05. This despite it not being a very famous crop circle, Hucka D.

Hucka D.:

*We* put the rock there. [The] Lis [collages] are very tight. You would see the rock, or the picture of the rock from The Barge, and immediately know you had to use it in a new collage. This then becomes Patrick Star’s rock house or home as well, since you made that association beforehand.


Here’s the post you’re talking about.. oh, it’s already there (!):


And then here’s the Marshall photo I use as the base for Lis 07.

This is taken several miles east of Devizes, not too far into the country, then. The distinct hill in the distance is Woodborough Hill, which was the site of not one but several of those sunfish related crop circles from 2012. Including the one depicted in part at the bottom of Latona 00, returning to that collage once more.


Hucka D.:

Cool. There’s Lisa the Vegetarian in the new one [Lis 06] as well. She appears to be hugging one of the gargoyles from the statue. As Marshall himself pointed out, this is Bart Simpson, 12th Century style. But the spirit of the gargoyle or monster is trapped in that gravestone transported from The Crammer location, or the location of [Lis 05]. You must hug and love the gargoyles within yourself, baker b., in order to be free of them. You move out into The Country to do this. The Town cannot give you what you need. You search elsewhere — country.


Like we’ve moved the progression of the Lis series from Devizes — town — out into the countryside, specifically the area around Alton Priors and The Barge itself and the famed Alton Barnes white horse, and so on. Most sacred spot. Here we also have at least one of the 4 TILE monsters or creatures from Lis 05 returning just below Patrick’s crop circle adorned rock. This would be the little yellow fellow again, called McCoy in The Jelly Fox episode of Noel Fielding’s Luxery Comedy show.

Hucka D.:

He’s the one with diabetes (smiles).


Yeah, but it’s no laughing matter. Perhaps not even a smiling matter. (Hucka D.’s smile is erased.)

Hucka D.:



But he represents The Sun, the counterpart to The Moon. He’s within The Moon, just as in Latona 02 you have The Sun being swallowed, seemingly, by The Moon. And Fielding himself is swallowed into The Moon when he plays that particular character in The Mighty Boosh. There’s a scene in the first episode of his Luxery Comedy where he reappears in this rather famous role, only to state he’s not in this show. Quite funny.

Hucka D.:

Can I smile again, then?


Sure. (Hucka D.’s smile returns.)


“In looking again at Latona 00, I feel that all three “stones” we’re talking about here, the one Lisa is sitting on in Latona 00 and then the two (grave stone and rock with crop circle) are one and the same. And all 3 stones are in fact The Diamond from Lis 00. It represents knowledge… Arkansas knowledge. I revisited The Diamond at Metril yesterday, Hucka D.”

Hucka D.:

Great. Singing frogs. Fantastic. They were chatting about how f—ing cold they were, and why did they have to be hatched so early? You’d be doing the same… in fact you were… in your head.


Returning to Lis 06, obviously the two rocks or stones are associated. According to the turns of The Moon in the foreground, representing its 4 phases seemingly, we have the downward turned moon associated with yellow and the rock from The Barge, and then the upward turned or “horned” moon associated with the grave stone carried over from Lis 05, the one with the Bart spirit within.

Hucka D.:

Bart The Gargoyle. Hugged by Lisa the Vegetarian. Did you know in the early days of The Simpsons, Lisa was seen more as a female Bart. Only later in the series did she acquire her own unique character. Lisa the Vegetarian [season 6 episode] is an important landmark in this progression to individuality. She exists separate from Bart, able to stand apart from him. But love him and his gargoylian ways still. The Simpson males have a degenerative gene that carries over from generation to generation. The female Simpsons are not so cursed.


Yeah, I read something about that[ not surprisingly]. So Lisa here is loving or hugging somewhere that she had come from, but now stands apart from. A brother to her instead of she herself. As the gravestone is from The Crammer, and is where The Moon originates from in Lis 05…

Hucka D.:

The rotating Moon, actually one Moon, has absorbed the colored energy of the 4 Crammer monsters and trapped it within a 4-part mandala that are called its phases. These are yellow — full moon — blue — new moon — green and red and the half moons, then. The progress of The Moon across the landscape of Lis 06, which would be atop Alton Priors, even, hidden just below the line of trees beneath Woodborough Hill…



Hucka D.:

… Well, I lost my train of thought. Train?


Thank you for that interpretation. Anything else about Lis 06? We are out in the country, specifically Alton Priors and Alton Barnes and Honeystreet, which are all connected anyway, and away from Devizes. But still close to the latter. We are approaching *home*. We are approaching The End.

Hucka D.:

The grave stone has an eye. It is peering toward The Rock that is the same as itself. The rock does not progress beyond itself. Lisa the Vegetarian has. She has learned to love. She is heart.

(continue to Lis Interpretations/Associations 04)


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