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“WIS came from a different dimension and entered Tinsity and Green Oz through Red 7. This is the same as the Wizard Head of Oz. The Wizard Head assigned Tin S. Man to Tinsity, thus changing its name from original [Gold]. Lisa the V. created Health Lake and Wealthy Mtn. and then WIS all at once. WIS is short for WISE or WIZARD. The Wizard of Oz was certainly wise in at least a pretend humbug way. Was he a bug?



Hello Hucka D. Thank you for starting without me.

Hucka D.:

Oh baker, I wanted to see you just today. The Falmouths are mouthing off about a union between them and Second Life. Or Second Life and them in First Life. Sims. Do you have your pencil?


Suppose I do Hucka D. Have you taken your red and blue pills today? Not the little round, lime green ones, because those don’t work any longer. Remember?

Hucka D.:

Memory shot. Intuition stronger. I sense the air and the air is pure and good. Falmouth.


Okay, so the residents, or The Residents, want to unite… what?

Hucka D.:

Falmouth, or Old Baker’s Settlement as it was once called — OBS — with PTG Town or PTG. 1st and 2nd reality. They point to Lis 06. They remember where you left off in the re-examination of the Lis series. TILE emerges from the black hole that is The Devizes Crammer — TDC — and rolls like a marble — right, top, left, down — toward the sea or ocean which is the singing frog’s pond in front of Tilie Cabin, Falmouth. And they want to bring some more blog spirits in. Used the term “berift of spirits” to me. Called me in, because I do most of the interpreting of the collages, see. And there are two x-rays sources, if not 2 black holes per se. Never seen them in person, though.


We’re talking about the 2 possible locations of Old Baker Settlement on Falmouth I’m guessing. There are 2 springs involved, a smaller and a larger. The smaller of the two springs — well, both have a moss bank at their source. The larger of the 2 has basically no white rocks in the bank, even though it is the larger. The smaller has many embedded white rocks. This is what I’ve *been* calling Old Baker’s Settlement or Old Baker Settlement.

Hucka D.:

The Falmouthers — pronounced funnily like “fowl mouthers” — used “Fi” code word to communicate their desire to unite your PTG Town and their Old Baker Settlement. So it’s the smaller moss bank with the many white rocks they’re talking about. The one you have the bottles lying on the ground above. As you have guessed, this is where most if not all Frank and Herman Parks marbles come from. This was a marble factory or marble producer of some quantity and quality at one time. Have you guessed the time?


No, Hucka D. Can you tell me?

Hucka D.:

Maybe the same time as WIS came out of his black hole and settled in the Tinsity area, then known or shortly to be known as Gold. Pure, simple. Carrots.



We know kind of who Tin S. Man is now. And Wallace3, his counterpart in the Tinsity Metro Area. Wallace3 is me. WIS is the Wizard Head which may be attached to the new Oz movie, Hucka D. Oz the Great and Powerful I believe it is called. 3-d movie. Tells the story of how the wizard got to Oz.

Hucka D.:

It is the same story. The WIS goes to Tinsity or what in the future will be Tinsity on Green Oz Creek. Establishes a center, a green center. Greenup and Yellow Down. Brownie.


Sounds like Eob.

Hucka D.:

Tin S. Man comes in. Pretends to himself he has no emotions, like a Spock. But then emotions revealed (!) He is frustrated by the Protectorate. He establishes Greenup and Yellow Down.


The Greenup and Yellow Down concept may come directly from Carrcass-1, Hucka D. In the desert, Don-who-is-Mouse pissed down mundane yellow at the same time as pissing up special green.



Hucka D.:

And he is Ozmo. First Mouse. First Man-Mouse.


I think the best thing we can do is analyze 12 Oz Mouse. To help keep it alive in the minds. It is in the Falmouth collages, after all — Shark, Mouse, Man/Woman, corndog. 12 Oz Mouse comes from Space Ghost through Aqua Teen, and SG is in Falmouth as well. He has chichen legs there, so he’s *going* to England now and crossing the Big Pond. He doesn’t have chicken legs per se, then.

Hucka D.:

Not in person.



Hucka D.:

I mean… never mind. So what’s your proposal? Because the dual townspeople who are confusing the heck out of me with their muffled quips and banterings.


Maybe you should get them organized. Those from Falmouth Creek in real life, perhaps Old Baker Settlement, on this side. And those from PTG Town on the other side. Who do we have?

Hucka D.:

Weellll. Robots. Red and blue. Did you give them to me yet?

So I guess that tour of PTG Town is in order here, or at least a start. We begin in the central or pivotal Tower of A. Mann, where robots are welcome.

There are two main ways or rows in town, both leading to (or from) the entrance to the Power Tower Gallery on its north side. One is called Gallery Row, and leads past the Sink Lair and Quadtowers of TILE to the skyscraper with the Wheeler-Jasper collage series, the last of the Art 10×10 works. This is the end of the other row or way, instead *seemingly* dead-ending on one corner of the Tower of A. Mann, but more directly, the front of the still empty Coolie Building in town, which can be seen as a second center or alternate center of town. Both central buildings remain empty…

… along with the Norris Temple off the same row/way, which mysterious has been declared a robot-free zone by Mr. Bean, arms crossed in a defiant stance.

Robots are apparently allowed in the town’s watering hole, “Hole-in-the-Wall”. And for the lone robot in the establishment presently, that’s literally what it is: a place to get water. Meanwhile Baker Bloch eyes the delicious beer on the counter, wishing he had real taste buds.

Two more robots heading opposite ways on Gallery Row now, the red one to the Power Tower Gowlery and the blue one toward the Art 10×10 collages housed in two separate buildings on the parcel.

The blue robot, apparently the same robot, (?) gives directions to the larger of the 2 structures, with the 2009 produced Wheeler-Jasper series…

… and then a red one at the door to the same gives additional directions to the SoSo Gallery housing the Oblong series of the Art 10×10 from 2007.

Baker Bloch’s attention is drawn to a light coming from around the Coolie Building diagonal to SoSo.



He enters…




March 29, 2013 · 12:54 pm

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