Land of Blue and Purple 03

Hemlock tree hiding The Totem from the direction of Bridge of B and P.


I actually returned to the Land of Blue and Purple yesterday, the day after these pictures were taken, but didn’t snap any more shots. I have a new name for the area: Silverberg, which is connected to both the Korean Channel and Pork Chop Hill.* But I think Silverberg at least has closed up early for me. Saw a snake there yesterday that wasn’t the cute garter variety I’m use to seeing. Not a big snake, but perhaps a young blacksnake or water snake. I’ll leave it/them in peace at any rate until they slink back in their holes when cold weather returns. I’ll probably treat the whole, marshy Korean Channel in this manner, except for the very upper part, perhaps, where it connects with Whitehead Crossing.

But to the pictures:


Below we have another shot of The Totem of Silverberg, and perhaps its glinty metallic appearance lent itself to the name of this “burg”. Here The Totem is merged with a background tree, as in a real life collage.


There’s one significant pool of water in Silverberg, and this picture is taken from its side. I don’t as yet have a name for this pool, but The Silver Pool could be a candidate. Many frog eggs are currently in this body of water, nestled in a swirling abundance of algae. Perhaps the calm, reflective quality of this pool is the source of the name Silverberg instead?


There’s a flat region to the pool’s east that is also most likely a part of Silverberg, dotted with small pine trees like in the photo below. The central stumps seem significant: ruins of an avatar castle?


“Silver Pool” from the north. It’s actually part of one of 2 stream flows in Silverberg…


… this being the other one, just to its east. It’s a bit smaller. The 2 streams, again, conjunct at The Totem, which would be dead center in the below photo, but hard to detect because it is sihoutted against another, similarly colored tree.



* Silverberg and Pork Chop Hill tie into Korea and Korean Channel through this:

Appropriate quote (my emphases):

… Switching of channels. Another old flick, this one seemingly set in the Korean War. Pico and Alvarado have been out on patrol for a long time. Silverberg won’t go over Pork Chop Hill—killing pigs ain’t kosher, he says. Lt. Tirebiter tries to keep morale up. Something’s moving in Sector N. Quick, the password. “I’d better disguise my voice,” and, in a WWII propaganda-film Japanese voice: “You so smaht, who wunna Seconda Wulda Wah?” The correct answer, “Not responsible,” comes back. It’s them. They’re bushed—they’ve been shooting reds and yellows all day. But the gooks are around them on three sides. They’ve got women, children, animals, and tonight they’ll all be out in the paddies because it’s the planting moon. The lieutenant outlines the plan, finishing up with “Then we’ll lock and load and go out there and ki-, ki-, ki- . . .” “Hey, what’re we gonna do, lieutenant?” “We’re gonna go out there and ki-, ki-, ki- …” The voices mount in a crescendo, and we hear one voice yelling “Porgie, Porgie, Porgie!”/Commercial. Switching channels

This *is* the Korean channel (!) It’s also an audiovisual tile.

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