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Rubi Forest thoughts, etc.

“The easiest way to really get down and dirty in a study of the 8×5 forest, Hucka D., is to divide it into 40 sections of 32×32 square meters each. This may have been how The Ancients studied the forest as well.”

Hucka D.:

Yes. 8×5.


You’ve indicated The Notch feature. Can you speak of other features now?

Hucka D.:

The Big Dipper, the Little Dipper. The forest is the sky.

8x5 grid



In order to balance out VWX Town, I must coordinate it with the forest, the woods.


V shaped star formation. Notch parallel?

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Fal Mouth Moon 01

1st Floor: Gila series of Gilatona-Lis. And the rocket launcher.


3rd floor: Lis series. 2nd floor we skipped contains the Latona series.


And then looking down from the 5th floor to the 4th and the exposed Falmouth series, the capping “4 collages in 1 collage” work of Gilatona-Lis. Funtastic.


There’s even a 6th floor to the structure, a type of attic. As mentioned previously there’s some room for new collages above and beyond Gilatona-Lis, unlike its old home, the Power Tower Gowlery. And also we have it combined with that oh so cool rocket launcher. Have you been to VWX Town’s Moon yet? You should go dear reader or readers.





Carrcassonne gives a big thumb’s up to the Fal Mouth Moon. Well, a big arm’s up, since she has no thumbs. Or hands.


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The Rubi Forest 01

Overhead shot of the 5/8ths sim sized Rubi Forest, a protected Linden Lab property. There are 3 types of trees within the forest: eucalyptuses, brown cypresses and green cypresses, with the brown cypresses normal larger than the green ones. In the below photo, the 3 types of trees can rather clearly be discerned from each other, esp the 2 variations of cypresses. The eucalyptus trees, larger than the green cypresses even, are a little harder to pinpoint in this snapshot, since their foliage is both closer to the color of the ground and spread out a bit more.


There are several varieties of “twinned” trees in the forest, this example being a merger of a eucalyptus and a green cypress. I believe this occurs in the north central part of the forest, not far from Robin Loop running parallel to its entire upper border.


This is a fusion of eucalyptus and brown cypress, closer to VWX Town and the woods’ southern limit.


Intertwined branches of same.


Hucka D. has indicated to me that this is a forest feature called The Notch, made up of 6 brown cypresses sprouting in a “V” shape in its southwest area. The Notch can be clearly seen in the overhead photo above. Hucka D. has also recently indicated to me that other forest features have been named in the past but haven’t been revealed to me yet. All in good time, he recites.



Looking into The Notch from the west.


Uprooted tree, with only the barest of a point touching the ground, even. There may be examples of totally uprooted or “floating” trees in the forest as well — hafta check soon. I’d also like to talk about the grass in the forest shortly.


Eucalpytus trees. These 1 prim linden trees are a remarkable product. All the linden trees and plants have their merit, and of course you run across them all over the place inworld. Not as much as you should in my humble opinion but they can be called ubiquitous still.


Baker Bloch thinks a path may have laterally run through the center of the forest at one time, judging by the green, open area he’s standing in below. Personally I’m not convinced of this.


Baker also likes to often reduce his viewing range while within the forest to make it appear larger and also more misty and mysterious seeming.



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