Whitehead X-ing Revelations 01

Looking down the length of Little Whitehead stream, with the brightly lit Green Turtle and The Emerald to right.


What I believe are scarlet cups emerging from the ground between Grey Seal and No Title rocks. Here’s a wikipedia article devoted to ’em.



Looking through the gap between aforementioned rocks, Grey Seal to left, No Title to right, and Scarlet cups, unseen from this angle, in center.


Conjunction of No Title rock with a smaller rock on its eastern side, making a tiny cave. Yet another fairy dwelling in the forest?


No Title Rock with White Rock to its right. In reexamining the latter, I consider it to be on a psychic level with any other rock of The Crossing. Very odd bleaching effect.


White Rock contrasting with a paler and blotchier wall of No Title Rock. White Rock has been included in a recent Falmouth collage, found here.


From the west…


Another in a long list of classic Whitehead Crossing pics, which I’ll most likely be taking again year after year after year. It’s a look down the length of No Title Spring toward Grey Seal, similar to the shot at the top of this post depicting the same with Little Whitehead.


Clumps of grass sprouting to east of No Title Spring. I believe I might call this area Vineland or Vinland, because of the numerous twisting and turning vines within. Muscadine vines? I’ll have to keep track of that.


I’ve taken a shot of this fallen tree hung inside one of the vines before. Here ‘t’is again.



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