Whitehead X-ing Revelations 02

Three pronged tree, perhaps in the Vinland district still.


Nearby small, white rocks at the base of a tree.


Patterns on a dead branch, like 2 windows or perhaps 2 square eyes.


The Shallow of The Mall, with reeds beginning to emerge. What is the story behind this sink? Many stories yet to be told about The Crossing.


There’s some poison ivy in the land, witness this hairy poison ivy vine climbing a tree in The Mall. Not a whole heck of a lot, but some.


Reddish purple fungus on a log.


Here’s an exciting new find. I call it The Monolith, a dead tree which has been somehow split to resemble a standing rock, like this one in Rudston, England.

The bottom indicates past beaver activity. Or is this instead the markings made by an axe?


Glinting silver top of the monolith. I’m also reminded here of The Silverberg Totem in the Korean Channel below Whitehead X-ing.


A beetle, perhaps a lightning bug, ascending the monolith. Is it giving me a message?


Sun atop the monolith.


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