Whitehead X-ing Revelations 3

Monolith from the side.


Another interesting tree in the same area (but not as interesting as The Monolith).


Interesting unintentional trick photography here, where the tree in the back appears to be in front of the tree in the foreground at the top of the picture.


Soul Falls, where The End occurs. Perhaps curiously, I don’t remember being able to walk this close to the falls before. Has the landscape slightly changed in the meantime?


Diamond Rock and its namesake beach next to Whitehead Stream.


Big Log, and Orange Hill/Cliffs of Dundee in foreground.


A center of 4 Sticks, interestingly marked by a small grey feather. I’m now calling this pine The Last Tree or just Last Tree.


This day a new, tiny forest was created between Last Tree and neighboring Next[ To Last] Tree. These are also perhaps named 4th and 3rd Trees respectively.


Nice contrasts in bark color: blue grey, red grey, green grey. The more spread out “tree” just in back is instead merely a broken off branch of a pine tree, stuck in the ground. It is an artificial tree, then, like those set up at Christmas. Minutes later, it would itself be decorated with rainbow colored twine, thus becoming the Rainbow Tree of 4 Sticks centering a tiny Rainbow Forest. Again, all this occurs in a span of only several feet between 3rd and 4th Trees (or Next and Last Trees).


Traditional entrance to 4 Sticks from the south. I suppose one could call these the gateway pines, acting as types of Whitehead X-ing Boaz and Jachin pillars again.



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