Update 03

Chuck was thinking about Whitehead Crossing, and the 4th way in, discovered (and then amplified by unknown hands!) only this past spring. 2130 — the mystery of the far corridor (of the recently derezzed Confluence Place of Westend). He decided to remind his 2 comrades, plus Karoz, about the centrality of The Crossing and this particular, perhaps more paramount 4th. You see, it was Chuck, as I’m remembering now, that lives at the end of this 4th, or does in past/present/future. Story Room lives at 2130. I can see them now lined up in red, yellow, blue on the porch overlooking Zap Cannon Stream. “Collagesity’s losing steam, despite the best efforts of Karoz.” “He’s bought enough time for it to last into September, surely,” I respond back. “Probably,” replies Chuck, who I’m tempted to call Charles or Charlie. “I’m going to take a look at the collages on Floor 1 (of the Fal Mouth Moon). I’ll be back.”


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