found art event (!) 02

In Google Map Street View, just as you turn into Cherry Avenue from the south, you can see two pairs of people, 2 girls and then a girl and a boy, walking in opposite directions but who have *just crossed each other* in the middle of the first side street to the left as you head north. We have to zoom in to see them; they’re still about a football field and a half down Cherry Avenue from us here. Difficult to tell what they are yet…


… but in moving up Cherry Avenue the pairs become more resolved.


They step up on opposite sides of the same street at the same time.


The far couple walks past the first traffic island of the road heading north. We can now see that the foreground couple are 2 girls, perhaps teenagers still. We can also perhaps make out that one of the two pair in the background is holding a basketball.


We pull even with the 2 girls. The other couple keeps heading down the street, now just past the first traffic island.


We reach the intersection with the side street where the 2 pairs crossed as we entered Cherry Avenue. The symmetrical nature of the traffic islands becomes more clear. We are also about halfway between the 2 pairs of walkers at this juncture.


We are almost on top of the middle part of the first set of traffic isles. We can now see that the couple still ahead of us is a man and a woman, with the man holding the orange basketball. The 2 girls continue down the street in the opposite direction. The girl with the orange hair has turned around to look at the Google Map car snapping these pictures.


We pull basically even with the man and woman couple, or as even as we can get in our Street View. They notice the Google car for the first time; become aware they are being photographed. They are also passing a mysteriously placed rock cairn to their left, just behind the chain link fence.


The cairn looks unbalanced, top-heavy.


In this position, we are also as close to a midpoint between the two symmetrical sets of traffic islands in this part of the road as we can get.



We are also just at this time crossing a creek that flows under the road. This is the same creek that runs by the house with the fairies parked in the front yard discussed previously. The creek (as yet unnamed) has power.

(12/17/14 update: the stream is now named Linden Creek)


The neighborhood is called Cherry Lime after the 2 main streets. Our little Google Earth orange basketballhead figure stands atop the creek on Cherry Avenue. Cherry, Lime, and Orange together, then. From this point on northward, the creek will basically parallel Cherry Avenue, adding to its energy. The 2 actually become one at this time, most likely.

Moving one step north in Street View, we can view a type of rock village beyond the fence. This is the only place we see this clearly. It seems to make some kind of natural pairing with the rock cairn to its left here.




Then one more step brings us directly atop the middle of the 3 far traffic islands. Interesting house in front of us here as well, with a type of Japanese torii gracing the entrance. We’ll see another torii down this street soon. You can tell by the little map that we are just beyond the creek-road conjunction mentioned before.


In the other direction, the man and woman are passing directly beside the rock cairn. The 2 girls are still staring at the Google car, fixed in their places. These are still the only people we have seen on this street. Indeed, they are the only walking people that will be encountered in Street View along this 3/4th mile avenue. What are the odds that they just happen to be exactly side by side with each other as we start the journey up this street from the south terminus?

The drama then seems to fade as we move past the far traffic islands into uninterrupted street again. In the next step, the 2 girls become permanently irresolute.


What have we just passed here? I personally believe it is the essence of a collage.


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