Ashville Revisited

It was a cool and overcast day yesterday when I decided to head to Ashville to check out more recent Google Maps based oddities. Nothing earthshaking found, but I’m starting to fill in a larger picture. I continue to believe a lot of it, a lot of what the energy is channeled through, has to do with that stream I call Linden Creek running between Cherry and Lime streets.

Below we have a conjunction of Linden Creek (top) with Read Creek (left) at the southern edge of Earl Weaver Park. As I’ve stated before, the 2 flows are about equal here, perhaps opening a debate over which creek name should have yielded to which. Read Creek won out in this reality. In another it may have been a different outcome.


Bamboo and fence bordering Cherry Ave. not far from Linden’s mouth.


A perhaps peculiar design has been painted on the fence. Is is a map of the stream existing not far behind it. Do the joined red spots to the left indicate a mouth for the stream creature? Do the 2 dots indicate 2 different choices that the name of the combined stream could take, even? Things to be asking.


Linden Creek from Banana Street, just as it passes the house formerly (presently?) inhabited by Ingleboort and Flaarph’s friends George and Harriet. Another strange thing about this house I found out yesterday: a hiding fence has been erected all along its north and back side, and a cement patio has been built right next to the creek to the north. Is this where G and H commune with the creek and learn more of its secrets? Is this where I and F first appeared to them? Did I and F at some point tell them they should pose for Google Earth Street View when the camera topped car drove by at a specific time in May 2012? “Sit on the porch just like this,” they might have said, perhaps telepathically. “We’ll sit in the yard just below you.” “It should look like we are 2 sets of twins, one mirroring the other,” they might have additionally thought only to themselves. And so it came to pass.


Colors of TILE on Lime Street not far from George and Harriet’s once more. Perhaps the site of a TILE Temple in the past, Linden Creek style. A past marker as it were.


Linden Creek looking in the other direction away from G and H’s on Banana Street, or toward its juncture with Read Creek only about 30 yards distant from here.


More interesting bamboo enclosed house on Cherry Avenue. I believe there’s a good chance the inhabitants know the secret of Linden Creek as well and the power it holds.


At least 5 of the 7 dwarves from Snow White pose beside rocks in front of this house. I’m not sure what they have to do with the Linden Creek avatars like I and F, but perhaps something (!). And there’s another Japanese torii fronting the place; could be a secret totem indicating knowledge of the creek’s power for others in the know to see and understand. Maybe they even have meet-ups(?).

And perhaps that colorful flag bunting is another secret indicator of wisdom.


Further upstream, we catch a good glimpse of Linden Creek through a fence on [fill in the blank] street. I was quite surprised how large the creek is here. No tiny affair we’re dealing with.


Cherry Avenue’s southern set of traffic isles, once more. Said to, “look like something you’d find in a pinball machine” by one critic.


Bamboo bordering Linden Creek or marking its flow appears in ample amounts behind Cherry Avenue and Lime Street houses.


Still on Cherry Avenue: interesting house mural. Again I must ask: does it secretly tell the story of the creek’s native inhabitants? I’ll have to get a better picture of the mural soon.


Bamboo backed fence again, looking toward the Norwegian Wood neighborhood. Although I visited the latter as well this day, I didn’t snap any pictures. Again: rectification soon enough! Ashville is not that far away.


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