Probably exiting land ownership in Second Life

Thought I’d write this post before heading to the coast for the holidays. I’ve been caught heavily encroaching on a neighbor’s property in Minoa, and I believe I’ll just set the land for sale when I return. I have until maybe Tuesday to think about it. I haven’t done anything with the land except build on it and then ignore it. Could go back to renting from Lama Estates. It seems I need just a bit more than an 8704 to be happy. Have to “encroach” in other words, to keep my tier from bumping up into the unreasonable again. So that’s probably what I’ll do. There’s a nice chance that collage creating could resume in January, so I’ll have a new gallery to deal with soon enough.

So it looks like Minoa is *not* my permanent stop in SL. What I need is more room, and I can’t afford it. Probably can’t really afford the 8704. I’ll have to read some of my old SL related blog entries on my break before making a final decision. This could be *it*.

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