Sylver Forest Ownership

Things have changed in Minoa Collagesity since I composed that post almost 2 months ago.

All the listed structures that were in Minoa but not in Noru have since been deleted: House of Truth, Home o’ Fibs, and SoSo Gallery.

Just like in Noru, I now have the Toxic Art Gallery with the majority of the Art 10×10 collages within, and I’ve also been able to slot Tired Falls into the new-ish Town Park in the northeast corner of the virtual village. And I believe a parallel Rubi Museum will develop to compensate the Noru Museum. And I have at least the ground version of the X-Spot Gallery in Minoa as well now. So about all the perceived weaknesses of Minoa Collagesity in comparison to Noru’s version have been shored up, it appears.

Check this out: I’ve owned land a total of *seven* times bordering the Rubi Forest since I joined Second Life in February 2008, and rented in yet another instance. The first of these, from August to December, 2008, represents my original mainland property, after starting virtual ownership in Azure Islands in the spring and summer. There I further developed both the Edwardston Station Gallery and Temple of TILE originating from Azure Islands. The idea of the Rubi Forest as part of a larger Sylver Forest from pre-Linden times was also hypothesized, along with an accompanying “Rubi Diagonal”. I briefly returned to the forest as a renter in summer 2009 (Horisme), before purchasing land bordering the forest on the south side in June 2010. This is the first land I had owned since leaving Rubi in December 2008 — all subsequent land being rented. During this second lengthier stay next to the forest I rebuilt the TILE Temple (slightly different location than before) and also developed the Pond District mythology situated a number of sims directly to the east. I kept this land several months as well, basically concurrent with being an owner in the Noru sim (my first return there as well, after originally leasing land in the sim during summer of 2009). Then the Rubi area was left alone for several years during the Pietmond Era of Jeogeot (Sunklands), until New Pietmont, the last Pietmond phases, shifted directly into the Sikkima sinkhole in December 2013. A brief stay in Tyta along the northern side of the Rubi Forest in May 2014 — and an initial version of a VWX Town that soon blossomed in Philudoria that summer and fall — was followed up with, by far, my largest land purchase next to the forest, resulting in VWX Town, Rubi style, from November 2013 through January 2014, or a period of about 3 months. All of my initial 2008 land holding was included in the new purchase, as well as my 2010 property. The Rubi Diagonal first developed in 2008 was greatly extended to cross the entire continent of Heterocera. Edwardston Resident appeared as a new avatar, the first of that kind since 2010’s Bracket Jupiter. But this land was simply too large and pricey to hold onto for very long, and although I contemplated dividing it in two and giving up half to lower my tier, I decided just to sell the whole thing. Next up, we have a purchase of about 1/2 that land size in Hector just this past summer, concurrent with yet another return to Noru. As regular readers of my blog might recall, Noru and Rubi slugged it out for ownership of my next virtual village called Collagesity, with Noru winning the prize after a heated, month-long battle. But then Rubi appears to have won out in the long run, as I found super cheap land bordering part of the eastern edge of the forest in Minoa at the end of November. I simply had to give up my Noru land and return to the Great Forest. It seems to be working out now after a bit of a delay. So that’s the story of my land purchases around the Rubi Forest in a nutshell. Thanks for reading!


Hucka D.:

The basic idea is that you think you can afford a 40 dollar tier but not a 75 dollar tier. That’s 8704 possible square meters[ for the former]. Almost twice for the 75 bucks, but out of your price range. Is 40 dollars within your price range?


That’s the idea, especially next to the Rubi Forest and having it *finally* developing as a legitimate Collagsity to replace the Noru version.

Hucka D.:

I see.


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