Temple of Choice?

Well, I decided that the rocketship and the moon (Da Moon) had to go to save prims. The whole moon rocket package is an amazingly wonderful design by Aley (official name: “From the Earth to the Moon V2”), so much so that it’s hard to tamper with creatively, like I’m wont to do. And for what it gives, the prim count is quite low. But it’s still close to 100 when you add it all up, and I wanted to do something else with the Norris Temple/Building. What quickly evolved tonight is a concept called The Temple of Choice.

So I just left off the tower where the rocket launcher use to project from — seems more aesthetically pleasing that way — and started playing around with the more freed up innards.


When you enter the temple now, you have Carrcassonnee presented in front of you, as before, but more. Quite a bit more.


You now have a *choice* of deities to worship. The temple is branching out to attempt to accommodate the religious and philosophical needs of a diverse town population. Let’s see what we have.

On one end of the temple, we find Master Shake of Adult Swim late night fame, accompanied by a colorful abstract called “Aquarius” by Zuan Bentley.


To his right is the ever popular Jesus, along with a copy of Da Vinci’s The Last Supper mural. The Easter Bunny sign is a nice humorous touch — shows he doesn’t take himself super serious and all — and perhaps gives him an edge over some of the others.


Across the aisle we have Little Climbing Light, a dark horse candidate for chief religious deity of Collagesity. She’s chosen an abstract called “Spaghetti Picture” to aid her cause, along with a copy of Winesburg, Ohio. Wonder what that angle is?


On the other side of Carrcassonne from LCL, we have an unnamed goddess, perhaps Athena/Minerva, posing below a picture of an evil witch hag holding out an apple which I don’t think I would want to eat atall.


Across from them is Rodin’s The Thinker, with a large flower growing behind him.


Between them, and on the opposite side of the temple from Master Shake, appears Boxy Brown, a character in Aqua Teen Hunger Force just like the former. He’s chosen a optical illusion print for his backdrop.


Then on the short axis of the temple across from Carrcassonnee twirls the Giant Head of Bob Dobbs, another popular religious figure like Jesus. Within his skull lies a stylized painting of Spongebob Squarepants: 2 Bobs in 1.


Here’s the view of them from the second floor. Nothing else on this floor yet.


And let’s not skip over Carrcassonne herself, with faithful dog Spider now by her side. Does she have a chance in hell to win the prize of primary town deity without her All Seeing Eye?


I would say not.


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