Vote Update

Events in Second Life happen a lot faster than in real life.

The final votes for the election of an official town deity are already in. Here’s the totals. Prepare to be surprised.

Carrcassonnee – 22 votes
The Bobs – 18 votes
Boxy Brown – 14 votes
Master Shake – 12 votes
Jesus – 10 votes
Little Climbing Light – 9 votes
Minerva/Athena – 2 votes
Rodin’s The Thinker – 2 votes
Star Trek’s Data (write in) – 1 vote

Here is the swinger. In a last ditch campaign speech atop the Toxic Art Gallery, Carrcassonnee promises to unite the yin and yang elements of Collagesity by reacquiring her Eye and becoming All Seeing again. On a dirtier and uncleaner side she exposed the past between Master Shake and Boxy Brown, and possible racial slurs on both sides. She states that race should not be a factor in the election, and then jokes that this is true even if the election itself is a race. This rather offcolor joke cost her votes to The Bobs, who raced up the voting from the absolute basement (no votes) to claim the number 2 spot with 18 votes. As reconciliation, Carrcassonnee has promised that The Bobs will have an important position in the new town government, which remains to be named.

Now what about that Eye?

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