Collage 10 Interpretation 03

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“The yellow racist McCoy shows up with Patrick Star and Spongebob Squarepants in that picture we just looked at, Hucka D., but he shows up better in the Gilatona-Lis collage immediately before, taking place, er, in Devizes on the left side of the main crop circle territory, and southwest of Morgan Hill.”



Hucka D.:

We better get back to Collage 10. In Collage 01 of the Stonethwaite series — er, *Stonethrow* series — [the dog] Spider shows up again. Or previous. He appears on the bank before the Whitehead X-ing teepee, about at the spot you saw a snake this spring, harking back to the “I don’t like spiders and snakes song”.

“Spongeberg” (Stonethrow 01)


That’s one of your favorites, Hucka D.

Hucka D.:

Not really. Why is Spider[ in Collage 10] stuck to the house, like he’s magnetized to it? Since Patrick Star’s rock house is also infested with spiders, can we say this is Patrick Star’s home as well, this White House?


Let’s just say that a racist lives there and be done with it. We can return[ to this collage]. I’d like to talk about the very first collage in the Red Umbrella, way down in the basement near the front. That’s Sam Parr 01 (“2130!”). That’s the house at the beginning of the 4th Way, the mysterious new trail — unofficial — of Frank Park that makes a direct path into Whitehead Crossing, like the other three official ones. And where does it ultimately lead to now? That teepee. The 4th Way was built so that someone could more easily get to the teepee area. The same person or persons must have built both, along with putting those potted plants up in that fallen tree.

“2130!”(Sam Parr 01)


So you’re wanting to study why the first collage of the Sam Parr series ties into the first collage of the new Stonethrow series through this 4th Way.

Hucka D.:

I’m there on the balcony[ pictured in Sam Parr 01], after all. Spongeberg at the Whitehead X-ing teepee is Story Room and one more, the green one or mossy fellow. He is red, blue, green, yellow, as in the stars appearing on his sky night jumpsuit. Spongeberg is inside the teepee and outside sitting on Welcome Matt (rock) at once. He is in 2 places at once. He is the man who built the 4th Way, the teepee. He may have even built/purchased 2130 at the [other] end of this 4th. We must speak of Spongeberg.


Spongeberg is the same as Chuck, the yellow one of the Story Room rock group.

Hucka D. (after a pause):



But he is not me.

Hucka D.:

No. You instead live at Red Head. Close but not the same. (another pause) We can knock at the door but no one will answer.


You’re talking about the White House of Collage 10. The racist who lives inside will not answer. We cannot know who he is truly truly is.

Hucka D.:

He is Wheeler Wilson. Or Wilson Wheeler. Truly.


The racist appears to be an X-ian. Worshipping a lily white Baby Jesus tugging at his queer yellow beard. At the same time 12 Oz Mouse leans down to examine a suddenly appearing hole that lies exactly between Collage 09 and Collage 10. We in fact only see the half of the hole shown in Collage 10. And we also know that Peanut is within the hole.

Hucka D.:

In an alternate reality collage.


“In Stonethrow 10, Patrick Star looks at the dog who you say is the same as Spider. In Stonethrow 01, Spongeberg looks at the actual image of Spider on a bank below the teepee. He sits on a rounded rock, quite similar in shape if not size to Patrick’s round rock home. He wears a jesters hat and belt to complete his night sky outfit. I think Spongeberg may have anticipated the images of Collage 10, Hucka D., in his own collage coming at the beginning of the same series. White House equals Whitehead X-ing Teepee?”

Hucka D.:

And [Spongeberg] has *stars* all over him (smiles).


And of course the name Spongeberg comes partially from Spongebob, Patrick’s best buddy. Hmmm.

“Hey that’s my *rock*.”


Peanut died in a hole at the beginning of Carrcass-01, Hucka D., the first time we see him. And this is *right* before 12 Oz Mouse sees that same hole that’s now in Collage 10. The two *must* be related. This is where Peanut dies, this hole. Yellow Down.




1:50: Greenup

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